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 Our Pastor Has Gone Mad Again Elijah Oladimeji 9781946446879 Green Ivy
cena: 48,16
Our Pastor Has Gone Mad Again
 Be Dawn Witte 9781543423808 Xlibris
cena: 120,29
 Zmęczony wymaganiami, których nie umiem spełnić Vanvonderen Jeff 9788365553669 Szaron
To książka dla chrześcijan, którzy zmagają się w swoim życiu z tkwiącym w nich głęboko kodem pisanych
i niepisanych reguł i wymagań, których niespełnienie rodzi w nich poczucie wstydu, poniżenia i ograbienia
z duchowej siły. Oto kilka ostrzegawczych znaków takiego stanu rzeczy:
cena: 28,90
Zmęczony wymaganiami, których nie umiem spełnić
 The Audacity of Conviction Joba Akinpelu 9781524670313 Authorhouse
cena: 90,07
The Audacity of Conviction
 Being Successful While Lying on the Couch! Really?: How to Beat Procrastination, Develop Confidence and Take Massive Actions to Achieve What You Want Wisdom Primus 9781544069302 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Can you be successful while lying on the couch? Are you stuck in a rut, not knowing exactly what to do next? Are you excited about your day and life when you wake up? Do you feel valued? Are you fulfilled? Are you stressed out about work, family life, and finances? How is your self-esteem and self-confidence? To really dig into things, are you following your passion and fulfilling your purpose in...
cena: 65,96
Being Successful While Lying on the Couch! Really?: How to Beat Procrastination, Develop Confidence and Take Massive Actions to Achieve What You Want
 Controversy of the Ages: Why Christians Should Not Divide Over the Age of the Earth Theodore Cabal Peter Raso 9781941337752 Weaver Book Company

Few topics have generated as much heat amongst evangelicals as the age of the earth and the doctrine of creation. Three camps have emerged to offer solutions: young-earth creationists (Answers in Genesis), old-earth creationists (Reasons to Believe), and evolutionary creationists (BioLogos).

Controversy of the Ages carefully analyzes the debate by giving it perspective. Rather...

cena: 67,07
Controversy of the Ages: Why Christians Should Not Divide Over the Age of the Earth
 It Is God Not Me Hannah 9781512794687 WestBow Press

This book is about the love of our master, how he saved me and others from the many troubles of life, and his compassion even when we don't deserve anything. He still comes through for us. I wrote some of his goodness to encourage others. He was and is always there for me. He will do the same for others.

cena: 83,28
It Is God Not Me
cena: 86,07
Becoming Peace
 Martin Luther Catholic Dissident Stanford, Peter 9781473621671
A new appraisal of theological firebrand Martin Luther, on the 500th anniversary of the religious revolution he triggered - the Protestant Reformation.
cena: 61,34
Martin Luther Catholic Dissident
 Love Your Work: 4 Practical Ways You Can Pivot to Your Best Career Robert Dickie 9780802414380 Moody Publishers

Is your career all it could be?

Henry David Thoreau famously said, "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation." Does this describe your current work situation?

Whether you're just starting out, looking for a change, or experiencing unwanted change, there's a way forward. Love Your Work is about pivoting step-by-step to a more satisfying career. It will...

cena: 63,27
Love Your Work: 4 Practical Ways You Can Pivot to Your Best Career
 The Four Gospels: A Comparison Eldon N. Spady 9781544186436 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 86,08
The Four Gospels: A Comparison
 The Justice Calling: Where Passion Meets Perseverance Bethany Hanke Hoang Kristen Deede Johnson Mark Labberton 9781587433993 Brazos Press
Grounding Our Passion for Justice in Deeply Rooted Faith

Justice requires perseverance--a deep perseverance we can't muster on our own. The world's needs are staggering and even the most passion-driven reactions, strategies, and good intentions can falter. But we serve a God who never falters, who sees the needs, hears the cries, and gives strength--through Jesus Christ and the Holy...
cena: 78,48
The Justice Calling: Where Passion Meets Perseverance
 Why God?: Explaining Religious Phenomena Rodney Stark 9781599475202 Templeton Press
In the last century, some professional theorists, and large chunks of the culture with them, have begun to claim that religion boils down to no more than society s self-worship, self-delusion, and desire to control others. But in Why God?, renowned sociologist of religion Rodney Stark reveals the complete lack of evidence behind these popular theories. Drawing from a fascinating array of...
cena: 101,14
Why God?: Explaining Religious Phenomena
 The Pocket Heathen Unknown                                  Wolf Wickham Olive Bray 9781544201269 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
If you've been looking for the essentials of modern Heathenry in a compact form, the Pocket Heathen was created for you. Slim enough to slip into a full backpack or your laptop case when you're on the go, its pages are packed with information: a newly updated Olive Bray translation of The Havamal, The Prophecy of the Wise Woman, and more; a Glossary of current Heathen terms that makes difficult...
cena: 30,12
The Pocket Heathen
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