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 The Saltergate Psalter Chris Nickson 9780750964852
A gripping murder mystery set in fourteenth-century Chesterfield and sequel to The Crooked Spire
John the Carpenter, married and soon to become a father, has plenty of work to keep him busy in Chesterfield. But when the town coroner demands his help to solve the death of an elderly man who had survived both the plague and famine, John becomes embroiled in a case with many...
cena: 48,59
The Saltergate Psalter
 The Year of the Gun Chris Nickson 9780750969840
1944: 20 years after WPC Lottie Armstrong was dismissed from Leeds police for insubordination, she's back, now a member of the Women's Auxiliary Police Corps and driving for her old boss. DCS McMillan is now head of Criminal Investigation Department, trying to keep order with a depleted force as crime grows. But when the body of a young woman is found among the ruins of Kirkstall Abbey, things...
The Year of the Gun
 The New Eastgate Swing Chris Nickson 9780750966986
Leeds, 1957: When enquiry agent Dan Markham and his new partner, retired Detective Sergeant Baker, take on a missing persons case, what appears to be a simple case soon turns into a murder investigation when a body is recovered from the River Aire. The investigation takes a deadly turn as the pair try and track down a Russian assassin and Markham finds himself dragged into the heart of a Cold War...
cena: 51,32
The New Eastgate Swing
Planowany termin premiery książki: 01-02-2018
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The Constant Lovers
 Skin Like Silver: A Victorian Police Procedural Chris Nickson 9780727894649
The third intriguing historical mystery to feature Detective Inspector Tom Harper
Leeds, England. October, 1891. An unclaimed parcel at the Central Post Office is discovered to contain the decomposing body of a baby boy. It s a gruesome case for DI Tom Harper. Then a fire during the night destroys half the railway station. The next day a woman s body is found in the rubble. But...
cena: 121,44
Skin Like Silver: A Victorian Police Procedural
 On Copper Street Chris Nickson 9780727886965
"An outstanding entry in an excellent historical-mystery series that deserves more attention"
Booklist Starred Review

Detective Inspector Tom Harper finds answers hard to come by in his latest, most challenging, investigation to date.

Leeds, England. March, 1895. The day after his release from prison, petty criminal Henry White is found...

cena: 124,05
On Copper Street
 Dark Briggate Blues: A Dan Markham Mystery Chris Nickson 9780750960984
A gritty noir set in 1950s Leeds Leeds, 1954: When private investigator Dan Markham takes on a case for Joanna Hart, she simply wants to know if her husband Freddie is being unfaithful. But when Freddie Hart is killed, Markham suspects someone has set him up. Former Cold War spy David Carter is pulling all the strings. Ruthless and professional, he's built himself an empire in Leeds and...
cena: 48,59
Dark Briggate Blues: A Dan Markham Mystery
 The Holywell Dead Chris Nickson 9780750979955
The Holywell Dead
The Holywell Dead
 Free from All Danger: An 18th Century Police Procedural Chris Nickson 9780727887535
Richard Nottingham discovers that a new, more ruthless breed of criminal has colonised the city when he returns as Constable of Leeds.

October, 1736. Lured out of retirement to serve as Constable once again, Richard Nottingham finds Leeds very different from the place he remembers. Many newcomers have been attracted by the town's growing wealth ? but although the faces have...

Planowany termin premiery książki: 01-02-2018
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Free from All Danger: An 18th Century Police Procedural
 Gods of Gold: A New Police Procedural Series Set in Late Nineteenth Century Leeds Chris Nickson 9780727894373
"Introducing Detective Inspector Tom Harper in a brand-new historical mystery series."
June 1890. Leeds is close to breaking point. The gas workers are on strike. Supplies are dangerously low. Factories and businesses are closing; the lamps are going unlit at night.
Detective Inspector Tom Harper has more urgent matters on his mind. The beat constable claims eight-year-old Martha...
cena: 121,44
Gods of Gold: A New Police Procedural Series Set in Late Nineteenth Century Leeds
 The Crooked Spire Chris Nickson 9780752499178

The first in a series of gripping murder mysteries set in 14th-century England

1361: Orphaned by the Black Death, all John possesses are the tools that belonged to his father, a carpenter, and an uncanny ability to work wood. His travels bring him to Chesterfield, where he finds work erecting the spire of the new church. But no sooner does he begin, than the master carpenter is...

cena: 48,59
The Crooked Spire
 At the Dying of the Year Chris Nickson 9780727895240
Leeds, 1733. Three children are found dead in a disused bell pit; their bodies battered and bruised, each of them stabbed through the heart.

As an atmosphere of fear and suspicion pervades the city, Richard Nottingham and his team find themselves hunting a ruthless child-killer, a monster who preys on abandoned street children, those with no one to care about them, no...
cena: 121,44
At the Dying of the Year
 The Iron Water: A Victorian Police Procedural Chris Nickson 9781847517449
Two macabre discoveries in a single morning present an intriguing challenge for Detective Inspector Tom Harper

Leeds, England. July, 1893. D.I. Tom Harper is witnessing the demonstration of a devastating new naval weapon, the torpedo, at Roundhay Park. The explosion brings up a body in the lake, a rope lashed tightly around its waist.

At the same time, dredging operations...

Planowany termin premiery książki: 30-11-2017
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The Iron Water: A Victorian Police Procedural
 Solid Air: The Life of John Martyn Chris Nickson 9780615534855
For over four decades, John Martyn was a musician's musician (lauded by artists as disparate as Eric Clapton, Phil Collins and Bob Marley), a superb guitarist and singer who straddled the worlds of folk, jazz and rock, earning an OBE and being honoured with a Life Achievement by the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards shortly before his untimely death in 2009. He was a true innovator, constantly pushing the...
cena: 66,09
Solid Air: The Life of John Martyn
 Modern Crimes Chris Nickson 9780750969833
1924: still reeling from the effect of World War I, life in the city of Leeds is hard: poverty is rife, work is scarce, and crime is becoming more sophisticated. Bravely entering this maelstrom is one of the city's first policewomen to walk the beat, the resourceful, inquisitive, and practical WPC Lottie Armstrong. Eager to prove herself and determined to succeed, Lottie faces apathy from...
cena: 51,32
Modern Crimes
 Leeds, the Biography: A History of Leeds in Short Stories Chris Nickson   9780955469978
360 AD: A woman buries the remains of her husband in a stone sarcophagus in Northern Roman Britain. 1207: A man in desperate need of money plans a new street to be called Briggate 1645: A girl named Alice Musgrave of Vicar Lane is the first victim when the plague strikes Leeds. 1850: A heartbroken woman walks down a set of steps into the River Aire. 1963: Two young men, fired by the new music,...
cena: 70,11
Leeds, the Biography: A History of Leeds in Short Stories