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 Arizona Howard Morris 9781849182683
Some of the early adventures of the lonesome cowboy. A gang operating around Nugget City is attacking stage coaches to steal gold shipments. After rescuing the driver of one of them, Lucky Luke arrives in town just in time to stop the murderous intents of a cheat. Pursuing the scoundrel after an epic bar fight, Luke finds out he s a member of the gang, and will have to arrest him and the others...
cena: 41,31
 The Daltons' Stash Howard Morris 9781849182980
Why are the Daltons trying to get inside a penitentiary? Transferred to a new penitentiary, the Daltons are put in a cell with Fennimore Buttercup, a counterfeiter who soon begins to regret having such noisy cellmates. To get rid of the annoying brothers, he sends them on the trail of his made-up stash: $100,000 buried at the foot of a boulder in Red Rock Junction. One prison escape later,...
cena: 41,31
The Daltons' Stash
 Rodeo Howard Morris 9781849182591
The 54th adventure of Lucky Luke, and the Old West at its funniest!
cena: 51,32
 Access Denied Morris Sr. Howard 9781105151187
A sensational tale about the fallout from employee layoffs that took place at two different American corporations. Nextgen Mobile Corporation and Blue Medic Health Insurance Corporation. Three software engineers from Nextgen went on to found their own company, Knowledge Engineering Technologies. It became a very successful spinoff. A laid off disgruntled employee of Blue Medic was very bitter....
cena: 63,28
Access Denied
 Ženy jsou šílené, muži jsou zabedněnci Howard J. Morris 9788087067826
S moudrým nadhledem a velmi zábavnou a čtivou formou se autorům daří odhalovat mužskou zabedněnost a mapovat ženské šílenství, přičemž přicházejí s praktickými a skutečně funkčními řešeními věčných partnerských pří. Mužům ukazují, proč a jak hloupě si často počínají, a ženám zase, jak v zájmu všeobecného blaha dostat šílenství pod kontrolu.
cena: 23,59
Ženy jsou šílené, muži jsou zabedněnci
 Come Home My Child: The Cry of a Mother Elizabeth Morris Howard 9781490827537

Yes, we can make this world a better place to live if we would all focus on the problem in prayer and ask God for wisdom and the right way to solve problems. Some of our children out there want to come home but they don't know how to get back. Are we reaching out to help them find their way back, or did we give up on them? Let us keep trying to reach them until we can embrace them in our arms...

