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Binninger, Thomas Lawson

 Thunder Under the Badlands Thomas Lawson Binninger 9781450553414 Createspace
Thomas Lawson Binninger
This science-fiction novel, the first volume of the Thunderstruck Series, describes the discovery of a prehistoric world that was created by the draining of the Western Interior Cretaceous Seaway. It exists in what could be described as a massive geode that is located beneath the Badlands of South Dakota, the formation of which resulted from the whirlpool that took the inland ocean underground....
cena: 38,27
Thunder Under the Badlands
 Stealing Thunder: (Thunderstruck Series Volume Two) Thomas Lawson Binninger 9781450555869 Createspace
Thomas Lawson Binninger

Ten years have passed since the events of Thunder under the Badlands. Explorers Jason and Jordan are taken hostage and forced to return to the underground sea known as Cretacea, where they find an enormous laboratory set up by the US government.

Jason and Jordan quickly learn that Cretacea is very unstable, and a collapse is imminent. Though skeptical of the government's motives,...

cena: 38,27
Stealing Thunder: (Thunderstruck Series Volume Two)
 Before the Thunder Thomas Lawson Binninger 9781450595209 Createspace
Thomas Lawson Binninger

How did people first come to North America?

Anthropologists and geologists surmise that early humans crossed over what is known as the Bering land bridge thousands of years ago. Though plausible, this theory doesn't provide all the answers.

What if early humans took another route to North America? More specifically, what if they came via a subterranean northwest passage?

cena: 46,28
Before the Thunder
 Project Chrysalis: (Thunderstruck Series Volume Four) Thomas Lawson Binninger 9781453768273 Createspace
Thomas Lawson Binninger
We have been delighted for decades by stories of superheroes on TV, in films, and in the illustrated publications where most of the aforesaid experienced their origins. But the truth is that the vast majority of these titans are supposed to possess superpowers that are improbable in the extreme. In fact, many of their Herculean capacities defy any attempt at coherent explanation and fly fully in...
cena: 58,29
Project Chrysalis: (Thunderstruck Series Volume Four)
 All in a Dark Matter of Time Thomas Lawson Binninger 9781541001367 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Thomas Lawson Binninger
When the Oversight Committee, responsible for top-secret operations such as Project Chrysalis, learned what the Stealth had discovered at the bottom of the Pit near the back of Cretacea, they were concerned for the safety of the interstellar colonization effort that was being undertaken by the international community. A dozen nations had already become heavily invested in a cooperative venture...
cena: 46,28
All in a Dark Matter of Time
 The Earthlings Anthology: A Collection of Short Stories, Novellas and an Epic Poem Thomas Lawson Binninger 9781541001411 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Thomas Lawson Binninger
Earthlings is an anthology of short stories, novellas, and an epic poem. Its tales are mostly science fiction and include elements of space and/or time travel, artificial intelligence, and even magic. Each story is consistent in the perspective presented, but some are in the first person and some are told in third person omniscient. Each of the tales is at least thousands of words in length,...
cena: 46,28
The Earthlings Anthology: A Collection of Short Stories, Novellas and an Epic Poem