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Hancock, Ian

 Pidgins and Creoles: Current Trends and Prospects David D Ian Hancock 9780878402069 Georgetown University Press
David D Ian Hancock

A collection of work on pidgins and creoles that includes discussions of the English-derived creole of San Andres Island and the French-derived creole of Cayenne, the theoretical contributions of creolistics to general linguistic theory, decreolization, generative phonological treatment of a hypothesized English-derived proto-creole, and the little-known Shelta language.

cena: 128,09
Pidgins and Creoles: Current Trends and Prospects
 Rhodesians Never Die Peter Godwin Ian Hancock 9780908311828 Baobab
Peter Godwin Ian Hancock
This book tells the story of how White Rhodesians, three-quarters of whom were ill- prepared for revolutionary change, reacted to the "terrorist" war and the onset of black rule in the 1970s. It shows how internal divisions--both old and new--undermined the supposed unity of White Rhodesia, how most Rhodesians begrudgingly accepted the inevitability of black majority rule without adjusting to its...
cena: 240,66
Rhodesians Never Die
 International English Usage Loreto Todd Ian Hancock 9780415051026 TAYLOR & FRANCIS LTD
Loreto Todd Ian Hancock
This comprehensive guide to written and spoken English offers details of usage in all countries where English used. The writer's, speaker's and reader's handy companion; the student's source. A book for browsing, for rules and for reference.
cena: 244,84
International English Usage
 Romani Dictionary: Kalderash - English Ronald Lee Ian Hancock 9780981162645 Magoria Books
Ronald Lee Ian Hancock
Compiled by a native Romani speaker, this reference covers and differentiates European and North American Kalderash terms and Romani grammar. Prefaced by a grammatical primer, containing more than 12,000 lexical items, and filled with countless real-world examples of idiomatic usage, the text is an indispensable resource for anyone looking to learn or work with Kalderash Romani.
cena: 218,31
Romani Dictionary: Kalderash - English
 Romani Dictionary: English - Kalderash Ronald Lee Ian Hancock 9780981162676 Magoria Books
Ronald Lee Ian Hancock
As Ian Hancock notes in the introduction, this dictionary has been years in the making, and its early drafts have been in circulation among a select few for at least three decades. It should come as no surprise then that this Kalderash dictionary, by Learn Romani author Ronald Lee, is fundamentally different from many previously published Romani dictionaries: Firstly, it is compiled by a native...
cena: 218,31
Romani Dictionary: English - Kalderash