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 My Little Christmas Story Christina Goodings 9780745965291
This simple and sincere retelling of the Christmas story is perfect for the under 5s, introducing them to the great story at the heart of the festival and its message of love. Bright illustrations help the story along, telling little children about all the events of the nativity.
cena: 13,83
My Little Christmas Story
 Christmas Story Christina Goodings 9780745962610

A peek-through gatefold on each double-page invites toddlers to interact with this favorite story

This festive novelty book tells the nativity story infive double pages, each of which has a gatefold page with a cutout hole to peek through and unfold to reveal the next scene. The reveal of each new scene keeps toddlers engaged, and Siobhan Harrison's appealing characters keep everyone smiling...

cena: 44,37
Christmas Story
 The Lion Easy-Read Bible Goodings, Christina 9780745965536
A fun and vibrant Bible that has been carefully written to be suitable for young readers. Each genre in the Bible has been included in some form so that children, and the grown-ups who share the book with them, can appreciate the many literary forms in the Bible.

Expressive and engaging illustrations help the narrative along and enhance the storytelling.

cena: 56,44
The Lion Easy-Read Bible
 My Little Easter Story Goodings, Christina 9780745969275
A gorgeously illustrated small-format retelling ofthe Easter story, ideal for pre-schoolers"Long ago, in Galilee, lived a man named Jesus. He told people how to live as friends of God. "Do for others what you want them to do for you," he told them. "Love one another even those who are unkind to you. Forgive others, and God will forgive you.""This simple and sincere retelling of the Easter story...
cena: 32,94
My Little Easter Story
 My Carry-Along Nativity: Activity Book with Stickers Christina Goodings 9780745965116
The Nativity story of baby Jesus is at the very heart of Christmas. This book is a fabulous mix of crafts and activities that will draw children into all the wonder of the first Christmas night.A centerfold of stickers allows for extra special Christmas decoration and a die-cut, carry along handle means young crafters can take the fun with them wherever they go. "
cena: 44,37
My Carry-Along Nativity: Activity Book with Stickers
 The Real Story of Easter Activity Book Christina Goodings 9780745965499
This retelling the story of the first Easter is accompanied by puzzles and activities which help children to understand and explore the meaning of what they are reading. There are also 12 pages of simple craft ideas, some reflecting the story of Jesus that has just been taught, and some with traditional festival themes of new life. There is also a centerfold of stickers for extra fun and...
cena: 31,34
The Real Story of Easter Activity Book
 My Own Little Christmas Story Christina Goodings 9780745962955

Asimple, sweet, andfestive story perfect as a stocking filler

This sweet and sincere retelling of the Christmas story is perfect for those under five, introducing them to the great story at the heart of the festival and its message of love. The warm and gentle illustrations perfectly capture the wonder of the Nativity, making this a fantastic book to read with children at home, at playgroup,...

cena: 36,75
My Own Little Christmas Story
 My Carry-Along Little Bunny's Easter Christina Goodings 9780745964409
An endearing Easter bunny-themed book containing games, puzzles, crafts and stickers. Keeps little hands busy during the Easter holiday season and offers an introduction to the reason for celebrating at this special time. Includes a retelling of the Easter story and a variety of crafts.
cena: 36,36
My Carry-Along Little Bunny's Easter
 Who Is Jesus? Christina Goodings 9780745965963
Two thousand years ago a village carpenter called Jesus changed the world. He called people to him, taught them, cared for them. Join the crowds who followed him. Discover his world. Think about his stories, his parables, his miracles. Meet the person whose life has inspired millions. The book sets Bible stories in a historical context, which helps bring them to life for young readers. The varied...
cena: 71,05
Who Is Jesus?
 My Big Bright Bible Board Book Christina Goodings 9780745965253

The perfect way to share the Bible s best stories with very young children

Thisnew board edition of "My First Bible Stories" is a cheerful book whichintroduces 10 favorite Bible stories, with newly written text that is simple and fun to share with the very young. Stephen Barker's illustrations are as engaging as ever bright and bold, with cheery faces that children can respond to. Stories...

