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 Reclaiming Eden: Taming the Serpent Ego Daniel D. Schroeder 9781935271338 Published by Westview
While the totality of God is beyond our comprehension, certain aspects of Him ARE knowable. When He planted His own image within each of us, He gave us a glimpse into His true and full nature that would serve as our guide and source of energy as we go through life. It's His intent, as a loving Father, to bring us all back into His Kingdom, to return to Eden, to reclaim the spiritual heritage He...
cena: 66,57
Reclaiming Eden: Taming the Serpent Ego
 Can a Democrat Get Into Heaven? Anne Shelby Jamie Johnson Gurney Norman 9780977874507 Motes
Borrowing its title from a question actually asked by one of the author's neighbors, this is a collection of Shelby's provocative columns published in Kentucky newspapers during the 21st century.
cena: 66,97
Can a Democrat Get Into Heaven?
 The Study of the Twelve Tribes of Israel Rev Dr Derrick a. Hill 9781425735883 Xlibris Corporation
This material will be based on several things to tie a lot of things together, that might have been hindering us as Christians to grow to our potential. You see there are keys in the word of God that must be understood. To receive the total blessing of the promises we must be incompliance of Gods revelation for man. Within the keys we fine many things and within this material we are going to be...
cena: 44,31
The Study of the Twelve Tribes of Israel
 Scripting Recipes for Second Life Jeff Heaton 9781604390001 Heaton Research, Inc.
Heaton gives readers common terms from the Linden Scripting Language that can be utilized in Second Life, an Internet-based virtual world where residents can explore, meet other residents, socialize, and participate in individual and group activities. (Computer Books - Games)
cena: 139,28
Scripting Recipes for Second Life
 A Case for Divinity Bruce K. Patterson 9781432718152 Outskirts Press

Finally, Science, Evolution, Creationism and Intelligent Design combine to form a coherent, comprehensive and logical reality without going into Religion or Politics. This book proves the theory of the "Big Bang" and its ramifications that supposedly led to the existence of the human race and the universe are not real and could never be real....
cena: 107,14
A Case for Divinity
 Windows and Doors Phylicia Ntrelle 9781436333337 Xlibris Corporation
cena: 86,08
Windows and Doors
 Mute Magazine - Vol 2 #11 Mute 9781906496265 Mute
In this issue of Mute we revisit the question of 'the human' in the age of biopolitics. What do philosophers, activists and 'pro-revolutionaries' have to say about homo sapiens in a world where monstrous claims on value demand populations be reduced to 'bare (hardworking) life'? From repression of messy 'species being' in revolutionary milieus, to the managerial dream of putting supposed species...
cena: 59,51
Mute Magazine - Vol 2 #11
 Soleil a Mustang's Story Lisa Holderby 9780578018829 Lisa Holderby
oleil A Mustang's Story is a captivating tale of love, acceptance and trust that is based on the real-life story of an adopted wild mustang. With courage and strength, Soleil learns to trust humans through her relationship with Elizabeth, the woman who adopts her, and an orphaned girl named Emily. Each day of capitivity brings new challenges for the wild mustang whose fear of being saddled,...
cena: 63,54
Soleil a Mustang's Story
 Astrology of the Heart: Astro-Shamanism Michael Erlewine 9781440441448 Createspace
Astrology of the Heart will be of interest to the counseling astrologer who wants to understand the shamanic nature of astrology at a deeper level. This book is about life paths, rites of passage, climacteric years, turning points in the life, and how to find and understand them in your horoscope. Not abstract theory, but a practical manual to understanding what out-of-the-body experience, the...
cena: 58,18
Astrology of the Heart: Astro-Shamanism
 Catholics Are Not Christians Les Jay 9780978557102 Witty Writings
Jay compares and contrasts the Catholic Catechism and the Bible, pointing out the many inconsistencies between the two. Deceptive tactics of the Catholic Church are expounded on as the author conveys the message that the Catholic Church has every right to exist but can no longer fall under the guise of Christianity. (Christian)
cena: 63,27
Catholics Are Not Christians
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