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 South Dakota Wildlife Impressions Dick Kettlewell 9781560373865
The rugged South Dakota landscape is rich with diverse species of wildlife, including bison and pronghorns, raptors and waterfowl, mountain goats and mountain lions. Dick Kettlewell presents a vision of the Great Plains as it once was, with wide, open prairies teeming with animals large and small. Join Dick Kettlewell on a photographic tour of the Mount Rushmore State's stunning scenery, and...
cena: 55,52
South Dakota Wildlife Impressions
 Black Hills Impressions Dick Kettlewell 9781560372899
Join photographer Dick Kettlewell for a concentrated view into the Old West: the saloons and Boot Hill in Wild Bill Hickock's Deadwood; the Crazy Horse Monument; and Gen. George Armstrong Custer. Tour the remarkable and varied geology of western South Dakota: Needles Eye and the Cathedral Spires, Wind Cave, the Badlands. Modern-day cowpokes, bison herds, and wildlife abound in this new color...
cena: 55,52
Black Hills Impressions
 A Pronghorn Year: A Visual Tribute to North America's Pronghorn Dick Kettlewell 9781560376019
Our prairies, plains, and rangelands would be empty landscapes without the supremely adapted pronghorn. In A Pronghorn Year: A Visual Tribute to North America's Pronghorn, Dick Kettlewell beautifully captures this animal's amazing speed, eight-power eyesight, and all-season hardiness. More than 100 full-color images including rare close-ups of newborn fawns complement the lively, intriguing text,...
cena: 63,13
A Pronghorn Year: A Visual Tribute to North America's Pronghorn
 Badlands Impressions Chuck Haney Dick Kettlewell 9781560375791
To photographer Chuck Haney, the badlands of North America's high plains are a photographer's paradise and spiritual places that touch the soul. In these striking, arid landscapes, the only constant is change and erosion is king. Here, water and wind are nature's artists and historians, sculpting haunting landforms of sandstone and clay, and recounting the land's prehistory in layers of ancient...
cena: 55,52
Badlands Impressions