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 Deepening Democracy in Indonesia? Direct Elections for Local Leaders (Pilkada) Maribeth Erb Priyambudi Sulistiyanto 9789812308412 Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
Since the fall of long-reigning President Soeharto, in 1998, Indonesia has been in an era of transition, away from an authoritarian regime, and on a "quest for democracy." This quest started with decentralization laws implemented in 2001, which gave greater autonomy to the regions, and continued with the direct elections for the national and local legislatures and the President in 2004. The...
cena: 461,66
Deepening Democracy in Indonesia? Direct Elections for Local Leaders (Pilkada)
 An Interview with Satan James Rogers 9781441536068 Xlibris Corporation
cena: 149,93
An Interview with Satan
 The Ambassador's Credo Allan R. Watson 9781436396875 Not Avail
cena: 149,93
The Ambassador's Credo
 The Many Faces of Faith Michael Taylor 9781450006224 Xlibris Corporation
cena: 149,93
The Many Faces of Faith
 Southeast Asian Affairs 2008 Daljit Singh Tin Maung Maung Than 9789812307903 Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
Since its inception in 1974, Southeast Asian Affairs (SEAA) has been an indispensable annual reference for generations of policy-makers, scholars, analysts, journalists, and others. Succinctly written by regional and international experts, SEAA illuminates significant issues and events of the previous year in each of the Southeast Asian nations and the region as a whole. Southeast Asian Affairs...
cena: 233,98
Southeast Asian Affairs 2008
 March 8: Eclipsing May 13 Ooi Kee Beng Johan Saravanamuttu Lee Hock Guan 9789812308962 Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
For a whole generation of Malaysians, no proper closure to the traumas of the racial riots of May 13, 1969 has been possible. But then came March 8, 2008 The surprising results of the General Election on that special day have started eclipsing the fears linked for so long to that spectral night forty years ago. All the three researchers from ISEAS who each authored separate chapters for this book...
cena: 195,59
March 8: Eclipsing May 13
 Walking in His Footsteps Christopher G. Cross 9780615226675 Christopher Cross, Khs
This is one of most incredible and informative books to use when traveling or making a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. This book has all the appropriate holy scriptures as well as personal reflections, prayers and commentaries about the holy sites that you visit. It has beautiful pictures and a drawing describing where the apostles sat at the Last Supper. Detailed descriptions of 10 of the most...
cena: 112,47
Walking in His Footsteps
 Disk 26/2008 0 9788086970851 KANT
Časopis pro studium dramatického umění.
cena: 9,80
Disk 26/2008
 The Islander, a Unique Collection of Poems, Thoughts and a Short Story Richard James Rossodivita Grace Marie Ruiz 9780615241937 Islander Publications, Inc.
At a time when the world needs something real to hold onto, here is a collection of poetry, inspirational thoughts and a short story written by one author that will bring revival to the poetry world - a true masterpiece written in the language of the old poets that we know and love. This book is one that you will want to read over and over in whole and in part. Every page contains romance, joy,...
cena: 112,73
The Islander, a Unique Collection of Poems, Thoughts and a Short Story
 Interpret Astrology: Planetary Combinations Michael Erlewine 9781440437755 Createspace
This 722-page book contains 765 Astro*Images, which are tarot-cards for astrology covering all the major planetary combinations using the sixteen standard aspects. In addition to the 720 tarot-like graphic cards, are 1485 written text interpretations by award-winning astrologer Michael Erlewine, including separate natal (birth) and transit (sky today) interpretations. This book is intended as a...
cena: 110,07
Interpret Astrology: Planetary Combinations
 Disk 21 - září 2007 0 9788086970509 KANT
Časopis pro studium dramatického umění.
cena: 9,80
Disk 21 - září 2007
 Leaves of Grass Walt Whitman 9781443733915 Pomona Press
This vintage book contains Walt Whitman s seminal collection of poetry, "Leaves of Grass." Including various readings, together with first drafts of certain poems, rejected passages, and poems that were excluded from later editions, this book is highly recommended for fans of Whitman s work. It would make for a worthy addition to any poetic collection. The verses include: Sail out for Good,...
cena: 237,99
Leaves of Grass
 Bartica William Guthrie 9781432706616 Outskirts Press

Step back with the Author for a memorable tour of this Guyanese village on the South American Continent
A revealing look at a young man's growth and development in his native village and the influences upon him and others like him during that time. These memoirs will make you laugh and make you weep with poignant reminders of a bygone era that still continue to reverberate in a...
cena: 117,78
 Their Corporate Masters: 10 Ways to Reverse the Damage Done by This Presidency and Congress and How to Get America Back on Track!!! Jon C. Weninger 9781432717759 Outskirts Press
If you or members of your family feel like you've lost your representation in Washington D.C. and that your elected representatives on Capital Hill are -selling out- the American people, READ ON Jon C. Weninger -Pulls no Punches- in his book, instead he unabashedly tells it like it is and chronicles the failed policies of the current Administration and Congress. He provides a clear roadmap on...
cena: 120,14
Their Corporate Masters: 10 Ways to Reverse the Damage Done by This Presidency and Congress and How to Get America Back on Track!!!
 Lyrics by Leonard Leonard Clarence Gayton Thomas Leonard Gayton 9780978959760 PM Books
These are the words of my father Leonard Clarence Gayton, an African American man who had the good fortune of growing up in the Pacific Northwest. Leonard was born in Seattles Swedish Hospital in 1908, a virgo. He was the youngest of four children, two brothers and one sister, born to Washington State pioneers John Thomas (J.T.) Gayton of Yazoo, Mississippi and Magnolia Scott (Maggie) of...
cena: 48,11
Lyrics by Leonard
 The Blessing of Forgiveness Dr Raha Mugisho 9781425778583 Xlibris Corporation
Do you know the reason for your unhappiness? When attitudes toward others are based on past wounds and deception, the result cannot be good fruit. People in a state of distortion do not make wise decisions. Pride and a spirit of selfishness can have enormous consequences, actually resulting in physical illness and depression.
Joy in your heart, a smile on your lips, and an attitude of...
cena: 149,93
The Blessing of Forgiveness
 The New Paradigm for Financial Markets Large Print Edition: The Credit Crash of 2008 and What It Means George Soros 9781586487133 Public Affairs
In the midst of the most serious financial upheaval since the Great Depression, legendary financier George Soros explores the origins of the crisis and its implications for the future. Soros, whose breadth of experience in financial markets is unrivaled, places the current crisis in the context of decades of study of how individuals and institutions handle the boom and bust cycles that now...
cena: 120,33
The New Paradigm for Financial Markets Large Print Edition: The Credit Crash of 2008 and What It Means
 He Who Sent Me Michael Lee O'Neal 9781436351263 Xlibris Corporation
cena: 70,12
He Who Sent Me
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