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 Hillbilly Comics No. 3 Charlton Publications 9781974323869 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 66,13
Hillbilly Comics No. 3
 Superman, Volume 1: Son of Superman (Rebirth) Peter J. Tomasi Patrick Gleason 9781401267766 DC Comics
A great new starting point for the Man of Steel is here in SUPERMAN VOL. 1: SON OF SUPERMAN, part of the most critically acclaimed, best-selling, all-new line of volume one graphic novels, DC Universe Rebirth
When the Man of Steel died defending his adopted home, it seemed that the spirit of truth and justice he represented was extinguished forever. But watching from the sidelines...
cena: 71,05
Superman, Volume 1: Son of Superman (Rebirth)
cena: 85,67
Color Me Reggie
 Attack on Titan: Before the Fall 10 Hajime Isayama Satoshi Shiki 9781632363817 Kodansha Comics
With Kuklo's fate unknown, Sharle has to take matters into her own hands by tracking down the reclusive Angel, inventor of the Device that could one day be the difference between survival or extinction at the hands of the Titans. But Angel is no longer the same man he once was, and the journey to reach him will be a perilous one, to say nothing of actually enlisting his...
cena: 48,18
Attack on Titan: Before the Fall 10
cena: 219,48
Galactic Drifter: Business and Pleasure
 Stanley Bean Comics Dru Berry 9781367212688 Blurb
cena: 88,35
Stanley Bean Comics
 Tarzan on the Planet of the Apes Tim Seeley David Walker Fernando Dagnino 9781506701578 Dark Horse Books
Caesar's birth in the original Planet of the Apes films was a result of the time travel at the core of that story. Tim Seeley (Revival) and David Walker (Power Man and Iron Fist) relocate that birth to 19th century Africa, where Caesar crosses paths with Tarzan, leading to a much different fate for Man and Ape.

Drawing deeply from the Tarzan novels and the...

cena: 82,49
Tarzan on the Planet of the Apes
 Deadly Class, Volume 5 Rick Remender Wes Craig 9781534300552 Image Comics
It's morning in America, and a new era of DEADLY CLASS begins here The survivors of last arc's brutal finale barely have time to consider what they've done before a new class of kids arrives at the school, eager to pick up the bloody mantle.

Collects issues 22-26

cena: 63,43
Deadly Class, Volume 5
 Rick and Morty: Lil' Poopy Superstar Sarah Graley Sarah Graley Marc Ellerby 9781620103746 Oni Press
The runaway hit comic book series based on Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland's hilarious adult swim] animated show RICK AND MORTY explores the complexities of friendship and fame in LIL' POOPY SUPERSTAR

Mr. Poopybutthole is in trouble, and he turns to the one person he can trust: Summer Smith She's more than willing to help, but is he telling her the whole truth? Summer will find out as she...

cena: 82,49
Rick and Morty: Lil' Poopy Superstar
 Ninjak, Volume 5: The Fist & the Steel Matt Kindt Khari Evans Andres Guinaldo 9781682151792 Valiant Entertainment LLC

Many years from now, Earth's immortal master of war and the world's deadliest intelligence operative fight side-by-side. As was foretold in the BOOK OF DEATH, an aging Ninjak and Eternal Warrior are fated to spend their days as humanity's guardians, protecting it from the myriad threats that loom over the horizon of Earth's future. But when the ultimate...

cena: 63,43
Ninjak, Volume 5: The Fist & the Steel
 Mirror Mirror 2 Julia Gfrorer Sean T. Collins 9781937541316 2dcloud

For volume two of 2dcloud's annual anthology, editors Julia Gfrorer & Sean T. Collins have amassed some of the darkest talents within as well as outside of comics to create a wholly singular reading and visual experience. From masters of horror like Clive Barker to leading figures in alt-comics such as Simon Hanselmann, this collection transcends the expectations of what a comics anthology can...

cena: 158,57
Mirror Mirror 2
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