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 All Measures Necessary Steven Kay 9780993576256
cena: 50,14
All Measures Necessary
 How Great a Crime - To Tell the Truth: The Story of Joseph Gales and the Sheffield Register Steven Kay Neil Kay 9780993576263

Joseph Gales was one of the all-time great Sheffielders - forget Joe Cocker, Jessica Ennis-Hill, Sean Bean or Michael Palin. These are all minnows compared to Joseph Gales - and their stories are boring besides that of the Galeses. The Galeses story has been forgotten and has not been brought together in one place before - it is not just something dredged up from history - an irrelevant dusty...

cena: 52,00
How Great a Crime - To Tell the Truth: The Story of Joseph Gales and the Sheffield Register
 Joe Stepped Off the Train: And Other Stories Steven Kay 9780993576201

A collection of short stories by new and established authors all with a war theme: how it affects people and changes lives. Stories to make you smile, to make you cry, to give you hope and to make you think. Every penny of author royalties will go to the work of War Child in supporting the most marginalised and vulnerable children and young people in conflict-affected parts of the...

cena: 48,57
Joe Stepped Off the Train: And Other Stories
 The Evergreen in Red and White Steven Kay 9780993576232

It is the year of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. Rabbi Howell of Sheffield United, the first Romani to play for England, knows his career is peaking and the only way is down. His fate seems to be a return to obscurity, literally and metaphorically: back down the pit, his life ruled by the winding wheel and the domestic pattern set by his wife, Selina, her parents and family. He then...

cena: 45,94
The Evergreen in Red and White
 Intuitive Probability and Random Processes Using MATLAB Steven M. Kay 9780387241579

Intuitive Probability and Random Processes using MATLAB(r) is an introduction to probability and random processes that merges theory with practice. Based on the author's belief that only "hands-on" experience with the material can promote intuitive understanding, the approach is to motivate the need for theory using MATLAB examples, followed by theory and analysis, and finally descriptions of...

cena: 288,54
Intuitive Probability and Random Processes Using MATLAB
 Spirit of Old Essex Arthur Morrison Steven Kay 9781512042764
Spirit of Old Essex draws together Arthur Morrison's lost treasure of a novel Cunning Murrell, a tale of witchcraft, smuggling and country life long lost, together with additional background information on Morrison's research and inspiration. "The effect worked by Mr Morrison is one of distinction and charm; yet it is not one which suddenly makes you in love with the book, but one which...
cena: 48,32
Spirit of Old Essex
 Put Yourself in His Place Charles Reade Steven Kay 9781519156150
British English version, fully re-edited version with footnotes and introduction. Unlike the only other available software-generated versions, this has been manually checked and had errors removed. It is not based on US versions. This is the oldest known Sheffield novel, written by a contemporary of Dickens and Elliott, loosely based on the true story of a London woodcarving-tool maker, James...
cena: 87,74
Put Yourself in His Place
 Seditious Things: The Songs of Joseph Mather - Sheffield's Georgian Punk Poet Steven Kay Jack Windle 9780993576249

Joseph Mather was one of the greatest Sheffielders in history. His was the voice of the common person in the turbulent, revolutionary times of the late 18th century. He composed his songs to the rhythm of his hammer as he worked as a file-cutter. Then hollered them out in the streets and pubs of Sheffield on a Saturday night. This was the 18th century jukebox, karaoke and alternative...

cena: 55,81
Seditious Things: The Songs of Joseph Mather - Sheffield's Georgian Punk Poet
 Boy in Blue Steven Kay   9780993576225

In 1897 at West Riding Assizes, Police Constable John Higgins gave evidence in the trial of twelve ordinary men for indecency at a private party. Treated worse than murderers they felt the full weight of the law.

Higgins had gained their trust and obtained an invite to the party. Was he really undercover or was it just a cover-up? This is a carefully researched tale of love, temptation...

cena: 52,08
Boy in Blue
 The Skipper's Wooing W. W. Jacobs Steven Kay 9781512100471
Captain Wilson, skipper of the Seamiew, is besotted with a woman he has only observed from a distance. He sees a way to ease his way in to her affections and offers a reward to his crew to help him in his quest. The fun then starts as each of them tries to bag the reward for himself and leads to a lot of bother for each of them as they sail round the South Coast. This is classic British...
cena: 44,32
The Skipper's Wooing
 The Bantams of Sheffield Guy Balguy Steven Kay (University of Rhode Island)  9780993576218

The Bantams is Sheffield's second oldest novel, telling the tales of Sheffielders in the 19th century: their loves, rivalries, and struggles. The characters jump to life on the page: the author allowing them to use their own rich language rather than forcing them to adopt standard English. It is the first novel to include Sheffield dialect.
It is romantic in places, in the style of many...

cena: 45,06
The Bantams of Sheffield
 The Cray X-MP/Model 24: A Case Study in Pipelined Architecture and Vector Processing Kay A. Robbins Steven Robbins 9780387970899
This book examines the issues relevant to the design of vector and pipelined computer systems using the Cray X-MP/24. The purpose of the book is to help the readers arrive at a deep understanding of how vector processing systems really work. These insights will be useful to the scientist who would like to obtain maximum performance from a vector machine, to the computer science student, and to...
cena: 364,94
The Cray X-MP/Model 24: A Case Study in Pipelined Architecture and Vector Processing
 Political Change in Japan: Electoral Behavior, Party Realignment, and the Koizumi Reforms Steven R. Reed Kenneth Mori McElwain Kay Shimizu 9781931368148

In the past twenty years, Japan has undergone dramatic changes. Electoral reform has altered the relationship between politicians and voters, and Japan is increasingly a two-party system. The popularity of former prime minister Koizumi Junichiro highlighted the salience of telegenic party leaders.

Amid so many shifts, it remains unclear whether such changes will stand the test of time and...

cena: 149,34
Political Change in Japan: Electoral Behavior, Party Realignment, and the Koizumi Reforms