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 The Lute and the Scars Danilo Kis 9781564787354

Written between 1980 and 1986, the six stories that constitute "The Lute and the Scars" (as well as an untitled piece by the author, included here as "A and B") were transcribed from the manuscripts left by Danilo Ki following his death in 1989. Like the title story, many of these texts are autobiographical. Others resurrect protagonists belonging to Ki's fellow Central European novelists,...

cena: 59,33
The Lute and the Scars
 The Encyclopaedia of the Dead Kis Danilo 9780141396989
An entrancing, otherworldly collection of short stories from one of Europe's most accomplished 20th century writers, new to Penguin Modern Classics A counter-prophet attempts the impossible to prove his power; a girl sees the hideous fate of her sisters and father in a mirror bought from a gypsy; the death of a prostitute causes an unanticipated uprising; and the lives of every ordinary person...
cena: 56,86
The Encyclopaedia of the Dead
 Tomb for Boris Davidovich Danilo Kis 9781564782731
Composed of seven dark tales, A Tomb for Boris Davidovich presents variations on the theme of political and social self-destruction throughout Eastern Europe in the first half of the twentieth century. The characters in these stories are caught in a world of political hypocrisy, which ultimately leads to death, their common fate. Although the stories Kis tells are based on historical events, the...
cena: 55,52
Tomb for Boris Davidovich
 Psalm 44 Danilo Kis 9781564787620

"Psalm 44" is the last major work of fiction by Danilo Ki to be translated into English, and his only novel dealing explicitly with Auschwitz (where his own father died). Written when he was only twenty-five, before embarking on the masterpieces that would make him an integral figure in twentieth-century letters, Psalm 44 shows Ki at his most lyrical and unguarded, demonstrating that even in...

cena: 70,73
Psalm 44
 Familienzirkus Kis, Danilo 9783446246799
cena: 163,51
cena: 159,45
Die Enzyklopädie der Toten
 Ein Grabmal für Boris Dawidowitsch Kis, Danilo 9783446242234
Danilo Kis's berühmter Roman erregte bei seinem Erscheinen 1976 in Jugoslawien einen Skandal. In "sieben Kapiteln ein und derselben Geschichte" werden sieben tragische Lebensläufe erzählt. Ihre Protagonisten fallen alle dem politischen Terror zum Opfer. In einer einzigartigen Mischung von Politischem und Poetischem, Fakten und Fiktion setzt Kis ihnen in diesem Buch ein Denkmal.
cena: 86,93
Ein Grabmal für Boris Dawidowitsch
 Homo Poeticus: Essays and Interviews Danilo Kis 9780374529444

Serbian writer Danilo Kis was preoccupied with man's dehumanization in a mechanized, totalitarian world. His dazzling fiction established him as one of the most artful and eloquent authors of postwar Europe. In this first collection of his non-fiction, Kis displays the dynamic, sensitive, and insistently questioning approach to the dilemmas of the modern world that distinguishes his novels and...

cena: 89,92
Homo Poeticus: Essays and Interviews
 Hourglass Danilo Kis Ralph Manheim 9780810115132
Danilo Kis was one of the most artful and eloquent writers of postwar Europe. Of all his books, "Hourglass, " the account of the final months in one man's life before he is sent to a concentration camp, is considered to be his masterpiece.

cena: 123,38
The most famous collection of short fiction by acclaimed Yugoslavian writer Danilo Kis. In these nine stories Kis depicts human relationships, encounters, landscapes--the multitude of details that make up a human life. Kis combines fiction and history in postmodern style, and in a postscript provides fascinating historical backgrounds and other notes for the reader that add interest and context....
cena: 86,12
Encyclopedia of the Dead
 Garden, Ashes Danilo Kis William J. Hannaher Aleksandar Hemon 9781564783264
Let us not mince words here: Danilo Kis's Garden, Ashes is an unmitigated masterpiece, surely not just one of the best books about the Holocaust, but one of the greatest books of the past century. Aleksandar Hemon, from the introduction
cena: 55,52
Garden, Ashes
 Garden Ashes Danilo Kis Kis                                      William J. Hannaher 9780156345484
From young Andi Scham's memories emerges the story of his father, who recedes from life in Yugoslovia and then disappears in the Holocaust. Andi's search for him is a story that "claims you like a symphonic poem" (Library Journal). Translated by William J. Hannaher.

cena: 63,13
Garden Ashes