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Literatura faktu

 An Autobiography of Anthony Trollope Anthony Trollope 9781973905165 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Anthony Trollope
(24 April 1815 - 6 December 1882)
was an English novelist of the Victorian era. Among his best-known works is a series of novels collectively known as the Chronicles of Barsetshire, which revolves around the imaginary county of Barsetshire. He also wrote novels on political, social, and gender issues, and other topical matters.
cena: 38,19
An Autobiography of Anthony Trollope
 In Other Words Jhumpa Lahiri Ann Goldstein 9781101911464 Vintage
National Best Seller

On a post-college visit to Florence, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jhumpa Lahiri fell in love with the Italian language. Twenty years later, seeking total immersion, she and her family relocated to Rome, where she began to read and write solely in her adopted tongue. A startling act of self-reflection, In Other Words is Lahiri's meditation on the process of...

cena: 67,12
In Other Words
 Godmother: An Unexpected Journey, Perfect Timing, and Small Miracles Odile Atthalin 9781631521720 She Writes Press
Odile Atthalin was a young woman from a prominent, bourgeois family in Paris when she decided to leave home in search of meaning. All she knew was that she wanted to go East; but once she had separated from France and committed to creating a new life for herself, opportunities fell into place.
After years of travels around the world, including a life-changing four years in an Indian ashram,...
cena: 70,73
Godmother: An Unexpected Journey, Perfect Timing, and Small Miracles
 Xiang Nan: Champion of Reform in Fujian Meng Xia   9781910760109 ACA Publishing Limited
cena: 122,78
Xiang Nan: Champion of Reform in Fujian
 The Most Influential People of Our Time Carlo Bata Roberto Mottadelli Gianni Morelli 9788854411746 White Star Publishers
These 56 people indelibly changed our world--for better and for worse.
From architect Le Corbusier, astronaut Neil Armstrong, and the Beatles to the designer Coco Chanel, civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr., and Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg, this illustrated volume presents the most influential figures of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The varied list includes...
cena: 131,51
The Most Influential People of Our Time
 Viel Verlangt: Erinnerungsbilder 1939 - 1959 Brigitte Volhard 9783000562761 Viel Verlangt
Erzahlt wird eine Familiengeschichte aus der deutschen Kriegs- und Nachkriegszeit, bis in die Jahre des Wirtschaftswunders, bis zum Ausbruch der jungen Frau in die Welt. Das heranwachsende Madchen erlebt die Kriegszeit intensiv: Fluchtbewegungen, Verluste - insbesondere des gefallenen Vaters - Trummerfelder, Hunger und Armut. Die mit funf Kindern allein gelassene Mutter und das...
cena: 58,14
Viel Verlangt: Erinnerungsbilder 1939 - 1959
 From One Statistic to Another: Against All Odds Valentina Journey   9781483465821 Lulu Publishing Services
In From One Statistic to Another, Valentina Journey shares the powerful lessons she learns growing up the fifth of six children born to an interracial couple. In her home, there is frequent violence between her parents; her alcoholic father leaves when Valentina is only seven. Valentina's mother doesn't explain anything to her children, nor does she have any contact with her own family. Before...
cena: 83,15
From One Statistic to Another: Against All Odds
cena: 56,33
 Behutete Kindheit in Dunkler Zeit Adam Fischer 9783960518662 Tao.de in J. Kamphausen
cena: 137,69
Behutete Kindheit in Dunkler Zeit
cena: 78,10
Hello This Is Us
 Jorge Semprun: The Spaniard Who Survived the Nazis and Conquered Paris Soledad Fox Maura 9781845198527 Sussex Academic Press
Spanish by birth, Parisian by adoption, Semprun (1923-2011) was a legendary figure on the front lines of twentieth-century European history. During the first half of his life he was an exile of the Spanish Civil War, a member of the French Resistance, a Nazi camp survivor, and clandestine agent for the Spanish Communist Party. After repeatedly risking his life from the 1930s to the 1960s, he...
cena: 131,51
Jorge Semprun: The Spaniard Who Survived the Nazis and Conquered Paris
 My Life: My Awakening Maurice Washington 9781635871524 Jade Media Group

My Life: My Awakening is a gripping, urban coming-of-age story that is as real as the air you are consuming. Maurice Maynard Washington, also known as Mana Mane, was an innocent nine-year-old - full of naivetE and wholesomeness - when he was suddenly thrust into the underworld of the ghetto culture. Drugs, gangs and violence colored his life through adulthood as he learned to survive and even...

cena: 62,65
My Life: My Awakening
 Zoetrope Therese, Zoe 9781786291509
An Artist's impression of The Human Condition, with a terminal element: intestinal dysfunction and the fashionable label, bipolar affective disorder.
cena: 46,32
 Forbidden Science - Volume Two Jacques Vallee 9780578032313 Documatica Research, LLC
Personal diary of a scientist exploring the frontiers of research
cena: 196,28
Forbidden Science - Volume Two
 Selected Memories of A U.S. Marine Sara Janet Shaw John Robert Shaw 9781555718558 Hellgate Press
-'ONCE UPON A TIME' IS HOW FAIRY TALES BEGIN, but my story is not a fairy tale. It is a true tale about the relationship of a man with a woman as well as his relationship with members of several Korean Marine Corp Intelligence Units. The relationship between the man and the woman has some magical qualities about it. Therefore I am going to begin with that phrase. Once upon a time-on the evening...
cena: 93,90
Selected Memories of A U.S. Marine
 Blood on the Mirror: True Story from the Streets to Redemption Anita Mary 9780473353650 Anita Mary

Pregnancy - What is this thing doing in me?

Abortions - What have I done?

Miscarriages - Why does this always happen to me?

Street Life - I feel so cold and alone

Prostitution - It's only for some extra money

Fetish Industry - I can make them feel the pain I do

Drug Addiction - To try and numb myself more

Mental Illness - I really am...

cena: 90,84
Blood on the Mirror: True Story from the Streets to Redemption
 Mój mąż potwór Falaise Ingrid 9788324164448 Amber
Szokujące wyznania znanej aktorki o jej arabskim małżeństwie

Jak długo można być katowaną i narażaną na śmierć przez ukochanego?

Miała osiemnaście lat, kiedy w rodzinnym Quebecu poznała pełnego
uroku i tajemniczej charyzmy arabskiego studenta. Wyjechała z nim
w jego rodzinne strony do Afryki, na najwspanialszą wycieczkę życia.
Potem był ślub. Nie zauważyła, kiedy zdobył...
Mój mąż potwór
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