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 Conversations Budi Darma Andy Fuller 9786029144444
Budi Darma's stories are absurdist and surreal. Often in conversation form, they draw content from mythology, legends, and fables. There is an omnipresent mood of darkness that pervades much of his writing; a kind of bleak perspective that lies behind a thin cloak of normality and peace. In the modernist manner, Darma is interested in style, structure, themes, and plot. Yet at the same time, he...
cena: 96,43
 Anxiety Myths Afrizal Malna Andy Fuller 9786029144253
Afrizal Malna sits apart from many of Indonesia's recent poets. Not only is he a productive literary and theater critic, he is a novelists and short story writer as well. In a writing career that has now spanned more than thirty years, Afrizal has published several major collections of poetry. His poems have been translated into Dutch, German, and English, of which this is the first full length...
cena: 101,04
Anxiety Myths
Indonesia, widely known as the 'world's largest Islamic nation' and 'a tolerant' and 'democratic' nation, has been going through major changes in the post-New Order era. This era is known as 'reformasi' and is marked by the removal of President Suharto in May 1998. Reformasi remains as a movement that is considered to be driving contemporary political change. This is despite the many failures of...
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Freedom of Religion in Indonesia: Renegotiating Islamic Thought and the Nation