cena: 36,36
My Big Bright Bible Board Book
 Bible and Prayers for Teddy and Me Christina Goodings 9780745963501

A Bible storybookespecially for young children who always have a teddy bear at storytime, with a padded cover

The 12favorite retellings included in this collection arechosen to emphasize the message of God's love and care. Each story concludes with a blessing, prayer, or reflection which is illustrated with the child and the teddy bear together. Children will love the endearing illustrations...

cena: 55,81
Bible and Prayers for Teddy and Me
 My Look and Point Jonah and the Whale Stick-A-Story Christina Goodings 9780745964546

A Bible story andplenty of fun activities, with lots of stickers for little hands

The story of Jonah and the Whale is told with spaces in the story to be filled in by stickers, and extra activities at the bottom of the page and at the back of the book. Engaging activities help children to learn the story of Jonah, whose amazing adventure has a surprise ending."

cena: 26,32
My Look and Point Jonah and the Whale Stick-A-Story
 25 Crafts for Christmas Christina Goodings 9780745963877
A craft for every day of Advent, or just to keep children entertained in the run up to Christmas Young crafterscan make decorations, their own Christmas cards, and a variety of gift boxes and trimmings using simple materials and following just a few steps. Each activity is wonderfully simple with only a few steps to each craft and will give satisfying results in minutes or hours can be whiled...
cena: 36,36
25 Crafts for Christmas
 My Bible Dot-To-Dot: In the Beginning Christina Goodings 9780745965680
Connect the dots and complete the action to discover the story of the creation
The story of the creation is told in scenes with colorful backgrounds but you have to join together the action yourself Each page has a simple dot-to-dot outline for you to join up and reveal the character. Comes with a centerfold of stickers."
cena: 26,32
My Bible Dot-To-Dot: In the Beginning
 My Own Little Book of Prayers Christina Goodings 9780745963853
A short, simple book of prayers; a perfect gift or award for preschool children

A brightly illustrated little prayer book for those under five, this book contains 24 simple prayers that are easy to learn by heart. The small format makes it just right for tiny hands and the warm, jewel-like colors in the illustrations will capture the attention of any child.There are also manyeveryday scenes...

cena: 31,34
My Own Little Book of Prayers
 Hands-On Nativity Craft Book Christina Goodings 9780745964317
Combine all the crafts to create your very own Nativity scene The activities in this book combine to make your very own Nativity scene. The crafts include creating a background scene, the stable, the star, a range of characters and animals, baby Jesus in the manger, the wise men's gifts, and angels. Not only do these crafts help you make a stable scene, some of the crafts can also be used to make...
cena: 31,34
Hands-On Nativity Craft Book
 Easter! Fun Things to Make and Do  Goodings, Christina 9780745977157
Have fun at Easter and keep children occupied in the holidays with 50 fun crafts!
cena: 41,38
Easter! Fun Things to Make and Do
 My Very Best Bible Stories Christina Goodings 9780745964324

A square format Bible for 3-5 year olds, telling 20 favorite stories a spread at a time

Fantastically lively, this Bible story book retells beloved stories in illustrated frame-by-frame episodes. The individual stories from Creation to Paul flow carefully into each other to give children a clear idea of the overall story of the Bible, and the result is a modern looking retelling with great...

cena: 31,34
My Very Best Bible Stories
 Baby's First Prayers Christina Goodings 9780745962658
Surround a little child with heavenly blessings as together you say these simple prayers"Little baby, ""just awakened, ""you are part of ""God's creation."With a bright illustration and a very simple verse per eachspread, this board book is especially for the very, very young.The colorful, blocky illustrations will help with simple picture recognition and early language awareness, and the sturdy...
cena: 26,32
Baby's First Prayers
 My Look and Point Bible Christina Goodings 9780745962061
This collection of 21 Bible stories includes lots of items for children to recognise, point at and name as the story unfolds.
cena: 71,05
My Look and Point Bible

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