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 The Long Sword Christian Cameron 9781409137511
'One of "the" finest historical fiction writers in the world' Ben Kane
Pisa, May 1364.
Sir William Gold is looking forward to a lucrative career as a hired sword in the endless warring between Italy's city states. But when a message comes from the Grand Master of the Hospitaliers, William is forced to leave his dreams of fame and fortune behind him.
The Hospitaliers are gathering men...
cena: 51,42
The Long Sword
 Salamis Christian Cameron 9781409118138
480 BC. Arimnestos of Plataea has already lived through several lifetimes' worth of adventure, from being a rich man's slave in Ephesus to winning glory at the battle of Marathon against the might of the Persian Empire. But the gods - and the Persians - aren't finished with him yet. As an experienced sea captain - his enemies might say pirate - he has a part to play in the final epic...
cena: 51,42
 Tyran: Bouře šípů Christian Cameron 9788074612824
Příběh z doby Alexandra Velikého. Bouře šípů vede Kineia do bitvy s Alexandrem Velikým na řece Iaxartés. Athénský válečník Kineiás urazil dlouhou cestu od doby, kdy byl propuštěn z Alexandrovy armády a kdy ho rodné město poslalo do vyhnanství. Řekové pod jeho velením a jejich skythští spojenci porazili mocné makedonské vojsko v bitvě u svatyně říčního boha a...
cena: 58,41
Tyran: Bouře šípů
 Force of Kings Christian Cameron 9781409104605
Twin monarchs Satyrus and Melitta have worked hard, seen much blood shed and many good friends die to secure their fertile kingdom on the Black Sea. But as the colossal conflict between Alexander the Great's former generals to inherit his empire rages from one end of the known world to the other, sitting on the sidelines is not an option. If their kingdom is to have a future, Satyrus and Melitta...
cena: 106,63
Force of Kings
 Marathon Christian Cameron 9781409118060
Two and a half thousand years ago, the Greeks and the Persians fought an epic battle to decide the future of the world...

Arimnestos of Plataea grew up wanting to be a bronzesmith, like his father. Then, in the chaos of war, he was taken to a city in the Persian empire and sold as a slave. To win his freedom he had to show that he could fight and kill. Now, to preserve that freedom, he...

cena: 56,44
 The Green Count Christian Cameron 9781409172796
One of the finest historical fiction writers in the world - Ben Kane

After the bloody trials of Alexandria, Sir William Gold is readying for a pilgrimage to Jerusalem to ease the burden on his soul. He hopes, too, that the Holy City might allow his relationship with Emile, cousin of the Green Count of Savoy, to develop.

But the Roman Emperor of Constantinople has been...

cena: 106,63
The Green Count
 Tyrant: Destroyer of Cities Christian Cameron 9781409120681
This novel in the scintillating Tyrant series brings the epic siege of Rhodes in 306 BC to spectacular life.
The death of Alexander the Great was the signal to begin the greatest war in human history - a war that swept like a firestorm from one end of the known world to the other, as his former generals fought like jackals to make his vast empire their own.
By 305 BC, the most...
cena: 46,40
Tyrant: Destroyer of Cities
 Tyrant Christian Cameron 9780752883922
Ruler. Puppet Master. Killer.

Glory. Death. Well-born Athenian cavalry officer, Kineas, fought shoulder to shoulder with Alexander in his epic battles against the Persian hordes. But on his return from the east to his native city, he finds not glory but shame - and exile.

With nothing to his name but his military skills, Kineas agrees to lead a band of veterans to the city of...

cena: 56,44
 The Great King Cameron Christian 9781409118107
The heroic story of Arimnestos of Plataea continues - a thrilling historical adventure set amid the epic struggle between Greece and Persia - perfect for fans of the blockbusting film 300.
Slave, pirate, husband and lover: Arimnestos of Plataea has been many things in the course of his life. But men remember him best as one of the heroes of the Battle of Marathon, the epic...
cena: 56,44
The Great King
 Tyrant: Funeral Games Christian Cameron 9780752883946
An action-packed tale of betrayal and revenge set amid the war between Alexander the Great's generals and climaxing in the most spectacular battle of the ancient world.
Satyrus and Melitta, twin heirs to a rich kingdom on the Black Sea, become desperate fugitives when their mother, the Scythian warrior-princess Srayanka, is cut down in a savage act of betrayal. Accompanied by their...
cena: 61,46
Tyrant: Funeral Games
 The Green Count Christian Cameron 9781409172802
Famagusta, November 1365. The world teeters on the brink of bloody political upheaval . . . and Sir William Gold is caught right in the thick of it.
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The Green Count
 Tyrant: Storm of Arrows Christian Cameron 9781409103660
The stunning sequel to Christian Cameron's epic TYRANT.

