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 Rita Rides Again Hilda Offen 9781909991224
A visit to the castle won't be dull after Rita's managed to change into her Rescuer outfit. She scares off the castle ghost, jousts in a tournament, and defeats three knights in a sword fight. And when it comes to monsters in the moat--or a flock of angry peacocks--you can count on the Rescuer
cena: 36,30
Rita Rides Again
 A Treasury of Mother Goose Hilda Offen 9780671501181
A new collection of old and familiar nursery rhymes -- rhymes that stay alive from generation to generation because they move in lively rhythms. The words of these old favorites roll easily from the tongue, whether they be full of wisdom, humor or just plain nonsense. Many are fine poetry and serve as an important introduction to our literature. Hilda Offen's illustrations are very much in...
cena: 74,68
A Treasury of Mother Goose
 Rita the Rescuer and Other Stories Hilda Offen 9781846471513
A 3-in-1 edition, including children's favourite, 'Rita the Rescuer'. Rita's brothers and sisters won't let her join in their games because they think she is too young. But one day she receives a parcel containing a rescuer's oufit and so she sets off on a series of adventures.
cena: 31,29
Rita the Rescuer and Other Stories
 Rita on the River Hilda Offen 9781909991217
-You can sit on the riverbank and watch the ducks, - said Grandad. And miss all the fun? thinks Rita. In the blink of an eye she has changed into her Rescuer outfit and races off to save the day. Whether it's a puppy that can't swim, an island castaway or a giant crocodile on the prowl, just call for Rita the Rescuer.
cena: 36,30
Rita on the River
 Rita and the Romans  Offen, Hilda 9781909991552
cena: 41,31
Rita and the Romans
 WIZARD'S WARNING Hilda Offen 9781905117611
cena: 31,29
 Message from the Moon Hilda Offen   9781909991439
cena: 41,31
Message from the Moon