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Lee, Ronald

 The Living Fire Ronald Lee 9780981162607 Magoria Books
Ronald Lee
Ronald Lee's autobiographical novel, formerly published as "Goddam Gypsy," is an intense, fast moving, and brutally honest affair. Yanko--a Canadian Rom who 'took the non-Romani way but didn't go far'--seeks his fortunes both among and apart from the Roma, never quite finding his place. His story exposes the out of sight, out of mind world of Canada's Roma in 1970's Montreal: Parties, rackets,...
cena: 82,90
The Living Fire
 Five Kohutian Postulates: Psychotherapy Theory from an Empathic Perspective Ronald Lee 9780765706348 Jason Aronson
Ronald Lee
As results from the present emphasis on short-term, technique-oriented psychotherapies or bio-therapy (medication) point to their valuable but limited roles in treating mental illness, this book emphasizes the need for extensive training in the treatment of self-disorders with developmental arrests using a long-term, empathy-based psychoanalytic psychotherapy approach. In addition to having a...
cena: 173,33
Five Kohutian Postulates: Psychotherapy Theory from an Empathic Perspective
 Romani Dictionary: Kalderash - English Ronald Lee Ian Hancock 9780981162645 Magoria Books
Ronald Lee Ian Hancock
Compiled by a native Romani speaker, this reference covers and differentiates European and North American Kalderash terms and Romani grammar. Prefaced by a grammatical primer, containing more than 12,000 lexical items, and filled with countless real-world examples of idiomatic usage, the text is an indispensable resource for anyone looking to learn or work with Kalderash Romani.
cena: 219,48
Romani Dictionary: Kalderash - English
 Romani Dictionary: English - Kalderash Ronald Lee Ian Hancock 9780981162676 Magoria Books
Ronald Lee Ian Hancock
As Ian Hancock notes in the introduction, this dictionary has been years in the making, and its early drafts have been in circulation among a select few for at least three decades. It should come as no surprise then that this Kalderash dictionary, by Learn Romani author Ronald Lee, is fundamentally different from many previously published Romani dictionaries: Firstly, it is compiled by a native...
cena: 219,48
Romani Dictionary: English - Kalderash
 Romani Dictionary: Gurbeti - English / English - Gurbeti Hedina Tahirovi Ronald Lee 9780981162683 Magoria Books
Hedina Tahirovi Ronald Lee
Hedina Tahirovic Sijercic is a Romani journalist, poet, author, and translator, whose accomplishments span decades and continents. Her experiential knowledge of her native Gurbeti Romani and her professional expertise as the translator of several books, plays, and film scripts into the dialect make her the ideal compiler of the first Gurbeti Romani - English dictionary to be published in decades....
cena: 326,20
Romani Dictionary: Gurbeti - English / English - Gurbeti
 Mystery in Colorado: The Shape Shifters Ronald Lee Jim Brown 9781543247121 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Ronald Lee Jim Brown
cena: 66,13
Mystery in Colorado: The Shape Shifters