Kineas, the Athenian cavalry commander, has come a long way since being dismissed from the army of Alexander and vengefully exiled by his own city. Together, his mercenary force and their Scythian allies have defeated a mighty Macedonian army at the Ford of the River God, and his adopted city of Olbia is now free once more. But...

cena: 56,44
Tyrant: Storm of Arrows
 Long Sword Christian Cameron 9781409142447
Pisa, May 1364. Sir William Gold - newly knighted on the battlefield outside the gates of Florence - can look forward to a lucrative career as a sword for hire in the endless warring between Italy's wealthy city states. But when a message comes from Father Pierre de Thomas, Grand Master of the Order of St John - better known as the Hospitallers - Sir William knows he has no choice but to leave...
cena: 106,63
Long Sword
 Poseidon's Spear Christian Cameron 9781409118084
An epic novel from the master of historical fiction, author of ALEXANDER: GOD OF WAR 'Brilliantly evoked' Sunday Times

Arimnestos of Plataea is a man who has seen and done things that most men only dream about. Sold into slavery as a boy, he fought his way to freedom - and then to everlasting fame: standing alongside the Athenians at the Battle of Marathon where the Greeks...

cena: 56,44
Poseidon's Spear
 The Ill-Made Knight Christian Cameron 9781409137504
An action-packed tale of chivalry and betrayal set during the Hundred Years War.
September, 1356. Poitiers. The greatest knights of the age were ready to give battle.
On the English side, Edward, the Black Prince, who'd earned his spurs at Crecy.
On the French side, the King and his son, the Dauphin. With 12,000 knights.
And then there is William Gold. A cook's boy - the...
cena: 56,07
The Ill-Made Knight
 God of War: The Epic Story of Alexander the Great Christian Cameron 9781409135944
The ultimate historical adventure novel: the life of Alexander the Great in a single, epic volume.

To many he was a god. To others he was a monster. The truth is even more extraordinary.

As a boy, Alexander dreamed of matching the heroic feats of Achilles. At eighteen he led the Macedonian cavalry to a stunning victory against the Greeks. By twenty-five he had crushed the Persians...

cena: 56,44
God of War: The Epic Story of Alexander the Great
 Killer of Men Christian Cameron 9780752883939
In the epic clash of Greece and Persia, a hero is forged - a monumental novel from the author of the Tyrant series.

Arimnestos is a farm boy when war breaks out between the citizens of his native Plataea and their overbearing neighbours, Thebes. Standing in the battle line for the first time, alongside his father and brother, he shares in a famous and unlikely victory. But after being...

cena: 56,44
Killer of Men
 Rage of Ares Christian Cameron 9781409118152
The epic story of the Long War of the Greeks and Persians climaxes with the earth-shattering Battle of Plataea.
cena: 51,42
Rage of Ares
 King of the Bosporus Christian Cameron 9781409102755
In a world at war, a brother and sister seek revenge...Another drama-drenched story in a truly epic historical series.
They were born in the middle of a battle, into a world at war. And from their first moments of life, twins Satyrus and Melitta were fighting for survival. Their father, a Greek mercenary, was cut down not long after they had taken their first breath; their Scythian...
cena: 56,44
King of the Bosporus
 Tyrant: Force of Kings Christian Cameron 9781409102762
The triumphant final volume in the epic series - a series of monumental battles, fascinating history and action-packed adventure.

The vast and deadly conflict between Alexander the Great's former generals as they battle for control of his empire has reached a tense stalemate. No one seems able to strike the decisive blow.

But with everything in the balance, a secret emerges: hidden...

cena: 56,44
Tyrant: Force of Kings

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