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 Ready, Steady, Practise! - Year 2 Comprehension Pupil Book: English Ks1 Keen Kite Books 9780008244613 HarperCollins UK
Pupils can quickly get to grips with KS1 comprehension using questions that become progressively more challenging. Fully in line with the new National Curriculum.
cena: 33,18
Ready, Steady, Practise! - Year 2 Comprehension Pupil Book: English Ks1
 A Magical Venice Story: The Girl of Glass: Book 4 Webb, Holly 9781408327685 A Magical Venice Story
An enchanting tale of magic, friendship and adventure for readers aged 9 and up - from bestselling author, Holly Webb.
cena: 41,38
A Magical Venice Story: The Girl of Glass: Book 4
 Beyond the Fence Maria Gulemetova Maria Gulemetova 9781846439308 Child's Play International
A small pig lives in a large house with a boy who tells him how to dress and what to do. One day, however, he meets a wild pig who introduces him to life 'beyond the fence'. Quirky and charming, this debut book contains important messages about individuality and making your own choices.
cena: 36,36
Beyond the Fence
 Bim Bam Boom Frederic Stehr Frederic Stehr 9781776571369 Gecko Press
cena: 46,40
Bim Bam Boom
 Scoot! Blackburn, Katie 9780571336395
The first scooting picture book from award winning illustrator of the Barry Loser series, Jim Smith, and Katie Blackburn, author of Where the Wild Moms Are
cena: 41,38
 Fairytale Frankie and the Mermaid Escapade  Gormley, Greg 9781408333884 Fairytale Frankie
A fun-filled seaside caper full of favourite fairytale characters, from mermaids to wizards, with a positive message about overcoming worries and anxiety.
cena: 41,38
Fairytale Frankie and the Mermaid Escapade
 Little Athletics Arena, Felice 9780143783183
cena: 36,36
Little Athletics
 The Forest Folk Madeleine Rogers Jason Hook 9781908985859 Button Books
Teach your children about the animals of the forest with this fun and educational book, part of a series that explores the natural world. The series has three existing titles - The Safari Set, The Polar Pack and The Jungle Crew- and two new titles exploring birds and sea creatures: The Sky Guys and The Marine Team.
cena: 31,34
The Forest Folk
 It'll Never Work: Buildings, Bridges and Tunnels: An Accidental History of Inventions Richards, Jon 9781445150598 It'll Never Work
Have you ever wondered what made human beings want to reach for the skies by building higher and higher? And how they did it? Learn all about the the history of construction in It'll Never Work: Buildings, Bridges and Tunnels, a book that explores the medieval castles, underwater hotels, tunnels under the sea and the successes and failures that have led to the building feats that we know...
cena: 71,49
It'll Never Work: Buildings, Bridges and Tunnels: An Accidental History of Inventions
 Dead Man's Folly: B1 Agatha Christie 9780008249700 HarperCollins UK
At the request of his friend Ariadne (an eccentric mystery lover based on Christie herself), Hercule arrives at a sprawling estate to partake in a weekend game of mock murder. But when the victim appears far too dead, the game stops and the detective work begins.
cena: 46,40
Dead Man's Folly: B1
 I Like Bees, I Don't Like Honey Lumbers, Fiona 9780571334193
I like bees . . . but I don't like honey I like my imaginary friend . . . but I don't like it when people say he's not real. A beautifully illustrated, funny and thought-provoking book for building confidence and encouraging children to express their feelings - about anything and everything. This book will help enable a much broader conversation about individuality, fear...
cena: 41,38
I Like Bees, I Don't Like Honey
 Roman Britain Harrison, Susan 9781786371652 Exploring British History
cena: 71,49
Roman Britain
 Around the World in 80 Maps Clare Hibbert 9780712356930 British Library
Sumptuously illustrated with 80 maps from the British Library's unrivaled collection, this gorgeous book whisks the reader around the globe. Like that of Jules Verne's famous hero, the journey begins and ends in London, plotting an eastwards route with stop-offs at some of the world's most fascinating cities and countries. There are extraordinary details to pore over, as well as stories about how...
cena: 81,53
Around the World in 80 Maps
 Unmasked Donovan Bixley 9781927262931 Upstart Press
JUMP TO IT! In "Unmasked", young pilot Claude D'Bonair must recover some secret plans. Together with Manx, CAT's head engineer, they go on an undercover mission to the enchanting city of Venice.
cena: 41,38
 Rainbow Origami: 8 Projects to Make in 7 Colours of the Rainbow Brett, Anna 9781783122622
Provides everything you need to make eight complete rainbow origami makes. This book helps you to make decorations for your room, gift tags or birthday party games to play. It includes a Crane, Heart, Bow, Flower, Frog, Boat, Fish and Butterfly.
cena: 56,49
Rainbow Origami: 8 Projects to Make in 7 Colours of the Rainbow
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