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 Grits Niall Griffiths 9780099285175
In the late 1990s, a group of young drifters find themselves together on the coast of Wales. They explore and attempt to overcome the yearnings and addictions that brought them this place: promiscuity, drugs, petty crime, and the angry search for the meaning.
cena: 56,86
 Great Big Shining Star Niall Griffiths 9780099507680
Written with a raging, lyrical fury, this is a devastating satire on a society fixated on image and celebrity - how innocence and individuality are routinely sacrificed for the totems of sex and wealth and glamour: a magnificent howl of anger and despair at a culture disintegrating into a brittle cult of fame.
cena: 51,80
Great Big Shining Star
 Runt Niall Griffiths 9780099461159
On leaving school a 16-year-old boy goes to live with his uncle on a Welsh hill-farm. His aunt has committed suicide after losing her livestock in the foot-and-mouth epidemic and his uncle has turned to the bottle. The boy is a spiritual savant. In one of
cena: 46,74
 Sheepshagger Niall Griffiths 9780099285182
Ianto has been robbed of his ancestral home, a near-derelict hovel in the mountains of west Wales. He pledges revenge not only on the English yuppies who have ruined his grandmother's cottage but also on those who have ruined his land.
cena: 51,80
 Runt (Arabic Edition): Al Kzm Niall Griffiths 9781503284975
Runt (Arabic Edition) By Niall Griffiths
cena: 66,17
Runt (Arabic Edition): Al Kzm
 One Moonlit Night Caradog Prichard Jan Morris Niall Griffiths 9781782116769
One of Britain's most significant and brilliant pieces of fiction, a lost contemporary classic that deserves rediscovery

This outstanding novel tells of one boy's journey into the grown-up world. By the light of a full moon our narrator and his friends Huw and Moi witness a side to their Welsh village life that they had no idea existed, and their innocence is exchanged for the...

cena: 56,86
One Moonlit Night
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Is This the End of the Liberal International Order?: The Munk Debates
 Kelly + Victor Griffiths                                Niall Griffiths 9780099422051
A bar in Liverpool, January 2nd 2000: Kelly and Victor, both coming down from the recent global party, meet, andsome time later that night they are in her bed. The story of Kellyand Victor progresses, through two mirror-image narrativesa story of the growth and spiralling intensity of a sexual obsession, traced to its inevitable, devastating conclusion. Set against a backdrop of urban despair,...
cena: 70,73
Kelly + Victor