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 Limbo Bernard Wolfe 9781473212473
In the aftermath of an atomic war, a new international movement of pacifism has arisen. Multitudes of young men have chosen to curb their aggressive instincts through voluntary amputation - disarmament in its most literal sense.

Those who have undergone this procedure are highly esteemed in the new society. But they have a problem - their prosthetics require a rare metal to function, and...

cena: 55,67
 Memoirs of a Not Altogether Shy Pornographer: Selected and Introduced by Jonathan Lethem Bernard Wolfe Jonathan Lethem 9781940436265
In this funny and telling portrait of the artist as a young pornographer, Bernard Wolfe chronicles his own unlikely entrance into the world of letters. The year was 1936, and Depression laden America had no great need for a Yale Phi Bete whose primary talent was for words. After working variously as a secretary-bodyguard for Leon Trotsky in Mexico, a cataloger of the Irving Fisher papers, and a...
cena: 70,73
Memoirs of a Not Altogether Shy Pornographer: Selected and Introduced by Jonathan Lethem
 Phenomenology and Education: Self-Consciousness and Its Development Bernard Curtis Wolfe Mays  9781138978355

This volume of essays brings a phenomenological focus to bear on the subject of education in order to provide a fruitful stimulus for educational philosophy. It is for philosophers, psychologists, sociologists and indeed anyone who seeks to understand the perennially interesting questions about the nature of self-consciousness and how our view of it might affect our thinking about...

cena: 261,46
Phenomenology and Education: Self-Consciousness and Its Development
 The Great Prince Died: A Novel about the Assassination of Trotsky Bernard Wolfe William T. Vullmann William T. Vollmann 9780226260648
On August 20, 1940, Marxist philosopher, politician, and revolutionary Leon Trotsky was attacked with an ice axe in his home in Coyoacan, Mexico. He died the next day.

In The Great Prince Died, Bernard Wolfe offers his lyrical, fictionalized account of Trotsky's assassination as witnessed through the eyes of an array of characters: the young American student helping to translate the...

cena: 68,68
The Great Prince Died: A Novel about the Assassination of Trotsky
Mezz Mezzrow was a boy from Chicago who learned to playthe sax in reform school and pursued a life in music and a life of crime. Hemoved from Chicago to New Orleans to New York, working in brothels andbars, bootlegging, dealing drugs, getting hooked, doing time, producing records, andplaying with the greats, among them Louis Armstrong, Bix Beiderbecke, andFats Waller. "Really the Blues," the...
cena: 74,53
Really the Blues