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Science - Earth Sciences - Hydrology

 Handbook of Hydrology David R. Maidment 9780070397323
Introducing Hydrology's New Benchmark Reference Here's the first book in nearly 30 years to provide comprehensive coverage of the current state of hydrologic knowledge and practice--saving you hours of time tracking down the latest techniques in professional journals. Maidment's Handbook of Hydrology includes the contributions of more than 50 international authorities, who provide you with...
cena: 911,47
Handbook of Hydrology
 Optimal Management of Flow in Groundwater Systems: An Introduction to Combining Simulation Models and Optimization Methods David P. Ahlfeld Ann E. Mulligan Ann E. Mulligan 9780120448302
In the decades ahead population increases are expected to place increased stress on water resources. A substantial portion of the world's fresh water is derived from groundwater. Optimal Hydraulic Control of Groundwater Systems will provide a practical guide for implementing mathematical and computer-based
tools to aid in the management of groundwater. Drawn from the operations research...
cena: 311,77
Optimal Management of Flow in Groundwater Systems: An Introduction to Combining Simulation Models and Optimization Methods
 Flow and Contaminant Transport in Fractured Rock Jacob Bear Ghislain d Chin-Fu Tsang 9780120839803
In the past two or three decades, fractured rock domains have received increasing attention not only in reservoir engineering and hydrology, but also in connection with geological isolation of radioactive waste. Locations in both the saturated and unsaturated zones have been under consideration because such repositories are sources of heat and potential sources of groundwater contamination. Thus,...
cena: 226,62
Flow and Contaminant Transport in Fractured Rock
 Quantitative Hydrogeology: Groundwater Hydrology for Engineers Ghislain d Ghislain De Marsily Gunilla d 9780122089169
FROM THE PREFACE: This book attempts to combine two separate themes: a description of one of the links in the chain of the water cycle inside the earth's crust i.e., the subsurface flow; and the quantification of the various types of this flow, obtained by applying the principles of fluid mechanics in porous media. The first part is the more descriptive, and geological of the two. It deals with...
cena: 226,62
Quantitative Hydrogeology: Groundwater Hydrology for Engineers
 Mechanics of Fluid-Saturated Rocks Yves Gueguen Maurice Bouteca 9780123053558
Mechanics of Fluid Saturated Rocks presents a current and comprehensive report on this emerging field that bridges the areas of geology and mechanics. It is of direct interest to a wide spectrum of earth scientists and engineers who are concerned with upper-crust mechanics and fluid movements, the most important fluids being oil and water.

This authoritative book is the result of a...

cena: 427,01
Mechanics of Fluid-Saturated Rocks
 Floods in an Arid Continent Aldo Poiani 9780123736307

Nowhere are floods more paradoxical than in the generally arid Australian continent. Floods in an Arid Continent brings together experts in meteorology, hydrology, limnology, ornithology, landscape ecology, veterinary and medical sciences, economics, anthropology and sociology to synthesize current knowledge on floods, their occurrence, and their consequences for the environment and...

cena: 757,58
Floods in an Arid Continent
 Water at the Surface of Earth: An Introduction to Ecosystem Hydrodynamics David H. Miller David M. Miller 9780124967526
Water at the Surface of the Earth: An Introduction to Ecosystem Hydrodynamics provides an introduction to the ways in which biological, physical, cultural, and urban systems at the surface of the earth operate, with a particular focus on the hydrodynamics of ecosystems, i.e., water and its association with other forms of matter, including pollutants, and with several forms of energy. The chapter...
cena: 226,62
Water at the Surface of Earth: An Introduction to Ecosystem Hydrodynamics
 Unsaturated Zone Hydrology Gary L. Guyman Gary L. Guymon 9780133690835

Using a quantitative modeling approach, this volume offers a comprehensive exploration of the movement of water in the unsaturated zone (and associated transport phenomena) the pathway of many contaminants to the saturated zone where much of the world's potable water is stored. It is the first book to combine research and knowledge on this subject from a wide variety of disciplines into a...

cena: 485,23
Unsaturated Zone Hydrology
 Geomorphology and Hydrology of Karst Terrains William B. White William B. White 9780195044447
Karst terrains - irregular limestone regions characterized by sinkholes, underground streams and caverns - have long been of interest because of the dramatic landscapes and the challenge of cave exploration. But the geomorphology and hydrology of karst drainage systems are now of interest to water supply specialists, urban planners, and environmental engineers. This graduate-level text discusses...
cena: 942,60
Geomorphology and Hydrology of Karst Terrains
 Vadose Zone Hydrology: Cutting Across Disciplines Marc B. Parlange Jan W. Hopmans Jan W. Hopomans 9780195109900
The vadose zone is the region between ground level and the upper limits of soil fully saturated with water. Hydrology in the zone is complex: nonlinear physical, chemical, and biological interactions all affect the transfer of heat, mass, and momentum between the atmosphere and the water table. This book takes an interdisciplinary approach to vadose zone hydrology, bringing together insights from...
cena: 751,30
Vadose Zone Hydrology: Cutting Across Disciplines
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