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Juvenile Fiction - Family - Siblings

 Outside Over There Maurice Sendak Maurice Sendak 9780064431859

With Papa off to sea and Mama despondent, Ida must go outside over there to rescue her baby sister from goblins who steal her to be a goblin's bride.

cena: 44,27
Outside Over There
 Big Sister and Little Sister Charlotte Zolotow Martha Alexander 9780064432177
A small girl runs away from her domineering older sister, only to discover how much she is needed and loved. 'A heartwarming picture book for small girls.' --BL.

Children's Books of the Year 1966 (CSA)

cena: 32,87
Big Sister and Little Sister
 When I Was Little: A Four-Year-Old's Memoir of Her Youth Jamie Lee Curtis Laura Cornell 9780064434232
"When I was little, I could hardly do anything. But now I can do lots of things, like braid my own hair and go to nmusery school. I'm not a baby anymore. I'm me "Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell perfectly capture a little girl's simple, childlike celebration of herself, as she looks back on her childhood from the lofty height of four and a half years. This spirited view of growing up...
cena: 32,87
When I Was Little: A Four-Year-Old's Memoir of Her Youth
 The Birthday Room Kevin Henkes 9780064438285

-Two of the things Benjamin Hunter received for his twelfth birthday took him completely by surprise: A room and a letter. The room was from his parents. The letter was from his uncle.-

Ben was just two years old when he and his uncle, Ian, were last together, so Ben didn't remember him. And no one in Ben's family ever talked about the man. Thenthe letter arrived, changing Ben's...

cena: 32,87
The Birthday Room
 Emma's Yucky Brother Jean Little Jennifer Plecas 9780064442589
Emma has always wanted a little brother. Now her family is adopting Max, and Emma is sure he will be the best brother ever. But Max has his own ideas. He thinks sisters are yucky, and that Emma is the yuckiest Is this really what having a brother is all about?

In Jean Little's warmhearted, perceptive story about adoption, Emma learns that there is more to having a little brother than she had...

cena: 21,46
Emma's Yucky Brother
 Thump & Plunk Janice May Udry Geoffrey Hayes 9780064442671

Thump Plunk

First Thump thumps Plunk. Then Plunk plunks Thump. So Thump thumps Plunk back. Will Thump and Plunk ever stop thumping and plunking each other?

cena: 21,46
Thump & Plunk
 In the Small, Small Night Jane Kurtz Rachel Isadora 9780066238142

In the middle of the night the world can seem huge andfrightening, especially when you've just moved far from home. On Abena and Kofi's first night in America, it is late and it is dark and they are up worrying. What if a giant lizard or a slender-snouted crocodile crawled into their suitcases? What if the people in their new school laugh at them? What if they forget Grandmother and their...

cena: 74,68
In the Small, Small Night
 My Brother, Ant Betsy Cromer Byars Marc Simont 9780140383454
Meet Ant, the little brother who's big on laughs. In four upbeat stories, Ant and his big brother confront the monster under the bed, recreate the story of the three little pigs, and write a letter to Santa--in July Sometimes funny, always endearing, Ant is invariably entertaining.? "A great storyteller and a great illustrator are at their very best in this tender, funny...
cena: 21,46
My Brother, Ant
 Max's Dragon Shirt Rosemary Wells Rosemary Wells 9780140567274
Max's old blue overalls are disgusting, and Ruby has exactly enough money to buy him a new pair of pants. But what Max really wants is a ferocious, green dragon shirt. When the two get separated in the clothing store, the antics begin. Children will cheer as Max unwittingly outwits his bossy, older sister once again. "Another gleeful romp with a pair of unforgettable hares." --Publishers...
cena: 29,06
Max's Dragon Shirt
 Brothers Are for Making Mud Pies Harriet Ziefert Chris L. Demarest 9780140568493
It's fun to play hide-and-seek with a brother, or build a fort, or jump in puddles. You can make a brother laugh, play baseball together, and keep each other company when Mom and Dad go out. A brother is a lifelong friend. Sisters and brothers alike will enjoy lifting the flaps of this adorably illustrated book, brimming with cheerful, colorful art, to see all the ways a brother is special.
cena: 32,87
Brothers Are for Making Mud Pies
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