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A G Macdonell

 England Their England A G Macdonell 9781781550007 0
A G Macdonell
England, Their England is an affectionately satirical inter-war comic novel first published in 1933. It hit the right spot at the time and became a bestseller, and has endured as a classic of humor, transcending the passage of time. It is particularly famed for its portrayal of a village cricket match. The plot if there can be said to be a plot is set in 1920s England, the book is written as if a...
cena: 71,49
England Their England
 The Autobiography of a CAD A G Macdonell 9781781550175 0
A G Macdonell
The Autobiography of a Cad is the hilarious memoir of an arch-rotter, chronicling the life of one (happily fictitious) Edward Fox-Ingleby. A. G.Macdonell had great fun in writing this book, undoubtedly his funniest. It iswritten as a tongue-in-cheek autobiography of a man who ploughs his way through life shafting everyone around him. After inheriting an estate from his dull father while still at...
cena: 71,49
The Autobiography of a CAD
 Lords and Masters A G Macdonell 9781781550182 0
A G Macdonell
The terrible implications of the rise of Nazism were rarely so accurately perceived as in A. G. Macdonell's prescient novel, Lords and Masters, first published in 1936. With rapturous satire, Macdonell exposes the unpleasant values of West End Society circles of the early 1930s, where fear of bolshevism led to a dangerous flirtation with fascism. War-profiteer Sir Montagu Anderton-Mawle and Nazi...
cena: 71,49
Lords and Masters