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 When the West Wind Moves Susan A. Rodgers 9781987966176

Listen to the wind,

it talks.

Listen to the silence,

it speaks.

Listen to the heart,

it knows.

-Native American Proverb.

We've been handed an opportunity here, boys. We can end this unholy war and save this family.


It would be great if they were always black and...

cena: 146,29
When the West Wind Moves
 Listen to the River Susan a. Rodgers 9781987966190
cena: 120,62
Listen to the River
 And Then There Was Silence: Drifters #6 Susan a Rodgers   9781987966046
Family is everything. When it splinters, suddenly the meaning of family is even more profound. Jessie finally gets the 'go ahead' to reconnect with long lost relatives, but those in her protective circle grow wary. Is she strong enough to handle the fallout, be it good or bad? Jessie hopes for healing and a blood connection. What she finds surprises everyone, as they once again learn from her...
cena: 96,74
And Then There Was Silence: Drifters #6

A Sacred Peace

Drifters, Book Eleven

"He's the kind of man whose sadness you want to peel away. Layer by layer, you know? Until he feels good again."

Jessie turned a hand inward and pointed to herself. "I'm his sadness," she whispered.

When Josh moves to Alberta to start work on Charlie's new series, Sacred...

cena: 96,81
A Sacred Peace
 Into the Blue Susan a. Rodgers 9781987966121

Into The Blue

Drifters, Book Ten

"I'm telling you that I've been lonely, Matt. I've been very lonely."

Matt Kelly has been an anchor in the Keating camp right from the start. Just as he is about to leave for Belgium to watch over Jessie on her new film shoot, his wife Julie stuns him with a difficult request. Matt is forced to make a choice he...

cena: 98,08
Into the Blue
 The Light in Me Susan A. Rodgers 9781987966152

The light in me honors the light in you.


Sacred Peace's first season of production was not the idyllic shoot Josh and Jessie, and their cherished friends and family, had hoped for. Now, as season two looms, armed with only a sketchy, uncertain lead on who was targeting Josh and why, everyone is trying to move forward the best way they know...

cena: 119,84
The Light in Me
 Castles in the Sand Susan a. Rodgers 9781987966213

The three of them were in the photo; standing prominently in front of their tanned bodies was a newly built sandcastle, formed with the patient fingers of a man who thought he was lost, a woman who was hiding from loss, and a child who needed to be found.

Disillusioned and lonely, country singer Dallas White hightails it off a stage in Seattle and hides in a...

cena: 132,43
Castles in the Sand
 Watch Over Me Susan a. Rodgers 9781987966145

Watch over Me

Drifters, Book Twelve

"How much of your life have you spent being completely devoted to this woman and her family?" Stepping forward, Catherine yanked at Matt's T-shirt. Drawing it down hard over his shoulder, she brushed a thumb across the New York scar. Now, her tone was a tearful whisper. "Is this not devotion, Matt? Is this not...

cena: 97,28
Watch Over Me
 Let the Music Cry: Drifters, #7 Susan a Rodgers   9781987966053
I lost. I hurt. Everybody has a breaking point. Jessie Wheeler's is Josh - when he hurts, she hurts. In Let The Music Cry, Jessie faces an impossible truth - she needs to help herself but all of her strength is embroiled in her husband. Josh is lost - he's so entangled in a dark, downward spiral that his Drifters friends, his family, and his wife are losing faith in his ability to ever rebound....
cena: 101,51
Let the Music Cry: Drifters, #7
 After the Rain Susan a. Rodgers 9781987966114

After The Rain

Drifters, Book Nine

The storm has passed...or has it?

