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 Wir Beide Nahmen Die Muschel Heinz Hendrix 9783842467507 Tredition Gmbh
cena: 127,58
Wir Beide Nahmen Die Muschel
 Beyond Ararat Bettina Selby 9780953800773 Mountain House Publishing
cena: 84,66
Beyond Ararat
 At Home in the Elk River Valley: Reflections on Family, Place and the West Mary B. Kurtz 9781608449446 Dog Ear Publishing
Readers who love the West will find Mary Kurtz's first collection of essays an insightful journey into the history, natural world, and community of a special mountain valley near Steamboat Springs, Colorado.
Walk through the Elk River Valley with Mary as she shares her thoughtful perspectives on the people, history, rich landscape, and ranching traditions of the place she's called home for...
cena: 69,94
At Home in the Elk River Valley: Reflections on Family, Place and the West
 Europe: Pieces of the Mosaic Ross Howard 9781475188271 Createspace
We were advised that French was the language of the true elite when embarking on the Grand Tour. We were further advised that if one was residing in the British Isles (as we were), departure should be from Dover in order that one could go directly to Paris, where the traveller might undertake lessons in French, and pass the time in dancing, fencing and riding and otherwise become immersed in the...
cena: 86,12
Europe: Pieces of the Mosaic
cena: 42,36
Bach, Liszt und Wagner
 Lovely Little Lingshed Kristina Nadler 9783738612547 Books on Demand
Manchmal passiert etwas so Unglaubliches, dass man es getrost ein Wunder nennen darf Ich bin in der Abgeschiedenheit des Himalayagebirges angekommen. Genau dort, wo ich hin wollte: in Lingshed. Auf knapp 4000 Metern Hohe liegt dieses einzigartige Kleinod inmitten einer unwegsamen Landschaft. Hierher fuhrt keine Strasse. Hier gibt es keine Stromleitung und kein fliessendes Wasser. In Lingshed...
cena: 100,09
Lovely Little Lingshed
 Rory's Zanzibar and Tanzanian Journal Rory Allardice 9781515025771 Createspace
This lavishly illustrated book documents a trip the writer made in 2008 to Zanzibar and Tanzania.
There were lots of challenges along the way and the "tour company" was a generous way of describing a loose and comical network of vague acquaintances, which somehow pulled together and, in the most primitive way possible, made sure the writer achieved his travel goals by hook or by crook during...
cena: 58,18
Rory's Zanzibar and Tanzanian Journal
cena: 110,18
Beyond the Rockies
 Babuna Johnson, Martin 9783864444913 Salzwasser-Verlag
Johnson berichtet in seinem Buch von seiner Reise mit dem Flugzeug 100.000 Kilometer mit dem Flugzeug in Afrika. Nachdruck des Originals von 1936.
cena: 245,36
 Dandelions and Honey: Travels on a Forsaken Island Harry Kavros 9781453809150 Createspace
A collection of travel essays inspired by stories and fairy tales of a grandmother's childhood in a Cretan mountain village. The author explores the mythological, cultural, literary, culinary, theological, and mountainous landscape of his ancestral island.
cena: 73,95
Dandelions and Honey: Travels on a Forsaken Island
 Backpacking: Travel the World! Everything You Need to Know about Backpacking from Beginner to Expert Larry Fisher 9781517287009 Createspace
Have the Backpacking Adventure of a Lifetime Do you dream of traveling the world with only what you can carry on your back? Would you like to see famous monuments, natural wonders, and the greatest cities in the world? Is it time to make your dreams a reality? When you purchase Backpacking: Travel The Wold Everything You Need To Know About Backpacking From Beginner To Expert you'll learn...
cena: 45,70
Backpacking: Travel the World! Everything You Need to Know about Backpacking from Beginner to Expert
 Dead Men Don't Leave Tips: Adventures X Africa Brandon Wilson Brandon Wilson 9780977053643 Pilgrim's Tales

What does it take to follow your dream? Quite a bit, if your dream involves crossing Africa. That's what one couple discovers when they set off on a seven-month overland journey from London to Cape Town.

As dedicated independent travelers, they'd already traveled around the world. But was a trans-African odyssey too much for even them? Who do you "cadeau?" How do you create tantalizing...

cena: 68,66
Dead Men Don't Leave Tips: Adventures X Africa
cena: 73,89
Rother Wanderführer Uckermark
 44 Days: Thinking and Meditation Diary on the Via de La Plata Joongseob Vito Kim 9781461153023 Createspace
It's a simple story about Eating, Sleeping, Excreting, Walking and Meditation. on the Via de la Plata - Camino de Santiago
cena: 67,92
44 Days: Thinking and Meditation Diary on the Via de La Plata
 British and American Writers in Sicily Carmine Rapisarda 9781291092226 Lulu.com
It is a selection of diaries, letters, poems...written by anglophone travellers like Coleridge, Wilde, Woolf, Ruskin, Pound, Lawrence , Durrel, Forster. They visited Sicily and left their memories. At the end of the book there is a list of all famous british and american writers that visited the island. Il testo raccoglie una selezione di viaggiatori di tradizione anglofona quali Coleridge,...
cena: 86,11
British and American Writers in Sicily
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