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Eliza Meets a Kind Traveler
 Spanish Medical Dictionary: Spanish-English English-Spanish Barfield 9781542596732
Spanish Medical Dictionary: Spanish-English English-Spanish This book contains essential information that will help medical professionals, health workers, and students break the language and cultural barriers between Spanish and English speakers and enable them to provide quality care to their patients. It provides precise translations for the most commonly used terms in the field of medicine and...
cena: 66,13
Spanish Medical Dictionary: Spanish-English English-Spanish
 Nursing Drug Handbook: The Ultimate Drug Handbook for Nurses Barfield 9781544052014
Nursing Drug Handbook - The Ultimate Drug Handbook for Nurses The Ultimate Drug Handbook for Nurses is written to provide nurses a quick reference to the different types of commonly used drugs, their actions, dosages, contraindications and adverse effects. Also, it provides notes to other health professionals, who may want to double check any of the information about some common drugs in the...
cena: 86,08
Nursing Drug Handbook: The Ultimate Drug Handbook for Nurses
 Moon Shadow: The Series Book 1 and Book 2 Joe Barfield 9781492220923
This is a combination of Book 1 and Book 2 in the Moon Shadow Series: Moon Shadow the Legend and Moon Shadow. What if you found a novel that details how President Obama is executed for treason at the end of 2016? Moon Shadow does just that, and includes the Minute Men, a Democrat elected in 2008, illegal alien amnesty, hijacked airliners that crash into the White House, an unpayable debt of 20...
cena: 81,93
Moon Shadow: The Series Book 1 and Book 2
 The Ultimate Wisecrack Generator: Over 60 Million Hilarious Zingers and Stingers Mike Barfield 9781786270306
This fabulously fun flipbook allows you to generate 60 million brilliantly beastly insults for all occasions. Wacky, zany, and sometimes plain silly, this book will ensure you'll always have the last word, not to mention the last laugh

Hilarious heckles for silencing sassy siblings

Teasing taunts to make best friends snigger

Madcap comebacks to confuse mum and dad


cena: 63,27
The Ultimate Wisecrack Generator: Over 60 Million Hilarious Zingers and Stingers
 David  Barfield, Maggie 9781785065514
This retelling of David being chosen as king, especially for under-5s, features full-colour photographic spreads of the much-loved Bible Friends characters from the Big Bible Storybook. It is perfectly sized for small hands, with short text for a parent or carer to read to the child. Now in a new paperback format.
cena: 16,26
 Básnická řeč Owen Barfield 9788075300270
Jen stěží lze najít českého čtenáře, který by neznal Pána prstenů nebo Letopisy Narnie. Jméno Owena Barfielda, bez něhož by tato díla pravděpodobně nebyla nikdy vznikla, je však v českém prostředí téměř neznámé. Přitom to byl právě Barfield, kdo rozhodující měrou přispěl ke zformování volného filosoficko-literárního sdružení Inklings, k němuž od...
cena: 51,72
Básnická řeč
 Worth Fighting for Warren Barfield 0083061086428
cena: 42,95
Worth Fighting for
 Destroy This Book in the Name of Science  Barfield, Mike 9781780554433
Created by author, cartoonist and entertainer Mike Barfield, Destroy This Book is the ultimate activity-based book, perfect for curious children who are inspired by cool science.
cena: 56,33
Destroy This Book in the Name of Science
 Owen Barfield on C.S. Lewis Owen Barfield 9780955958298
'Owen Barfield on C.S. Lewis' is a collection of essays and lectures about the author, theologian, and literary scholar, C. S. Lewis.Barfield and Lewis were close friends for 44 years, from their Oxford days after WWI to Lewis's death in 1963. Barfield's reflections on their relationship ended only with his own passing, in his hundredth year.Barfield was instrumental in converting Lewis to...
cena: 112,68
Owen Barfield on C.S. Lewis
 My Inspiration Asia Barfield 9780557058679
This book is about a little girl who has a strong desire to help all type of animals. She finds an injured cat and saves her from harm.
cena: 54,69
My Inspiration
cena: 44,12
Jo and Her Bright-Green Chair
 Night Operation Owen Barfield 9780955958212
A coarse-grained dystopian satire, in which humanity has taken refuge from airborne bacteriological warfare in the sewers, and has renounced knowledge in favour of sex, excretion and vomiting. Three friends educated themselves in the old ways and outwit the authorities in order to visit the surface; they have to consider what their next step should be. ... (TLS 5527)
cena: 75,42
Night Operation
 Unancestral Voice Owen Barfield 9780955958274
Unancestral Voice is the story of a modern-day spiritual quest. Step by step, Barfield explores the power of the creative imagination to meet the great challenges of our time. "This book has a remarkable unity; it is a well-sustained defence of a very consistent theme - that of the 'evolution of consciousness' " - Frontier "The voice of each one's mind speaking from the depths within himself" -...
cena: 102,03
Unancestral Voice
 Cyber-Humans: Our Future with Machines Woodrow Barfield 9783319250489
It is predicted that robots will surpass human intelligence within the next fifty years.
The ever increasing speed of advances in technology and neuroscience, coupled with the creation of super computers and enhanced body parts and artificial limbs, is paving the way for a merger of both human and machine.
Devices which were once worn on the body are now being implanted into the body, and...
cena: 118,61
Cyber-Humans: Our Future with Machines
 Moon Shadow Joe Barfield 9781511901314
cena: 50,00
Moon Shadow
 The Big Purple Book Maggie Barfield 9781859997192
Suitable for groups with a high proportion of non-church children and carers, this book presents 25 multi-purpose outlines providing ideas for play, prayer, craft, stories and rhymes from which you can pick and choose to meet the particular needs of your group.
cena: 99,69
The Big Purple Book
 Romanticism Comes of Age Owen Barfield 9780956942319
cena: 133,96
Romanticism Comes of Age
 Designing the Real World Lon Barfield 9780954723910
Barfield has created an inspirational resource for interaction designers, Web designers, architects, industrial designers, and anybody who has ever struggled with a bit of reluctant technology and said, "Who on earth designed that?" (Technology & Industrial)
cena: 59,25
Designing the Real World