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 I.V. Poems Lucy J. Madison 9781943353378
"I first encountered Lucy J. Madison's poetry when the Tipton Poetry Journal published her poem, "The Farmhouse." Her deft use of language and knack for choosing just the right word becomes quickly evident. These are intimate and fascinating poems that probe the mystery of relationship, often while exploring those spaces where one thing meets the edge of another: black night yielding to dawn, or...
cena: 38,66
I.V. Poems
 In the Direction of the Sun Lucy J. Madison 9781943353651

Steady and smart, Alex McKenzie is settled into a comfortable life in her beloved hometown of Stockbridge, MA. Everything Alex thought she knew about life and about herself changes the moment Cate Conrad blows into town like a warm breeze. Alex falls head over heels in love with the free-spirited artist and sailor but there's one problem: Cate's complicated past makes it impossible for her to...

cena: 78,46
In the Direction of the Sun
 Personal Foul Lucy J. Madison 9781943353255
Kat Schaefer's career is on autopilot. She's an elite basketball official in the WNBA after surviving an extremely rocky childhood but still finds herself adrift in her personal life almost two years after her longtime girlfriend dumped her. Kat's well-ordered world turns upside down again when she meets a hotshot rookie named Julie Stevens who knocks her world off balance with her stellar play...
cena: 70,73
Personal Foul
 Joan of Arc: The Warrior Maid Lucy Foster Madison 9781503090583
This collection of literature attempts to compile many of the classic works that have stood the test of time and offer them at a reduced, affordable price, in an attractive volume so that everyone can enjoy them.
cena: 42,18
Joan of Arc: The Warrior Maid
 Peggy Owen at Yorktown Lucy Foster Madison 9781546385912
"Peggy Owen at Yorktown" from Lucy Foster Madison. American novelist and teacher (1865-1932).
cena: 46,17
Peggy Owen at Yorktown
 A Daughter of the Union Lucy Foster Madison 9781502304193
cena: 34,20
A Daughter of the Union
 In Doublet and Hose Lucy Foster Madison 9781546385882
Excerpt: is the truth. But to the matter in hand. Believe me, 'tis for thy good to have naught to do with the Lady Priscilla Rutland. I have been longer at the court than thou and therefore know of that of which I speak." "I am tired of thy watching and prating," declared Francis with spirit. "I am no child to be chidden. Leave me, and know that Francis Stafford will do as seemeth best to...
cena: 46,17
In Doublet and Hose
 Peggy Owen and Liberty Lucy Foster Madison 9781546385905
cena: 46,17
Peggy Owen and Liberty
 Peggy Owen Patriot Lucy Foster Madison 9781546385929
cena: 46,17
Peggy Owen Patriot
 Lucy Foster Madison: Selective Works Lucy Foster Madison 9781511538183
Lucy Foster Madison: Selective Works By Lucy Foster Madison Peggy Owen Patriot Peggy Owen At Yorktown A Maid At King Alfred's Court A Daughter Of The Union Bee And Butterfly
cena: 102,05
Lucy Foster Madison: Selective Works
 A Daughter of the Union Lucy Foster Madison 9781546385837
cena: 46,17
A Daughter of the Union
 Bee and Butterfly Lucy Foster Madison 9781546385868
Lucy Foster Madison was an American novelist and teacher. Born Lucy Foster in Kirksville, Missouri, the daughter of George W. Foster and Almira Parker, she graduated from high school in Louisiana, Missouri.
cena: 46,17
Bee and Butterfly
 Joan of Arc Lucy Foster Madison 9781532924026
cena: 94,06
Joan of Arc
 Joan of Arc Lucy Foster Madison 9781537563664
In presenting this story for the young the writer has endeavored to give a vivid and accurate life of Jeanne D'Arc (Joan of Arc) as simply told as possible. There has been no pretence toward keeping to the speech of the Fifteenth Century, which is too archaic to be rendered literally for young readers, although for the most part the words of the Maid have been given verbatim. Show Excerpt "They...
cena: 74,11
Joan of Arc
 Joan of Arc Lucy Foster Madison 9781546385899
cena: 46,17
Joan of Arc
 Pen & Palate: Mastering the Art of Adulthood, with Recipes Lucy Madison Tram Nguyen 9781455535057
From the writers of acclaimed blog Pen & Palate, a humorous coming-of-age (and mastering-the-art-of-home-cooking) memoir of friendship, told through stories, recipes, and beautiful illustrations.
Getting through life in your twenties isn't easy--especially if you're broke, awkward, and prone to starting small grease fires in your studio apartment. For best friends Lucy Madison and Tram...
cena: 105,13
Pen & Palate: Mastering the Art of Adulthood, with Recipes

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