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 Helldorado Peter Brandvold 9780425235928
In this thrilling western from Peter Brandvold, bounty hunter Lou Prophet thinks he's found paradise he couldn't be more wrong.
In all his years of bounty hunting, not one injury could rival the pain Lou Prophet felt when he thought he d lost his old partner Louisa Bonaventure. Now that he s rescued her from the brink of death in Mexico, they re seeking a fresh start in Juniper,...
cena: 36,67
Featuring Lou Prophet, Bounty Hunter

Lock and load with bounty hunters Lou Prophet and the Vengeance Queen, Louisa Bonaventure, as they ride the hardest, bloodiest trails on the western frontier, on their relentless quest to bring the baddest of the western bad men and women to justice.


Lou Prophet...

cena: 104,94
To Hell on a Fast Horse
"Gideon Hawk hunts the depraved outlaw Pima Miller into the Superstition Mountains of Arizona Territory. Hawk inadvertently shot Miller's woman, but the killer doesn't seem to mind. He leaves his infant son behind and heads into the mountains with his beautiful young guide, Jodi Zimmerman, whom he's kidnapped from the Superstition Stage Relay Station. Hawk, however, minds very much that his...
cena: 104,94
Thunder Over the Superstitions: Featuring Gideon Hawk, with a Bonus Story Featuring the Rio Concho Kid, Blood and Lust in Old Mexico
 The Devil's Winchester Peter Brandvold 9780425239148
Bounty hunter Lou Prophet escorts a killer to be hanged and himself into trouble in this western from Peter Brandvold.
Lou Prophet is in mixed company these days. He doesn t mind being close to his pretty pistol-packing partner, Louisa Bonaventure. Known as the Vengeance Queen, she has his back and dare he say it, part of his heart. But accompanying the vile outlaw Blanco Metalious...
cena: 36,67
The Devil's Winchester
 The Curse of Skull Canyon Peter Brandvold 9781410481627
Everyone in the Never Summer Mountains knows about the ancient Indian curse on Skull Canyon. That s why most folks stay clear of the forbidding chasm that sits up in the highest, remotest reaches of the range. But when a pack of savage riders pours into the canyon, apparently searching for something they re willing to kill to keep others from finding, Lonnie learns the extent of Skull Canyon s...
cena: 155,24
The Curse of Skull Canyon
 Gallows Express Peter Brandvold 9780425241479
Fighting the good fight is enough reason for former deputy marshal Gideon Hawk to get in on the action. But when the defenseless are involved, it gets personal for the Rogue Lawman
Brazos got off lucky this time. His Pa, Blue Tierney, saved him from receiving due justice at the hands of a hangman in Trinity Ridge. Which means the Tierneys and their gang are continuing to roam free...
cena: 36,67
Gallows Express
Hardened ex-gunslinger Taos Tommy Navarro turned away Karla Vannorsdell, a rancher s granddaughter, when she needed him most. Now, angry and full of guilt, Navarro must track down Karla in the desert before the Apaches catch her, which won t be easy. And all that s certain is that things are going to get very rough and very bloody.

Nothing will make Karla return to her arrogant,...
cena: 160,57
Ralph Compton: Navarro
 The Last Lawman Peter Brandvold 9780425250501

The first Rusty Spur novel, featuring aging Deputy U.S. Marshal Spur Morgan...
Spurr may be an old dog in the business of tracking down desperados, but where his body may fail him, his instincts remain unmatched. Spurr has his sights set on Clell Stanhope, the notorious leader of a gang called the Vultures. Not only has Clell managed to dodge the law, but he s littered his trail...

cena: 32,87
The Last Lawman
Meet Dag Enberg, a brand-new western hero from the pen of Peter Brandvold, king of the gritty, sexy, hard-driving western


In this violent, sexy tale of bloody redemption, Dag Enberg is a shotgun rider for Arizona's Yuma Stage Line. A big, rawboned Norwegian, he's one of the best in the business. But when a group of outlaws led by Cougar Ketchum kidnap Enberg's...

Planowany termin premiery książki: 15-11-2017
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Days of Thunder: A Western Duo
 Rogue Lawman #5: Border Snakes Peter Brandvold 9780425231999
Guided only by the barrel of his pistol, former deputy marshal Gideon Hawk no longer abides by conventional laws. Known as the Rogue Lawman, he serves his own brand of justice by carving his way through the West, leaving fallen criminals in his wake
This time it s Hawk who s been tracked down. The same governors who had a death warrant on Hawk s head now desperately need his help to...
cena: 32,87
Rogue Lawman #5: Border Snakes
 Days of Thunder Peter Brandvold 9781432834128
Meet Dag Enberg, a brand-new western hero from the pen of Peter Brandvold, king of the gritty, sexy, hard-driving western


In this violent, sexy tale of bloody redemption, Dag Enberg is a shotgun rider for Arizona's Yuma Stage Line. A big, rawboned Norwegian, he's one of the best in the business. But when a group of outlaws led by Cougar Ketchum kidnap Enberg's...

cena: 104,94
Days of Thunder
 Once a Marshal Peter Brandvold 9781410491923
The best of life seems to be in the past for ex-lawman Ben Stillman. Up on the Hi-Line, ranchers are being rustled out of their livelihoods and their lives. The son of an old friend suspects that these rustlers have murdered his father, and the law is too crooked to get any straight answers. But can the worn-out old marshal live up to the legendary lawman the boy has grown to admire?
cena: 149,93
Once a Marshal
 Ralph Compton: Bullet Creek Peter Brandvold 9781410488299
cena: 155,24
Ralph Compton: Bullet Creek
When Doctor Clyde Evans is kidnapped from his home in the middle of the night to tend a wounded outlaw, Sheriff Ben Stillman's problems are only just beginning. Stillman tracks the doctor to a remote cabin deep in the Two Bear Mountains. He springs the doctor, shoots the outlaws, and confiscates the bank loot. He also arrests a beautiful young outlaw, Hettie Styles, who promptly puts a bounty on...
cena: 104,94
Once More Into the Breech
 .45-Caliber Desperado Peter Brandvold 9780425243657
Cuno Massey ends up on the wrong side of the law in this .45-Caliber western from Peter Brandvold...
Cuno Massey killed those deputy U.S. marshals all right, but only because they were about to rape the women he was escorting to safety. Thrown into a federal penitentiary, he faces a death sentence--until the beautiful Camilla and her cutthroat gang bust him out and head for the Mexican...
cena: 36,67
.45-Caliber Desperado
 Dealt the Devil's Hand Peter Brandvold 9781410497260
cena: 144,61
Dealt the Devil's Hand
 .45-Caliber Cross Fire Peter Brandvold 9780425246931
Fugitive Cuno Massey is caught between the law and the lawless in this .45-Caliber western from Peter Brandvold.
Cuno Massey may be a federal fugitive, but he s Deputy U.S. Marshal Spurr Morgan s best chance to run down a gang of gunrunners. A wagon train of rifles, ammunition, Gatling guns, and dynamite was stolen by U.S. cavalry deserters who intend to sell the weapons to a Mexican...
cena: 36,67
.45-Caliber Cross Fire
Planowany termin premiery książki: 20-12-2017
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.45 Caliber: A Western Duo

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