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 Book of Faith Lenten Journey Henry F. French 9780806680699
cena: 56,81
Book of Faith Lenten Journey
 Martin Luther's Table Talk: Abridged from Luther's Works, Volume 54 Henry F. French 9781506434315
This volume provides access to selections from Martin Luther's Table Talk, Volume 54 of Luther's Works. Editor Henry F. French has carefully chosen some of the best of Luther's conversations with many guests who frequented the dinner table in the home of Martin and Katie Luther.
cena: 63,27
Martin Luther's Table Talk: Abridged from Luther's Works, Volume 54
 Prayer: A Primer Henry French 9780806657660
Prayer: A Primer proposes different prayer methods for any person who prayers, whether a novice, well-educated student, or teacher. Each chapter will have pull quotes highlighting key points and sidebars that interactively engage the reader with the content of the chapter. Questions for reflection for individuals and small groups will appear at the back of the book as will a select bibliography...
cena: 77,03
Prayer: A Primer
 40-Day Journey with Parker J. Palmer Henry French Hank W. French 9780806680460
* Includes passages from Scripture and opportunities to reflect and pray * Ideal for use during Advent or Lent
cena: 55,67
40-Day Journey with Parker J. Palmer
 Identity and Agency in England, 1500-1800 Henry French Jonathan Barry 9781403917645
This collection of essays is arranged around the central issue raised by a raft of new empirical research - the relationship between social identity, or the 'vision of the self', and the ways in which this can explain historical agency. If identities in early modern society were multiple, complex, and dependent on context, rather than homogenous, consistent, or easily determined, then it is...
cena: 519,44
Identity and Agency in England, 1500-1800
 Making Men: The Formation of Elite Male Identities in England, C.1660-1900: A Sourcebook Mark Rothery Henry French Rothery 9780230243071
This edited collection of correspondence written by members of English landed gentry families provides insights into the formation, experience and practice of elite masculine identities. The source book examines continuities and changes in such processes within the male life cycle and across the early modern and modern periods.

Making Men: The Formation of Elite Male Identities in England, C.1660-1900: A Sourcebook