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American & Brtish Studies 5 kol. 9788073955656 Pavel Mervart - książka


American & Brtish Studies 5

Our aim is to create a platform for scholarly exchange not only within the Czech Republic but internationally. We seek original articles that explore a wide range of issues concerning American and British literature, visual arts, music and other cultural phenomena as well as cultural history. The editors encourage submissions from scholars working in various disciplines with interests in American and British cultures, as well as articles with interdisciplinary perspectives on those cultures. We also devote a portion of the journal to outstanding student contributions. Since 2011, the journal has been enlisted in The National Index of Peer-reviewed Scholarly Periodicals published in the Czech Republic.

Contents Articles:
Małgorzata Łuczyńska-Hołdys: The Discourse of Infatuation in John Keats’s Letters and Poems to Fanny Brawne
Pavlína Flajšarová: No Matter How Long the Night, the Day is Sure to Come: Differences, Diversity and Identities in Caribbean-British Poetry since 1945
Richard Stock: Strategies in Ulysses:Reading and Re-reading the Novel
Bożena Kucała: The Demise of Rural Life in Graham Swift’s Wish You Were Here
Petr Chalupský: “Reality is the invention of unimaginative people” – the Counterfeiting and Imaginative London of Peter Ackroyd’s Chatterton
Tomáš Jajtner: Rage, Delusion and Abolitionism: Contemporary British Society in the Eyes of Peter Hitchens
Tomáš Bubík: Robert Bellah’s Concept of Civil Religion in America and the Idea of New Religion in Czech Thinking of the Twentieth Century
Tereza Jiroutová Kynčlová: Interpreter, Interlocutor, Intermediary, Traitress:An Exemplary Figure in Chicana Literature and Culture
Barbora Rumbinas: Reverberations of Native American Oratory in James Fenimore Cooper’s The Pioneers
Petr Kopecký: Not Man Apart: Ecocentric Personification in the Works of Robinson Jeffers and John Steinbeck

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American & Brtish Studies 5
Kategorie: Czasopisma
Wydawca: Pavel Mervart
Język: Angielski
ISBN-13: 9788073955656
Rok wydania: 2013
Ilość stron: 160
Oprawa: Miękka

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