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Biography & Autobiography - People with Disabilities

 Teachings of a Grumpy Cripple: Volume 2 Thane Pullan 9780994127365

A fascinating dialogue regarding the social barriers for those who are handicapped and the limits they find in society. This personal biography explains the view of a person with Cerebral Palsy and the impact the disability has on access, care, and his sexuality.

The 'Grump Cripple' is a New Zealand comedian and writer with socio-political views on life and disabilites.

cena: 27,90
Teachings of a Grumpy Cripple: Volume 2
 Teachings of a Grumpy Cripple: Volume 2 Thane Pullan 9780994127396
Thane Pullan's second book is left in the form and style of his original thought, writing, and communication style. The publisher was very careful to leave the ideas of Thane Pullan intact dealing with sex, depression, and his life with a disability. In a frank and sarcastic manner, The Grumpy Cripple introduces the reader to a world only seen by those with a disability. Chapters include: Carers...
cena: 64,79
Teachings of a Grumpy Cripple: Volume 2
 Pilgrimage to Grace Hannelie Viviers 9781517197469
I needed to remove the heavy bolts and guards that blocked the memories, until all that remained was this - my actual thoughts of how I experienced the storm. This is my personal truth. Hannelie Viviers was diagnosed with bipolar depression in 1998 after a manic episode. She had been a homemaker with two toddlers. At the institution to which she was admitted she made a vow to find work. This...
cena: 46,81
Pilgrimage to Grace
 Meniere Man. a Self-Help Memoir and Workbook James Wallace 9780955650925
This book is a 2015 reprint of the first edition and very first book in the Meniere Man series, published in December 31st 2007. Reprinted by popular demand. This copyright holder prohibits the use and distribution of their content from unauthorized sources. Support them by purchasing or accessing from authorized sources only. www.dmcaforce.com is the authorized DMCA Agent for this copyright...
cena: 54,19
Meniere Man. a Self-Help Memoir and Workbook
 Brain Damage II: I Know Who I Used to Be, But Who Am I Now? Dick Schmelzkopf 9781885373625
What happens after brain damage? Brain-damage with a cognitive deficit & pituitary dysfunction: a book about overcoming cognitive deficit and creating the new you. Cognitive recovery, a serious subject (now with a humorous twist). The author describes the situations and solutions in short, colorful vignettes sprinkled with friendship, love, laughs and hope, all with a positive attitude that says,...
cena: 85,92
Brain Damage II: I Know Who I Used to Be, But Who Am I Now?
 Brain Damage: Overcoming Adversity with Wit and Humor Dick Schmelzkopf 9781885373649
A guide for patients and caregivers of brain damage, cognitive deficit - recovery and rehabilitation with humor
cena: 85,92
Brain Damage: Overcoming Adversity with Wit and Humor
 Lenin the Dictator An Intimate Portrait Sebestyen, Victor 9781474600453
A new life of the creator of the world's first communist state
cena: 81,38
Lenin the Dictator An Intimate Portrait
 Wear and Tear The Threads of My Life Tynan, Tracy 9780715651506
A page-turning memoir by the daughter of Kenneth Tynan - filled with Hollywood glamour, dark secrets and the struggle to define oneself amidst the stardust.
cena: 101,41
Wear and Tear The Threads of My Life
 George Michael Without Prejudice: 1963 - 2016 Herbert, Emily 9781786064561
As the man whose voice and style came to define pop music in the eighties and beyond, George Michael will forever be remembered as one of the all-time greats of British music.
cena: 46,32
George Michael Without Prejudice: 1963 - 2016
 Testimony  Robertson, Robbie 9781785151064
Robbie Robertson's singular contributions to popular music have made him one of the most beloved songwriters and guitarists of his time. In this memoir, he recounts the adventures of his half-Jewish, half-Mohawk upbringing on the Six Nations Indian Reserve and on the gritty streets of Toronto, as well as his ties to the Cosa Nostra underworld.
cena: 106,47
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