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 Zygzakiem przez muzykę Barber David W. 9788373503229
W swym bestsellerze "Bach, Beethoven i inne chłopaki" Autor rozprawił się z biografiami wielkich kompozytorów. Tym razem na celowniku jego satyry znalazła się ich twórczość: od symfonii i pieśni solowych po motety, madrygały i msze. Barber dowcipnie, ale i pouczająco przekazuje wszystko, co trzeba wiedzieć (albo i jeszcze więcej) o różnych gatunkach muzycznych.

Zygzakiem przez muzykę
 Bach Beethoven i inne chłopaki Barber David W. 9788373504011
Bestseller, w którym Autor w barwny i dowcipny sposób opisuje his­torię muzyki poprzez życiorysy i dzieła najsłynniejszych kompozytorów. Mnóstwo anegdot i ciekawostek, interesujących zarówno dla początkujących miłośników muzyki, jak i dla tych, którzy są jej znawcami. Sporo solidnej wiedzy, a przy tym gwarantowana dobra rozrywka dla wszystkich Czytelników.
Bach Beethoven i inne chłopaki
 Bayesian Time Series Models David Barber 9780521196765
'What's going to happen next?' Time series data hold the answers, and Bayesian methods represent the cutting edge in learning what they have to say. This ambitious book is the first unified treatment of the emerging knowledge-base in Bayesian time series techniques. Exploiting the unifying framework of probabilistic graphical models, the book covers approximation schemes, both Monte Carlo and...
cena: 452,69
Bayesian Time Series Models
 A Hard Rain Fell: Sds and Why It Failed David Barber 9781604738551

By the spring of 1969, Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) had reached its zenith as the largest, most radical movement of white youth in American history-a genuine New Left. Yet less than a year later, SDS splintered into warring factions and ceased to exist.

SDS's development and its dissolution grew directly out of the organization's relations with the black freedom movement, the...

cena: 139,34
A Hard Rain Fell: Sds and Why It Failed
 Footprints: On the Trail of Those Who Made History in the Lowveld David Hilton-Barber 9780994656117
This book is a story of success, of the triumph of man over a wilderness; of the triumph of science over disease; of the conversion of a Valley of Death into a paradise. It tells of the shaping of one of the cornerstones of South Africa from a stone which the earlier builders not only rejected, but found an almost insurmountable obstacle. It tells of men and women of all races, principally Boer,...
cena: 120,14
Footprints: On the Trail of Those Who Made History in the Lowveld
 Getting a Handel on Messiah David W Barber Dave Donald Trevor Pinnock 9780987849212
Chances are you've probably heard Handel's Messiah at least once, if not many times. Maybe you've even performed it, as have countless musicians around the world. After all, it's probably one of the best-loved, and certainly one of the best-known, musical works in the standard repertoire. But if you thought you knew all there was to know about the great composer's famous oratorio, think again....
cena: 62,51
Getting a Handel on Messiah
 Bayesian Reasoning and Machine Learning David Barber 9780521518147
A practical introduction perfect for final-year undergraduate and graduate students without a solid background in linear algebra and calculus.
cena: 345,64
Bayesian Reasoning and Machine Learning
 Office 2001 for Macintosh Nan Barber David Reynolds 9780596000813

To the surprise of most Mac fans, the number one bestselling Macintosh software is Microsoft Office for the Macintosh. It's by far the most popular Macintosh software, and the first software purchase a new Mac user is likely to make. And for the first time, Office 2001 comes without a single page of printed instructions. The packaging is a five- inch-square clear plastic case housing the...

