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 Gambit Busters: Take It, Keep It...and Win! Sam Collins 9781857446425
We have all experienced nasty gambits and ultra-aggressive opening play. It s scary and it s always been difficult to find good, practical advice on how to react. Now, however, help is at hand. In this book, Sam Collins tackles the important subject of gambit play and gambit defence. He explores in depth the basic approaches, the typical mistakes made at all levels and explains how to avoid them....
cena: 86,38
Gambit Busters: Take It, Keep It...and Win!
cena: 147,39
The Spanish Fianchetto, DVD-ROM
cena: 147,39
Open Games with ... Bc5, DVD-ROM
 The King's Indian Defence: Move by Move Sam Collins 9781781944042
The King's Indian is a hugely popular opening at all levels of chess. Rather than attempting to secure early equality, Black is fighting for the initiative from the very first moves. White is allowed to build up an early central advantage but Black relies on the middlegame, hoping that the central installations that White has constructed will become unwieldy and vulnerable to a devastating...
cena: 96,40
The King's Indian Defence: Move by Move
 A Simple Chess Opening Repertoire for White Sam Collins 9781910093825
By carefully choosing variations that lead to similar structures, IM Sam Collins has put together a powerful repertoire book ideal for players with limited study time. White opens with 1 e4 and develops his pieces to natural squares, seeking open lines and the initiative. The dominant theme of this sound and active repertoire is that where reasonable White seeks out Isolated Queen Pawn (IQP)...
cena: 71,36
A Simple Chess Opening Repertoire for White
 Ein einfaches Eröffnungsrepertoire für Weiß Collins, Sam 9781911465058
Der hocherfahrene Autor und Schachtrainer Sam Collins präsentiert ein ideales Repertoire für Spieler, deren Zeit für das Schachstudium begrenzt ist, indem er Varianten auswählt, die zu ähnlichen Strukturen führen. Weiß beginnt mit 1 e4, entwickelt seine Figuren auf natürliche Felder und strebt offene Linien und die Initiative an.
cena: 87,86
Ein einfaches Eröffnungsrepertoire für Weiß
 Understanding the Chess Openings Sam Collins 9781904600282
cena: 116,34
Understanding the Chess Openings
 Chess Explained: The c3 Sicilian: A New Approach to Understanding the Chess Openings Sam Collins 9781904600718
Chess Explained is a new series of books about chess openings. They are not theoretical works in the traditional sense, but more a series of lessons from a chess expert with extensive over-the-board experience with an opening. You will gain an understanding of the opening and the middlegames to which it leads, enabling you to find the right moves and plans in your own games. It is as if you were...
cena: 71,36
Chess Explained: The c3 Sicilian: A New Approach to Understanding the Chess Openings
 Karpov: Move by Move Sam Collins 9781781942291
Anatoly Karpov is considered by many to be one of the greatest chess players of all time. He was the undisputed World Champion from 1975 to 1985, and also FIDE World Champion from 1993 to 1999. He was ranked the World s number one player for 90 months second only to his greatest rival Garry Kasparov and he won well over a hundred elite tournaments. Karpov possessed a deep positional understanding...
cena: 96,40
Karpov: Move by Move
 The Carolingian Debate Over Sacred Space Sam Collins 9781137002594
Retracing the contours of a bitter controversy over the meaning of sacred architecture that flared up among some of the leading lights of the Carolingian renaissance, Collins explores how ninth-century authors articulated the relationship of form to function and ideal to reality in the ecclesiastical architecture of the Carolingian empire.
The Carolingian Debate Over Sacred Space
 Milky Way Farms: The Way It Was Sam T. Collins 9780692267202
"Milky Way Farms-The Way It Was" is a history of a most incredible farm operation when candy legend, Franklin C. Mars, came to Giles County, Tennessee. The Southern estate was built by the success of the Mars' Milky Way Candy Bar that lead the world in sales in 1930. The writer chronicles the farm operation from 1931 until it was sold in 1945. The reader will see what took place on a daily basis...
cena: 120,33
Milky Way Farms: The Way It Was
 Not Much to Say Really Kelvin Corcoran Emma Collins Sam Guglani 9781848615595
cena: 70,34
Not Much to Say Really
 We Must Not Be Afraid to Be Free: Stories of Free Expression in America Ron K. L. Collins Sam Chaltain Ronald Collins 9780195175721
In a stinging dissent to a 1961 Supreme Court decision that allowed the Illinois state bar to deny admission to prospective lawyers if they refused to answer political questions, Justice Hugo Black closed with the memorable line, "We must not be afraid to be free." Black saw the First Amendment as the foundation of American freedom--the guarantor of all other Constitutional rights. Yet since free...
cena: 224,21
We Must Not Be Afraid to Be Free: Stories of Free Expression in America
 Grasp Fire Mathew M. Collins Boris Dechovski Sam Wilcox 9780692880104

Grasp Fire is full of dark, mind-opening, suggestive words, entangled in a web, once unwoven, shall lead to a cave in one's own mind, in which many secrets one shall find. Word play, to twist, and make think, then, into the abyss, once again, sink.

cena: 59,16
Grasp Fire