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 Reading with Patrick - audiobook Michelle Kuo 9781101888698 Random House Audio Publishing Group
A memoir of race, inequality, and the power of literature told through the life-changing friendship between an idealistic young teacher and her gifted student, jailed for murder in the Mississippi Delta

"Reading with Patrick could be the most affecting book you'll read this year."--The Christian Science Monitor

"Powerful."--The Seattle...

cena: 158,34
Reading with Patrick - audiobook
 New Amos Decker Novel - audiobook David Baldacci 9781478930020 Grand Central Publishing

Amos Decker witnesses a murder just outside FBI headquarters. A man shoots a woman execution-style on a crowded sidewalk, then turns the gun on himself.

Even with Decker's extraordinary powers of observation and deduction, the killing is baffling. Decker and his team can find absolutely no connection between the shooter--a family man with a successful...

cena: 158,34
New Amos Decker Novel - audiobook
 Me - audiobook Tomoyuki Hoshino David Shih 9781515969242 Tantor Audio
cena: 101,28
Me - audiobook
 Highland Hellion - audiobook Mary Wine Antony Ferguson 9781494565732 Tantor Audio
Katherine Carew Illegitimate daughter of an English earl. Abducted to Scotland at age fourteen. No family, no reputation, no rules. Rolfe McTavish Heir to an honorable Highland laird. Can't believe how well tomboy Kate can fight. About to learn how much of a woman she really is. Scotland is seething with plots, the vengeful Gordons are spoiling for a fight, and the neighboring clans are at each...
cena: 120,29
Highland Hellion - audiobook
 Written in Love - audiobook Kathleen Fuller Callie Beaulieu 9781515961536 Tantor Audio
Jalon Chupp has a past he isn't proud to claim. He's worked hard to overcome his youthful mistakes, and he has recommitted himself to his faith. When he receives a sweet note included in a piece of misdirected mail, he can't help but write back. Soon, the letters he receives from Phoebe are the highlights of his days, and with a hopeful heart, he suggests they meet in person. Phoebe, too, looks...
cena: 120,29
Written in Love - audiobook
 Robert B. Parker's the Hangman's Sonnet - audiobook Reed Farrel Coleman 9781101890509 Random House Audio Publishing Group
The stellar new novel in Robert B. Parker's New York Times bestselling series featuring Paradise police chief Jesse Stone.

Jesse Stone, still reeling from the murder of his fiancee by crazed assassin Mr. Peepers, must keep his emotions in check long enough to get through the wedding day of his loyal protege, Suitcase Simpson. The morning of the wedding, Jesse learns that a gala...

cena: 139,34
Robert B. Parker's the Hangman's Sonnet - audiobook
 The Swamp: Washington's Murky Pool of Corruption and Cronyism--And How Trump Can Drain It - audiobook Eric Bolling Eric Bolling 9781427291929 MacMillan Audio

This program is read by the author.

When Washington D.C. was first built, it was on top of a swamp that had to be drained. Donald Trump says it's time to drain it again.

In The Swamp, bestselling author and Fox News Channel host Eric Bolling presents an infuriating, amusing, revealing, and outrageous history of American politics, past and present, Republican and...

cena: 120,29
The Swamp: Washington's Murky Pool of Corruption and Cronyism--And How Trump Can Drain It - audiobook
 Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine - audiobook Gail Honeyman 9781524749682 Penguin Audiobooks
Soon to be a major motion picture produced by Reese Witherspoon.

"A charmer...satisfyingly quirky."--Janet Maslin, The New York Times "Books to Breeze Through This Summer"

"This wacky, charming novel...draws you in with humor, then turns out to contain both a suspenseful subplot and a sweet romance....Hilarious and moving."--People...

cena: 158,34
Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine - audiobook
 Fierce Conversations: Achieving Success at Work & in Life, One Conversation at a Time - audiobook Susan Craig Scott Susan Craig Scott 9781508239321 Simon & Schuster Audio
Susan Scott reads her newly revised and updated New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller to achieving success one conversation at a time.

As the master teacher of positive change through powerful communication, Susan Scott wants you to succeed. To do that, you must transform everyday conversations in effective ways to get your message across. In this guide, Susan...

cena: 158,30
Fierce Conversations: Achieving Success at Work & in Life, One Conversation at a Time - audiobook
 The Case of the Deadly Toy - audiobook Erle Stanley Gardner Alexander Cendese 9781531828523 Brilliance Audio

When Norda Allison saw her husband-to-be slap his young son, she immediately called off the wedding. Now she is terrified. Her ex-fiance has beat up her new boyfriend. Anonymous newspaper clippings are flooding her mailbox--articles graphically depicting what jilted men do to the women who leave them. Then Norda's life takes an even darker turn. It begins with a barking dog, a child's scream,...

cena: 82,28
The Case of the Deadly Toy - audiobook
 Detours: The Unpredictable Path to Your Destiny - audiobook Dr Tony Evans 9781683661580 Christianaudio

God has a plan for your life.

More often than not, it s a detour, one that can leave you feeling temporarily stalled and slowed down. Which nobody likes.But detours are necessary if any improvements are going to be made on the paths we travel. Or if any wreck is going to be cleaned up or a hazard avoided. Detours are designed for our own good, regardless of how we view...
cena: 89,85
Detours: The Unpredictable Path to Your Destiny - audiobook
 A House Full of Females: Plural Marriage and Women's Rights in Early Mormonism, 1835-1870 - audiobook Laurel Thatcher Ulrich 9781681684574 HighBridge Audio
A stunning and sure-to-be controversial book that pieces together, through more than two dozen nineteenth-century diaries, letters, albums, minute-books, and quilts left by first-generation Latter-day Saints, or Mormons, the never-before-told story of the earliest days of the women of Mormon "plural marriage," whose right to vote in the state of Utah was given to them by a Mormon-dominated...
cena: 177,30
A House Full of Females: Plural Marriage and Women's Rights in Early Mormonism, 1835-1870 - audiobook
 The Warrior Princess - audiobook K. M. Ashman 9781536690835 Brilliance Audio

1135 AD. Wales is a broken land. Many of its true-born rulers are in hiding, or married into noble English families. But, though low and dim, a flame of vengeance still burns...

In the southern kingdom of Deheubarth, Gerald of Windsor governs. Firm but fair, he commands the respect of those he reigns over, and the love of Nesta, his wife.

But then treachery strikes from the heart...

cena: 105,08
The Warrior Princess - audiobook
 A Good Idea - audiobook Cristina Moracho 9781524755096 Listening Library (Audio)
Can the right kind of boy get away with killing the wrong kind of girl?
Finley and Betty's close friendship survived Fin's ninth-grade move from their coastal Maine town to Manhattan. Calls, letters, and summer visits continued to bind them together, and in the fall of their senior year, they both applied to NYU, planning to reunite for good as roommates.
Then Betty disappears....
cena: 215,36
A Good Idea - audiobook
 The Matchstick Castle - audiobook Keir Graff 9781524749842 Listening Library (Audio)
A wild and whimsical adventure story, perfect for fans of Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library
Brian can think of a few places he'd rather spend his summer than with his aunt and uncle in Boring, Illinois. Jail, for example. Or an earplug factory. Anything would be better than doing summer school on a computer while his scientist dad is stationed at the South Pole.
cena: 158,34
The Matchstick Castle - audiobook
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