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 Shinshu Kazutoshi Yoshimura 9784784071784 Shinano Mainichi Shimbun Inc.
Landscape photographer Kazutoshi Yoshimura was born in Matsumoto, the "Shinshu" area in Japan. Surrounded by majestic mountain ranges called Japanese Alps, its beautiful rural sceneries make the town a famous destination for foreign tourists. In this book, he gives his full attention to capture images of his hometown. Photographed with 4-by-5 camera on black-and-white film, Shinshu introduces 131...
cena: 139,15
 Travel Time Game Pad  0 9781474838146
Travel Time Game Pad is filled with 45 sheets of puzzles, games and activities to keep you active while you travel.
cena: 31,50
Travel Time Game Pad
 Picturing Asia: Double Take--The Photography of Brian Brake and Steve McCurry Ian Wedde 9789881227270 Asia Society Hong Kong Center
Brian Brake (1927-1988, New Zealand) and Steve McCurry (1950-, U.S.A.) are two eminent photojournalists whose work concurs with the mission of Asia Society--to promote greater understanding of Asia. The catalogue title Picturing Asia references two kinds of picturing: what we do when we make a photograph, and the imaginative act implied by the phrase "picture this." This "double take"...
cena: 142,43
Picturing Asia: Double Take--The Photography of Brian Brake and Steve McCurry
 Roses Mr Nishant K. Baxi 9781545482605 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 46,21
 Collecting Words: Short Visual Stories Brian Fouhy   9789187815904 New Heroes & Pioneers
Fouhy captures words found scrawled across pavement, handwritten on walls, and stated de facto on signage from around the world. The words he finds are later compiled into new combinations, provoking unforeseen sentiment and meaning.
cena: 101,14
Collecting Words: Short Visual Stories
 I Heart Coloring Game Stormer 9781542600712 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 46,21
I Heart Coloring
 The Bumper Disney Colouring Book B. T. Publishing 9781548108618 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 42,18
The Bumper Disney Colouring Book
 Ondule Textiles: Weaving Contours with a Fan Reed Norma Smayda Gretchen White Sara Vo 9780764353581 Schiffer Publishing
Weaving involves straight, parallel, and gridlike lines, but as Norma Smayda shows, ondule--weaving with curving warp threads--offers new directions. This is the first book on ondule textiles, and includes clear information on every aspect, from instructions to design tips to a comprehensive history of thefan reed, the tool that makes ondule possible. Smayda shares the details of her own learning...
cena: 177,35
Ondule Textiles: Weaving Contours with a Fan Reed
 Monogram B Blank Book: 150 Page Sketchbook Scrapbook Notebook N. D. Author Services 9781542903738 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Our monogram series is available in A-Z, 1-9, multiple formats and colors: Maroon, Red, Raw, Buffalo, Black, Aged. Find variations by altering the Title and Series Title in a search.

There is nothing like the feel of pen/pencil on paper for your thoughts, dreams, experiences, and life events recorded in the moment. Carry and use this blank book for a journal, sketchbook,...

cena: 46,17
Monogram B Blank Book: 150 Page Sketchbook Scrapbook Notebook
 Lincoln to Doncaster Via Gainsborough Mitchell, Vic 9781910356036 Eastern Main Lines
cena: 113,49
Lincoln to Doncaster Via Gainsborough
ilość książek w kategorii: 90162