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 Sidecar Ann McMan 9781612940878
A fast, funny, and wholly satisfying compilation of short stories filled with the same rich detail, witty humor, jagged verbal jousting, and joyous intellectual tete-a-tete that are Ann McMan's calling cards. This award winning collection features the novella, "Bottle Rocket," along with the short stories, "V1: A Valentine's Day Odyssey," "Falling From Grace," and "Nevermore "
cena: 63,13
 Goldenrod Ann McMan 9781612940830
cena: 70,73
 Three: Plus One Ann McMan 9781612941059
Diz and Clarissa Are Back for the Holidays
It's Christmas Eve in Baltimore, and you know what that means . . . snow.
Lots of it.
Join our dynamic duo as they battle the elements, quirky friends and family, and two marauding dogs in their annual ill-fated attempts to enjoy a quiet Christmas alone.
Originally published in 2014, this Christmas collection features the short stories,...
cena: 47,92
Three: Plus One
 Aftermath Ann McMan 9781934452950
Readers everywhere fell in love with Syd, Maddie, David, Michael, Pete, and the irrepressible Roma Jean Freemantle in Ann McMan s 2011 bestseller, "Jericho." Now, return to the tiny mountain town in the much anticipated sequel, "Aftermath." Over the past eighteen months, Syd, Maddie, and little Henry have become a family, and things are going surprisingly well for most of Jericho s residents . ....
cena: 88,95
 Backcast Ann McMan 9781612940632

"I love Ann McMan."Dorothy Allison, National Book Award finalist for "Bastard Out of Carolina"

When sculptor and author Barb Davis is given an NEA grant to pair original feminist sculptures with searing first-person essays on transitions in women's lives, she organizes a two week writing retreat with twelve of the best, brightest, and most notorious lesbian authors in the business. But in...

cena: 63,13
 Hoosier Daddy: A Heartland Romance Ann McMan Salem West 9781612940991
Jill Fryman (Friday to her friends) is a Line Supervisor at a truck manufacturing plant in a small southern Indiana town--and life on the assembly line is almost as predictable as her love life. When it comes to matters of the heart, Friday always seems to be making the wrong choices.
Things go from bad to worse when El, a sultry labor organizer from the UAW, sweeps into town to unionize the...
cena: 70,73
Hoosier Daddy: A Heartland Romance
 Digging for Home Lynn Ames Ann McMan Salem West 9781936429080
cena: 59,33
Digging for Home