cena: 115,34
Office 2001 for Macintosh
 The Fabled Beast of Elddon David E. Barber 9780692726792
When the kingdom of Elddon is plagued by a monster from its past, Ander and Loth, heroes from different worlds, fight a corrupt baron and a ruthless knight in a struggle to uncover the truth behind the beast's sudden return. With the help of two young lovers, they must infiltrate a ruined city, a place of danger and ancient horrors, and battle the evil kerram, a canine race bent on mayhem and...
cena: 30,21
The Fabled Beast of Elddon
 The Pulse of Politics: Electing Presidents in the Media Age James David Barber 9781560005896
Every four years, journalists propel a presidential campaign into the national consciousness. New candidates and issues become features of the political landscape while familiar rituals are reshaped by the unpredictability of personalities and events. Underlying this apparent process of change, however, is a recurrent cycle of political themes and social attitudes, a pulse of politics that locks...
cena: 245,50
The Pulse of Politics: Electing Presidents in the Media Age
 Office X for Macintosh: The Missing Manual Nan Barber Tonya Engst David Reynolds 9780596003326

Mac OS X, Apple's super-advanced, Unix-based operating system, offers every desirable system-software feature known to humans. But without a compatible software library, the Mac of the future was doomed.Microsoft Office X for Macintosh is exactly the software suite most Mac fans were waiting for. Its four programs--Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Entourage--have been completely overhauled to take...

cena: 115,34
Office X for Macintosh: The Missing Manual
 The War of the Running Dogs: How Malaya Defeated the Communist Guerrillas 1948-1960 David Kings Noel Barber 9780304366712
Only three short years after the end of the Japanese occupation, war came again to Malaya. The Chinese-backed guerrillas called it the War of the Running Dogs their contemptuous term for those in Malaya who remained loyal to the British. The British Government referred to this bloody and costly struggle as the "Malayan Emergency." Yet it was a war that lasted 12 years and cost thousands of lives....
cena: 56,75
The War of the Running Dogs: How Malaya Defeated the Communist Guerrillas 1948-1960
 If It Ain't Baroque: More Music History as It Ought to Be Taught David W Barber Dave Donald  9780987849281
Not content with having hilariously skewered the lives of great composers in Bach, Beethoven and the Boys, in If It Ain't Baroque musical humorist David W. Barber takes aim at their works as well. From symphonies to solo songs, from motets to madrigals to masses, Barber wittily yet informatively tells readers everything they need to know (and more ) about the various different genres of classical...
cena: 62,51
If It Ain't Baroque: More Music History as It Ought to Be Taught
 When the Fat Lady Sings: Opera History as It Ought to Be Taught David W. Barber Dave Donald Maureen Forrester 9780987849274
David W. Barber has delighted readers all around the world with the quirky definitions of Accidentals on Purpose: A Musician's Dictionary, the irreverent history of Bach, Beethoven and the Boys, a hilariously offbeat history of dance and ballet in Tutus, Tights and Tiptoes and a host of other internationally bestselling books of musical humor. With When the Fat Lady Sings, the popular author and...
cena: 69,55
When the Fat Lady Sings: Opera History as It Ought to Be Taught
 The Chronicle of Geoffrey Le Baker of Swinbrook Richard Barber Richard Barber David Preest 9781843836919
Geoffrey le Baker's chronicle covers the reigns of Edward II and Edward III up to the English victory at Poitiers. It starts in a low key, copying an earlier chronicle, but by the end of Edward II's reign he offers a much more vivid account. His description of Edward II's last days is partly based on the eyewitness account of his patron, Sir Thomas de la More, who was present at one critical...
cena: 233,57
The Chronicle of Geoffrey Le Baker of Swinbrook
 Accidentals on Purpose: A Musician's Dictionary David William Barber David C. Donald 9780980916720
A hilarious collection of musical definitions by David W. Barber, the internationally bestselling author of Bach, Beethoven and the Boys. With illustrations by Dave Donald. An offbeat and irreverent compendium, from Aida to Zzzz. With a preface by Yehudi Menuhin.
cena: 62,51
Accidentals on Purpose: A Musician's Dictionary
 Warsaw Francene Barber David Jett Brenda Harhai 9780738567761
Warsaw, located in Richmond County, is often called the heart of the Northern Neck. Lying between the Potomac River and the Rappahannock River, the Northern Neck was discovered by Capt. John Smith, who called the area "fruitfull and delightsome." George Washington later referred to the same region as the "garden of Virginia." The town of Warsaw, originally called Richmond Court House, was...
cena: 89,88

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