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 The Great Game Stuart Slade 9781435704428
Twelve years after The Big One, SAC is an organization in crisis. Developing defenses have placed its bombers at risk. SAC is gambling on a new concept of bomber to restore its power, the B-58 Hustler. Outside America, Nazi Germany has been devastated by nuclear fire but the remnants of its armed forces still fight on in Russia, forming their own small states. Only one now remains, led by Baron...
cena: 93,72
The Great Game
 The High Frontier Stuart Slade 9781939335135
cena: 110,10
The High Frontier
 Winter Warriors Stuart Slade 9780557620722
One great German offensive has broken through the Russian front to leave an Allied army trapped in the frozen wasteland of the Kola Peninsula. Now opposing ski-troops battle to hold the ground occupied by their armies. Meanwhile, the German Navy sets sail in an effort to destroy the convoys that keep the allied troops on Kola alive. In the midst of the fighting, a U.S. Navy railway gun crew mount...
cena: 113,94
Winter Warriors
 Kazan Thunderbolts Stuart Slade 9781939335432
The Volga River is the heart of the Russian People and the last line of defense against the German invasion. The Russian Army is fighting desperately to defend against the German onslaught and to hold the last bridgeheads on the west bank of the Volga. But, help is coming. American personnel, supplies and equipment are pouring into Russia and at the head of the flood are the B-17 Flying...
cena: 109,10
Kazan Thunderbolts
 The Big One Stuart Slade 9781939335999
It is Summer, 1947. Europe is being torn apart by a war nobody can win. Nazi Germany occupies everything from the Pyranees to the Volga. In the East, American and Russian troops fight side-by-side to hold the Germans back. in the West, the U.S. Navy owns the Atlantic and uses its aircraft carriers to hurl fleets of fighter-bombers against any targets they can find, Nothing can stop the madness...
cena: 96,25
The Big One
 Anvil of Necessity Stuart Slade 9781430323570
A year after The Big One, the world tries to recover from the disasters of World War Two. In Eastern Europe, A German Field Marshal and a Russian General try to find a way of ending the fighting without further bloodshed. In the UK, a shipyard worker struggles to find a future for his family. Far away from Europe, Thailand faces a military crisis that forces a young woman to face challenges she...
cena: 94,41
Anvil of Necessity
 Ride of the Valkyries Stuart Slade 9780557103478
The B-70 Valkyrie is joining America's arsenal at a time when the world is hitting a new crisis. In North Africa, heroic resistance by French and Algerian troops have stopped the advance of the Caliphate in its tracks. In the South China Sea, missile cruisers of the Indian and Japanese Navy are about to meet head-on in the first major naval battle for a quarter of a century. In a battle that...
cena: 114,74
Ride of the Valkyries
 Winter Warriors Stuart Slade 9781939335265
cena: 114,58
Winter Warriors
 Lion Resurgent Stuart Slade 9781257899647
cena: 83,39
Lion Resurgent
 Lion Resurgent Stuart Slade 9781939335401
cena: 106,38
Lion Resurgent
 A Mighty Endeavor Stuart Slade 9780985973025
cena: 114,06
A Mighty Endeavor
 Conrad's Eye Stuart Slade 9781939335111
Conrad Lorenz, Inquisitor. A soul eternally damned. There had once been a time when Conrad Lorenz knew that he was doing God's work. Then had come the day when a horrifying miscarriage of justice opened his eyes. He had been condemning the innocent. That was ahen Conrad realized the curse that had been laid upon him. He was doomed to wander the Earth until he had saved enough of those wrongly...
cena: 137,16
Conrad's Eye
 Bu21 (New Edition) Stuart Slade   9781848426504
"So you know how on the news these days there's just this endless stream of horrendous shit going down, like every single night? Suicide bombs, mass shootings, genocides, drone strikes, school massacres - it's like the end of the world or something... And you're kind of like - 'Could I even cope if that stuff happened to me?'"

Six young people are caught in the aftermath of a terrorist...

cena: 57,59
Bu21 (New Edition)
 Cans Stuart Slade   9781848424715
Jen's dad was a chat-show host, a national treasure. But now he's dead and Jen's getting spat at in supermarkets. To make matters worse, Uncle Len has made it his mission to help her get over it.
Hiding from a hostile world in a shitty garage, Len and Jen and try to work out whether either of them has a future.
cena: 101,06