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Zolotow, Charlotte

 Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present Charlotte Zolotow Maurice Sendak 9780060269456 HarperCollins Publishers
Charlotte Zolotow Maurice Sendak

The author of such classics as My Granson Lew, Williams's Doll, and Over and Over needs no introduction. Neither does her collaborator Maurice Sendak, who has illustrated so many of today's best-loved, as well as most distinguised, books for children. The heroine of their book has a problem. And at first it does not look as though Mr. Rabbit is going to be much help in solving it . For...

cena: 70,88
Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present
 Do You Know What I'll Do? Charlotte Zolotow Javaka Steptoe 9780060278793 HarperCollins Publishers
Charlotte Zolotow Javaka Steptoe
One day a little girl said to her brother...

Do you know what I'll do at the seashore?

I'll bring you a shell to hold the sound of the sea.

In a little girl's magical question-and-answer game, Charlotte Zolotow captures, with unerring childlike simplicity, a sister's special love for her little brother. Javaka Steptoe's bold artwork offers a stunning new interpretation of the...

cena: 74,68
Do You Know What I'll Do?
 Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present Charlotte Zolotow Maurice Sendak 9780064430203 HarperTrophy
Charlotte Zolotow Maurice Sendak

Mr. Rabbit helps a little girl find a lovely present for her mother, who is especially fond of red, yellow, green, and blue.

cena: 32,87
Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present
 The Quarreling Book Charlotte Zolotow Arnold Lobel 9780064430340 HarperTrophy
Charlotte Zolotow Arnold Lobel
'Gruffness and anger is passed along from person to person until a little dog starts a chain of happiness that reverses the trend. A] pleasant picture book that touches on] emotional maturity.' --ALA Children's Services Division.

cena: 32,87
The Quarreling Book
 William's Doll Charlotte Zolotow William Pen 9780064430678 HarperTrophy
Charlotte Zolotow William Pen

"An excellent book about a boy named William who wants the forbidden--a doll. The long-awaited realistic handling of this theme makes it a landmark book."--School Library Journal

More than anything, William wants a doll. "Don't be a creep," says his brother. "Sissy, sissy," chants the boy next door. Then one day someone really understands William's wish, and...

cena: 32,87
William's Doll
 The Storm Book Charlotte Zolotow Margaret Bloy Graham 9780064431941 HarperTrophy
Charlotte Zolotow Margaret Bloy Graham

It is a day in the country,
and everthing is hot and still.
Then the hazy sky begins to shift.
Something is astir, something soundless.

cena: 32,87
The Storm Book
 The Hating Book Charlotte Zolotow Ben Shecter 9780064431972 HarperTrophy
Charlotte Zolotow Ben Shecter

I hate hate hated my friend.
When I moved over in the school bus,
she sat somewhere else.
When her point broke in arithmetic
and I passed her my pencil,
she took Peter's instead.
"Ask her," my mother said.
"Ask your friend why."

cena: 32,87
The Hating Book
 Big Sister and Little Sister Charlotte Zolotow Martha Alexander 9780064432177 HarperTrophy
Charlotte Zolotow Martha Alexander
A small girl runs away from her domineering older sister, only to discover how much she is needed and loved. 'A heartwarming picture book for small girls.' --BL.

Children's Books of the Year 1966 (CSA)

cena: 32,87
Big Sister and Little Sister
 I Like to Be Little Charlotte Zolotow Erik Blegvad 9780064432481 HarperTrophy
Charlotte Zolotow Erik Blegvad

With her finely tuned ear for the concerns and cadences of childhood, Zolotow records a little girl describing all the things she likes that grown-ups usually do not. This tale, adapted from Zolotow's I Want to Be Little and newly illustrated with appealing watercolors, will strike a pleasurable chord with adults and children.

cena: 32,87
I Like to Be Little
 Over and Over Charlotte Zolotow Garth Williams 9780064434157 HarperTrophy
Charlotte Zolotow Garth Williams
'The year's seasonal changes and festivities that are important in a little child's life are imaginatively described]. . . . The story ends with the happy realization that it will all come round 'over and over' again.' --H.

cena: 36,67
Over and Over
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