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 Candice Olson Bedrooms Candice Olson 9781118276815
Popular TV star and designer Candice Olson shows you how to create your dream bedroom

Written in her approachable and authoritative voice, Candice Olson Bedrooms features25 stunning room makeovers, with gorgeous room sketches and design boards that show you how each design took shape. More than 200 full-color before-and-after photos provide a wealth of visual inspiration, while...

cena: 82,28
Candice Olson Bedrooms
 Candice Olson Family Spaces Candice Olson 9781118276679
Popular TV star Candice Olson shows you how to create your dream family room

Everybody wants their home's main living space to meet the needs of the whole family--and look great doing it. HGTV star Candice Olson is an expert in showing clients how a room can have many functions while still looking pulled-together and polished, and this book showcases a collection of her family room...

cena: 82,28
Candice Olson Family Spaces
 Candice Olson Everyday Elegance Candice Olson 9781118477472

When you can t move, you improve, and no one can help homeowners improve elegantly better than Candice Olson. Featuring two dozen gorgeous before-and-after room makeovers, Candice shows how to create grown-up living rooms and dining rooms that are both beautiful and practical enough for daily use. Even dark and tired basements become warm and inviting spaces for entertaining when Candice works...

cena: 82,28
Candice Olson Everyday Elegance
 Candice Olson Favorite Design Challenges Olson, Candice 9781118504468
Popular TV star Candice Olson shares her favorite design challenges

Candice Olson Favorite Design Challenges focuses on the tricky situations that Candice expertly handles for her clients the same challenges that many homeowners face. From working around architectural limitations like sloped ceilings or a lack of wall space, merging styles to ensure that a room's decor pleases all...

cena: 82,28
Candice Olson Favorite Design Challenges
 Candice Olson Kitchens & Baths Candice Olson 9780470889374
Popular TV star Candice Olson shows you how to create your dream kitchen and bathroom

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most commonly renovated rooms--and also the best investment with the highest payback value upon resale. This book is chock full of tips, inspiration, and ideas from popular TV star Candice Olson, whose designs have wowed fans around the world. Brimming with hundreds of...

cena: 82,28
Candice Olson Kitchens & Baths
 Candice Olson on Design: Inspiration & Ideas for Your Home Candice Olson Brandon Barre 9780696225840
  • Candice's fresh, honest approach to design shows readers how to create rooms that are beautiful and functional, perfectly geared to what they love and how they live.
  • With her trademark humor and sense of fun, Candice shares design secrets, smart tips, and practical advice to help readers plan and execute successful room makeovers.
  • 24 dramatic before-and-after room transformations...
cena: 82,13
Candice Olson on Design: Inspiration & Ideas for Your Home