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 Khadim and the Wanderers Bennett L. Schwartz 9780557222629
Khadim and her family are Wanderers, nomads in a mythical land. This is the story of their adventures.
cena: 183,55
Khadim and the Wanderers
 Tip of the Tongue States Bennett L. Schwartz 9780805834451
Tip-of-the-Tongue experiences are one of those illusive oddities of human cognition. Like slips of the tongue, deeacute;jaagrave; vu, and visual illusions, TOTs dazzle us with their subjective strength, yet, at the same time, puzzle us with our frustrating inability to retrieve the desired word. This book discusses what little is known about TOTs and speculates about much of the rest of the...
cena: 353,15
Tip of the Tongue States
 Memory: Foundations and Applications Bennett L. Schwartz 9781506326535
The fully updated Third Edition brings the science and practice of memory to life through unique applications to such areas as education, job-related memory, investigations and courtrooms.
cena: 533,51
Memory: Foundations and Applications
Planowany termin premiery książki: 01-10-2018
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Handbook of Research Methods in Human Memory
 Communication Systems and Techniques Mischa Schwartz William R. Bennett Seymour Stein 9780780347151
An introductory, graduate-level look at modern communications in general and radio communications in particular. This seminal presentation of the applications of communication theory to signal and receiver design brings you valuable insights into the fundamental concepts underlying today's communications systems, especially wireless communications.

Coverage includes: AM, FM Phase Modulation,...

cena: 652,25
Communication Systems and Techniques
Planowany termin premiery książki: 16-01-2018
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Sensation and Perception
 Tip-Of-The-Tongue States and Related Phenomena Bennett L. Schwartz Alan S. Brown 9781316623268
This volume seeks to assemble various works on the 'tip-of-the-tongue state' and related phenomena.
cena: 146,78
Tip-Of-The-Tongue States and Related Phenomena
 Sensation and Perception Bennett L. Schwartz John H. Krantz 9781483308104
Written in an accessible and engaging manner, it is directed towards psychology students who come into this course with little preparation or background in the biological, neurological, or methodological principles that make up the core of the course. The book is rich in examples and applications to everyday life with an emphasis on areas of interest to students, namely, music, clinical...
cena: 670,37
Sensation and Perception
 Tip-Of-The-Tongue States and Related Phenomena Bennett Schwartz Alan S. Brown 9781107035225
When the memory retrieval process breaks down, people wonder exactly why and how such a thing occurs. In many cases, failed retrieval is accompanied by a tip-of-the-tongue state, a feeling that an unretrieved item is stored in memory. Tip-of-the-tongue states stand at the crossroads of several research traditions within cognitive science. Some research focuses on the nature of the retrieval...
cena: 468,94
Tip-Of-The-Tongue States and Related Phenomena
 Applied Metacognition Tim Perfect Bennett Schwartz Timothy J. Perfect 9780521000376
There is a growing theoretical and practical interest in the topic of metacognition: how mental processses are monitored and controlled. This study overviews the relationship between theories in metacognition and their real-world applications. In addition to a theoretical overview, chapters cover metacognition in three areas: education, everyday life memory and in diverse populations.
cena: 169,54
Applied Metacognition