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History - Historical Geography

 The Alps: A Cultural History Andrew Beattie 9780195309553
The Alps are Europe's highest mountain range: their broad arc stretches right across the center of the continent, encompassing a wide range of traditions and cultures. Andrew Beattie explores the turbulent past and vibrant present of this landscape, where early pioneers of tourism, mountaineering, and scientific research, along with the enduring legacies of historical regimes from the Romans to...
cena: 224,21
The Alps: A Cultural History
 The Thames: A Cultural History Mick Sinclair 9780195314922
Through quiet meadows, rolling hills, leafy suburbia, industrial sites, and a changing London riverside, Mick Sinclair tracks the Thames from source to sea, documenting internationally-known landmarks such as Tower Bridge and Windsor Castle and revealing lesser known features such as Godstow Abbey, Canvey Island, the Sanford Lasher, and George Orwell's tranquil grave.

cena: 197,60
The Thames: A Cultural History
 Flanders: A Cultural History Andre d 9780195314939
Andre de Vries explores the varied landmarks of Flanders, both rural and urban, to reveal this region's unique character. Considering great cities such as Ghent, Antwerp, and Bruges, he traces the development of a civic culture based on both trade and ideas, in which religion and language play a vital part. Looking too at the Flemish countryside, he explains the role of festivals and folk...
cena: 176,32
Flanders: A Cultural History
 Budapest: A Cultural History Bob Dent George Szirtes 9780195314953
The views of Budapest by the River Danube are unparalleled in Europe. On one side the Buda Hills reach almost to the riverside, with Castle Hill and Gellert Hill offering outstanding panoramas. Pest, linked to Buda by a series of imposing bridges, with its mixture of late nineteenth-century Historicist and early twentieth-century Art Nouveau architecture, is still very much a...
cena: 133,75
Budapest: A Cultural History
 Hong Kong: A Cultural History Michael Ingham 9780195314960
Hong Kong is the epitome of the modern city and a crossroads between eastern and western cultures. Today the city is most famously characterized by its breathtaking skyscraper skyline, dominating its "fragrant" harbor. The hundred-year-old Star Ferry, which continues to ply the seven-minute route between Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula, enhances the nocturnal magic of this unique...
cena: 474,58
Hong Kong: A Cultural History
 Hong Kong: A Cultural History Michael Ingham Lord Patten                              Xu Xi 9780195314977
Hong Kong has always been something of an anomaly, and an outpost of empire, whether British or Chinese. Once described as a barren island, the former fishing community has been transformed by its own economic miracle into one of Asia's World Cities, taking in its stride the territory's 1997 return to Chinese sovereignty. Beneath the surface of Hong Kong's cliched self-image as Pearl of the...
cena: 117,26
Hong Kong: A Cultural History
 Alternative Agriculture: A History: From the Black Death to the Present Day Joan Thirsk 9780198208136
People like to believe in a past golden age of "traditional" English countryside, before large farms, machinery, and the destruction of hedgerows changed the landscape forever. Yet crops from the past like flax, hemp, rapeseed, and woad are gradually reappearing in the "modern" countryside. Thirsk reveals how the forces which drive the current interest in alternative forms of agriculture--a glut...
cena: 352,19
Alternative Agriculture: A History: From the Black Death to the Present Day
 Shadow Sites: Photography, Archaeology, and the British Landscape 1927-1951 Kitty Hauser 9780199206322
In mid-twentieth-century Britain, an archaeological vision of the British landscape reassured and enchanted a number of writers, artists, photographers, and film-makers. From John Piper, Eric Ravilious and Shell guide books, to photographs of bomb damage, aerial archaeology, and The Wizard of Oz, Kitty Hauser delves into these evocative interpretations and looks at how they affected the way the...
cena: 910,94
Shadow Sites: Photography, Archaeology, and the British Landscape 1927-1951
 Environment and Empire Lotte Hughes William Beinart 9780199260317
European imperialism was extraordinarily far-reaching: a key global historical process of the last 500 years. It locked disparate human societies together over a wider area than any previous imperial expansion; it underpinned the repopulation of the Americas and Australasia; it was the precursor of globalization as we now understand it. Imperialism was inseparable from the history of global...
cena: 517,16
Environment and Empire
 Putting Science in Its Place: Geographies of Scientific Knowledge David N. Livingstone 9780226487229
We are accustomed to thinking of science and its findings as universal. After all, one atom of carbon plus two of oxygen yields carbon dioxide in Amazonia as well as in Alaska; a scientist in Bombay can use the same materials and techniques to challenge the work of a scientist in New York; and of course the laws of gravity apply worldwide. Why, then, should the spaces where science is done matter...
cena: 125,75
Putting Science in Its Place: Geographies of Scientific Knowledge
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