cena: 51,30
Come Home My Child: The Cry of a Mother
 Bride of Lucky Luke Guy Vidal Howard Morris 9781849183055
One of the main problems facing the Old West's inhabitants was the lack of women in frontier territories. Entire towns were populated only by men, while many unmarried young women languished on the east coast. To remedy that situation, marriages were arranged over mail. And now we find a reluctant Lucky Luke in charge of protecting a convoy of brides on their way west. Could he, too, be in danger...
cena: 41,31
Bride of Lucky Luke
 Daisy Town Rene Goscinny Howard Morris 9781849183161
In the Old West, towns grow like mushrooms. And the birth of a new city inevitably draws in desperadoes of all kinds. When Lucky Luke spends the night in brand new Daisy Town, he's forced to do a little cleaning up, and his skills rather impress the local population. So much so that they offer him the job of sheriff. The city is soon crime-free - until the Dalton brothers ride into town...
cena: 41,31
Daisy Town
 A Transgression in Time. R. Howard Trembly Morris Grover 9781469955230
As Sheriff Jeff Burns parked along the dirt road leading to the Mathey Ranch in southern Arizona, he was thinking about the mysterious disappearance of the actress a few weeks before. She was an actress he once loved and could not get out of his mind--or his heart. In order to save her, Sheriff Burns must face a ruthless villain who is wealthy, powerful, and at the same time very charming to the...
cena: 102,05
A Transgression in Time.
 Nitroglycerin Lo Hartog Banda Howard Morris 9781849182546
Lucky Luke has to provide security for a nitroglycerin convoy. Two companies are competing to build the intercontinental railway. When one sends saboteurs to intercept the powder needed to pierce tunnels through the mountains, the other calls upon Lucky Luke to protect a last chance convoy. The problem is, it s not powder that gets loaded onto the train this time it s nitroglycerin And as if...
cena: 41,31
 Women Are Crazy, Men Are Stupid: The Simple Truth to a Complicated Relationship - audiobook Howard J. Morris Jenny Lee 9781400143504
Since the dawn of time, when the first smitten caveboy tried to woo the object of his affections by shoving her into the mud, men have demonstrated that when it comes to women, they are profoundly stupid. And when it comes to men, women-no matter how intelligent or mature-are completely crazy. Based on this simple yet groundbreaking insight, comedy writers and real-life couple Howard J. Morris...
cena: 234,32
Women Are Crazy, Men Are Stupid: The Simple Truth to a Complicated Relationship - audiobook
 Three-Way Street: Jews, Germans, and the Transnational Jay Howard Geller Leslie Morris 9780472130122
As German Jews emigrated in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and as exiles from Nazi Germany, they carried the traditions, culture, and particular prejudices of their home with them. At the same time, Germany--and Berlin in particular--attracted both secular and religious Jewish scholars from eastern Europe. They engaged in vital intellectual exchange with German Jewry, although their...
cena: 458,62
Three-Way Street: Jews, Germans, and the Transnational
 Killer I Am R. Howard Trembly Morris Grover 9781470120368
Justin Page, the man they call Justice, and his mule Quietus (Death) team up with a minister-turned lawman to track down and stop a mass murderer of young girls and, at the killer's insane impulse, men and women also. Along the way they battle outlaws and Indians set on stopping them at all cost. And, much to Justin Page's surprise, he finds his heart taken by a young woman who could be the twin...
cena: 70,12
Killer I Am
 Preparatory Exercises in Score Reading Reginald O. Morris Howard Ferguson 9780193214750
124 short excerpts using a mixture of treble, alto, tenor and bass clefs and various common transpositions. The book concentrates on diatonic harmonic study (including diminished sevenths) and harmonic counterpoint in up to three parts. The exercises train students to take in many staves at once, to see where the principal melody is, to understand harmonies and modulations, to read various clefs,...
cena: 138,51
Preparatory Exercises in Score Reading
 The Templers R. Howard Trembly Morris Grover 9781469955735
On April 12, 1861, the Civil War of the United States began when the Confederate States of America fired on Fort Sumter. The war officially lasted until April 9, 1865. Between the beginning and the end of this turbulent time in the United States, many families were torn asunder. Brother fought brother, neighbor fought against neighbor; it was a sorry chapter in America's history. It was a time of...
cena: 65,96
The Templers
 Yizkor (Memorial) Book of Lyubcha and Delyatichi - Translation of Lubtch Ve-Delatitch; Sefer Zikaron Howard Morris K. Hilel Ann Belinsky 9781939561145
The Lyubcha and Delyatichi (Lubtch and Delatitch) Memorial Book is the English translation of the Yizkor (Memorial) Book published in 1971 by survivors and former residents of these towns, situated in present-day Belarus. Written originally in Yiddish and Hebrew by former residents in commemoration of their beloved families and towns, it provides a vivid portrayal of Jewish life in Lubtch and...
cena: 215,17
Yizkor (Memorial) Book of Lyubcha and Delyatichi - Translation of Lubtch Ve-Delatitch; Sefer Zikaron
 Williams-Beuren Syndrome: Research, Evaluation, and Treatment Colleen A. Morris Howard M. Lenhoff Paul P. Wang 9780801882128

Williams-Beuren syndrome (WBS) is a genetic condition characterized by low IQ, cardiovascular malformations, dysmorphic facial features, and a striking pattern of behaviors, weaknesses, and strengths, such as musical and verbal abilities, extraordinary friendliness, empathy, and social grace. Because the typical psychological and cognitive profile is unique, examination of this syndrome sheds...

cena: 283,52
Williams-Beuren Syndrome: Research, Evaluation, and Treatment