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A C Grayling

 Russell: A Very Short Introduction A C Grayling 9780192802583 0
A C Grayling
Bertrand Russell (1872-1970) is one of the most famous and important philosophers of the twentieth century. In this account of his life and work A. C. Grayling introduces both his technical contributions to logic and philosophy, and his wide-ranging views on education, politics, war, and sexual morality. Russell is credited with being one of the prime movers of Analytic Philosophy, and with...
cena: 46,65
Russell: A Very Short Introduction
 Wittgenstein: A Very Short Introduction A C Grayling 9780192854117 0
A C Grayling
Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951) was an extraordinarily original thinker, whose influence on twentieth-century thinking far outside the bounds of philosophy alone. In this engaging Introduction, A.C. Grayling makes Wittgenstein's thought accessible to the general reader by explaining the nature and impact of Wittgenstein's views. He describes both his early and later philosophy, the differences...
cena: 46,65
Wittgenstein: A Very Short Introduction
 Friendship A C Grayling 9780300175356 0
A C Grayling
A central bond, a cherished value, a unique relationship, a profound human need, a type of love. What is the nature of friendship, and what is its significance in our lives? How has friendship changed since the ancient Greeks began to analyze it, and how has modern technology altered its very definition? In this fascinating exploration of friendship through the ages, one of the most...
cena: 65,34
 Towards the Light A C Grayling 9780747592990 0
A C Grayling
The rights we enjoy in the West today, from the basic right to vote in elections to freedom of conscience, were won in a series of hard-fought struggles over 500 years. This is the human story the author sets out to tell in his history of ideas in action.
cena: 61,80
Towards the Light
 The Meaning of Things A C Grayling 9780753813591 0
A C Grayling
Based on his Guardian column, The Last Word, this book is an attempt by Grayling to help readers consider the range of insights which can be drawn from the rich history of philosophical thought.
cena: 51,70
The Meaning of Things
 The Reason of Things: Living with Philosophy A C Grayling 9780753817131 0
A C Grayling
This follow-up to the best-selling 'The Meaning of Things' consists of a collection of Grayling's regular 'Last Word' columns in 'The Guardian'. Topics include suicide, deceit, luxury, profit, marriage, meat-eating, liberty, slavery, protest, guns and war.
cena: 56,75
The Reason of Things: Living with Philosophy
 The Heart of Things: Applying Philosophy to the 21st Century A C Grayling 9780753819418 0
A C Grayling
The new bestseller from one of Britain's most pre-eminent philosophers and arguably the best known, A.C. Grayling
Everyone wishes to live a life that is satisfying and fulfilling, in which there is achievement and pleasure, and which has the respect of people one, in turn, respects. And one of the fundamentals to living such a life is to reflect on the choices we make.
In this new...
cena: 56,75
The Heart of Things: Applying Philosophy to the 21st Century
 The Form of Things: Essays of Life, Ideas and Liberty in the 21st Century A C Grayling 9780753822234 0
A C Grayling
The bestseller from our pre-eminent philosopher, A.C. Grayling
'Grief and loneliness, depression, despair and failure - those things are the common human lot at least at times in all our lives'.
Yet it is philosophy which, while not providing an answer to these problems, can enable us to prepare for them, and create strategies with which to deal with them. It is only through...
cena: 51,70
The Form of Things: Essays of Life, Ideas and Liberty in the 21st Century
 Thinking of Answers A C Grayling 9781408809532 Bloomsbury Trade
A C Grayling
'Thinking of Answers' contains thought-provoking short essays by Britain's leading public philosopher that show us how to discover our own answers to life's challenges.
cena: 61,80
Thinking of Answers
 To Set Prometheus Free: Essays on Religion, Reason and Humanity A C Grayling 9781840029628 0
A C Grayling

While the brevity of the essays served its purpose in A.C. Grayling's book Against All Gods, many correspondents have asked for a fuller statement of the case against religion, which Professor Grayling provides in To Set Prometheus Free with the essays collected here.

cena: 56,75
To Set Prometheus Free: Essays on Religion, Reason and Humanity
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