Jessie, Josh and Jacob have moved on after the turbulent events of the last few years, but loose ends threaten to unseat their newfound peace. At the center of the new angst are children caught between two men, and a woman who loves with an open heart despite a history of...

cena: 96,82
After the Rain
 A Song for Josh Susan Rodgers 9780986950223
Music has the power to heal. Discovered while busking on the streets of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, Jessie Wheeler -- once a teen runaway from Prince Edward Island - is now a popular singer-songwriter and actor. On the day her boyfriend Charlie proposes, he kicks an estranged friend - actor Josh Sawyer - out of his Club. Jessie sees something of herself reflected in Josh's sorrowful chocolate...
cena: 82,28
A Song for Josh
 If I Could Sing You Home: Drifters #8 Susan Rodgers 9781987966060
A brokenhearted couple's brutal game deepens when it takes a right turn, resulting in the desperate need for a heartless single-minded outcome. Although the intended victim is really Josh, it's Jessie who finds herself in the crossfire, a necessary pawn in the vicious plot. Around Jessie are people she loves who are all struggling to figure out where they fit in and how they can help. In the end,...
cena: 98,45
If I Could Sing You Home: Drifters #8
 Telling Lives, Telling History Susan Rodgers 9780520085473
These two memoirs, superbly rendered into English for the first time, provide unique windows into the Sumatran past, in particular, and the early twentieth-century history of Southeast Asia, in general. Originally published soon after the Indonesian Revolution (1945-1949) liberated the island chain from Dutch control, these unusually insightful narratives recall the authors' boyhoods in rural...
cena: 145,81
Telling Lives, Telling History
 No Greater Love Susan Rodgers 9780986950261
Book 3 of the Drifters series A lonely man works to help the homeless on the Downtown Eastside in Vancouver - it is his way of telling his old friend, Jessie Wheeler, that he cares about her world and what's important to her. Meanwhile, Jessie has made a choice that reverberates around the world. Upon finding Josh - the love of her life - in a smelly garbage pile, she told him there is always...
cena: 107,35
No Greater Love
 Promises Susan Rodgers 9780986950254
cena: 107,35
 Ex-Boyfriend on Aisle 6 Susan Jackson Rodgers 9781935708650
cena: 66,49
Ex-Boyfriend on Aisle 6
 Nabokov and the Question of Morality: Aesthetics, Metaphysics, and the Ethics of Fiction Michael Rodgers Susan Elizabeth Sweeney 9781137596666
The first collection to address the vexing issue of Nabokov s moral stances, this book argues that he designed his novels and stories as open-ended ethical problems for readers to confront. In a dozen new essays, international Nabokov scholars tackle those problems directly while addressing such questions as whether Nabokov was a bad reader, how he defined evil, if he believed in God, and how he...
cena: 410,72
Nabokov and the Question of Morality: Aesthetics, Metaphysics, and the Ethics of Fiction
 Whispers of Home: Drifters #5 Susan a Rodgers   9781987966008
There is a timeworn honor in battle. But sometimes the weariness of war changes the landscape, and those fighting the war lose their perspective. They make choices that open old wounds and have the potential to harm rather than save. In Whispers of Home, Jessie Wheeler finally gets back to work. But distance from Josh and intimate work with Jacob challenge the newfound strength she earned from...
cena: 74,06
Whispers of Home: Drifters #5
 Riptide (Drifters, Book Four) Susan Rodgers Alanna Munro 9780986950285
Healing is the hardest part... Quaint patchwork Prince Edward Island, Canada, has turned out to be a great place to hide. In an attempt to reconnect after the tumultuous and terrifying events of the past few years, Jessie and Josh have squirreled themselves into a weathered grey farmhouse on the island's north shore, on the Gulf of St. Lawrence, where they find themselves lost in a rip current of...
cena: 107,35
Riptide (Drifters, Book Four)
 Practicing Catholic: Ritual, Body, and Contestation in Catholic Faith Bruce T. Morrill Joanna E. Ziegler Susan Rodgers 9781403972965
This book brings together top scholars from various backgrounds to explore methodologies for studying ritual and Catholicism. The essays focus on particular aspects of ritual within Catholic practice, such as liturgy and performance and healing rituals.
cena: 443,42
Practicing Catholic: Ritual, Body, and Contestation in Catholic Faith