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Literatura piękna

 A Family Lexicon Natalia Ginzburg Jenny McPhee Peg Boyers 9781590178386 New York Review of Books
A masterpiece of European literature that blends family memoir and fiction

An Italian family, sizable, with its routines and rituals, crazes, pet phrases, and stories, doubtful, comical, indispensable, comes to life in the pages of Natalia Ginzburg's Family Lexicon. Giuseppe Levi, the father, is a scientist, consumed by his work and a mania for hiking--when he isn't...

cena: 57,59
A Family Lexicon
 The Pink House Alan Kennedy   9780956469649 Lasserrade Press
The final book in a trilogy which includes The Boat in the Bay and The Broken Bell. The Pink House finds the children growing apart. Poppy must chose between painting and adventure as the others discover a lost lake in a secret valley. The decision to stay behind and begin her first painting changes her life for ever as, too late, she discovers the dreadful consequence of their discovery. Set in...
cena: 60,18
The Pink House
 The First Stone Gillian Jackson   9781784079390 FeedARead.com
Winning eight million pounds on the lottery seems like a dream come true for Jenny and Malcolm Grainger. But their delight quickly turns into a nightmare when a stranger appears and secrets from the past resurface. Painful memories are resurrected which threaten to divide the family, and Jenny feels that she no longer knows the man she married. Can their difficulties be overcome, or will this...
cena: 69,98
The First Stone
 The Kelly Sisters Maureen Lee 9781409140641 Orion Publishing Group
It's 1925 and Patricia, Tara and Aideen couldn't be more excited about leaving Dublin with their father and heading for a new life in Liverpool. Yet it soon becomes clear that all is not as it seems, for the day after they arrive in England, Bernie hastily sweeps the girls onto a huge ocean liner heading to New York, leaving no forwarding address.

When their father vanishes mid-way across the...

cena: 73,00
The Kelly Sisters
 Awaken to the New World Order Zen Garcia 9780557900732 Lulu.com
The 5th book by Zen Garcia, details the author's personal awakening to what the world has come to know as the New World Order. Accompanied by the illustrations of well known graphic artist David Dees, contained within this edition are the collected articles that Zen published while working as a columnist for the Populist Party of America, a once independent web portal frequented by hundreds of...
cena: 119,39
Awaken to the New World Order
 Crystal A. T. Legrand Freie Redaktion Xun 9783839116845 Books on Demand
cena: 49,80
 Boys and Girls Joseph Connolly 9781784293468 Quercus Publishing
Susan wants another husband. Which comes as a shock to the current one.

'But not instead of you, Alan, my sugar - as well as. You see?'

Yet once Susan has brazenly commandeered her boss's rich, elderly hand, Alan finds himself curiously cherishing the company - sharing wife, whisky and other, odder peccadilloes. Indeed Susan is forced to root out alternative amusements - and with...

cena: 59,47
Boys and Girls
 The End of Healing Jim Bailey 9780985420307 Healthy City

A looming menace lurks within the towers of American medicine. One young doctor is determined to uncover the truth. Follow him on a journey you will never forget.

Don Newman, a resident physician at the renowned University Hospital, awakens to the screams of his pager in a windowless call room in the middle of the night. He runs to a dark ward to attend to a dying woman strapped to a bed...

cena: 125,83
The End of Healing
 Episoden Aus Griechenland Karl Miziolek 9783735778475 Books on Demand
cena: 53,79
Episoden Aus Griechenland
 Felinis R. J. Bavister 9781291968231 Lulu.com
The new superhero novel by Evil Busters author R. J. Bavister
cena: 32,80
 Guardian's Host T. C. Green 9781312200128 Lulu.com
For more than a hundred and fifty years the island of Win'muses has been the mutual home of the human and wint race. Now the island is under attack and its protector is missing.
cena: 92,41
Guardian's Host
 Broken Traci L. Slatton 9780986061158 Parvati Press
Power is pornographic Can love sustain light when the forces of evil close in? Paris, 1939-1942. A fallen angel is trapped in the web of German occupation. The deadly noose of Nazi control grows ever tighter, ensnaring her and two of her lovers, a bullfighter and a musician working in the fledgling Resistance. Can she save them and the Jewish widow and her child that she has come to love, or will...
cena: 70,88
 ALS Ich Meinen Frieden Fand... Sven Norbertson 9783735780362 Books on Demand
Anna ist vierzehn Jahre alt, als sie bei einem Unfall stirbt. Doch dies ist nicht das Ende... Eine himmlische Kurzgeschichte von Sven Norbertson in einfacher Sprache.
cena: 28,26
ALS Ich Meinen Frieden Fand...
 The Rest Just Follows Glenn Patterson 9780571305230 FABER & FABER
Belfast, 1970s Craig, St John, and Mazine meet while at middle school. Three very different people, they each come from testing backgrounds, and become friends just as life gets exciting and adulthood beckons. The years pass, and they try to live with themselves and the darker deeds of their hometown as honestly as they can. The Rest Just Follows is a sharply witty story about the...
cena: 66,93
The Rest Just Follows
 Anthology 2014 Shrewsbury Poetry Stanza   9781320140751 Blurb
An anthology of poetry written by members of the official Poetry Society Stanza for Shropshire, the Shrewsbury Poetry Stanza. With poetry by Carol Caffrey, Graham Attenborough, Roger Garfitt, Dorothy Prescott, Julia Butler, Mary Williams, Pam Green, Sue Avery, Penny Simpson, Eleanor Forrester, Bethany Rivers, Peter Shilston, Sam Fleet and Robert Harper.
cena: 34,39
Anthology 2014
 The Suicide Flowers Pete Conrad 9781312464193 Lulu.com
cena: 70,05
The Suicide Flowers
 Sinkhole Leo X 9781326028190 Lulu.com
The characters in these stories live in disconnected worlds, inside their own heads, trying to create meaning for themselves. In Dead Cats on Motorways, a father tries to work out if the family cat has been run over before his son comes home. In The London Bus, an ordinary woman gives in to her compulsion to vie for the attention of apathetic bus passengers, going to deeper and darker lengths...
cena: 49,76
 Belief of the Reborn Gary L. Beer 9781300431091 Lulu.com
Kir considered himself a normal child with a normal childhood and attained good grades at school. On reaching maturity his body starts to change into something different; a warrior species of alien. Having to leave his home and planet with his parents to save their lives they head out into deep space and search the cosmos to find a new home. Finding a genetically altered world they meet aliens...
cena: 38,46
Belief of the Reborn
 Albraise a Traveller's Tale Gary L. Beer 9781300695721 Lulu.com
Gray, a student at the Space Sciences University, discovers part of the memory banks of a missing Starship while researching an asteroid for his Degree. Contained within the memory banks are the designs to make a device for instantaneous space travel between the universes. Constructing the device Gray travels to another world and after several bad experiences tries to return home. Instead he...
cena: 33,55
Albraise a Traveller's Tale
 Alashaine Gary L. Beer 9781312496514 Lulu.com
cena: 41,44
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