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Literatura piękna

 The Divining Pool Amanda Merritt 9780995654167 Wundor Editions
Amanda Merritt's work looks fearlessly into the darkest recesses of the human heart and finds a terrible beauty within it. Merritt recently completed her poetry MFA at St. Andrew's where she was mentored by Don Paterson. The Divining Pool is her debut collection of poetry.
cena: 56,49
The Divining Pool
 The Quality of Mercy David Roberts 9781472128102 Constable & Robinson
When the Nazis seize Austria in March 1938, Verity Browne - the "New Gazette's" correspondent in Vienna - is one of the first to be deported as a well-known anti-Fascist. Before she leaves, she is able to arrange for a young Jew, Georg Dreiser, to escape to England, but where he expects to find safety, he finds danger and sudden death.
cena: 51,42
The Quality of Mercy
cena: 82,90
All Saints
cena: 82,34
Revolution 2050
 The Country Set Walker, Fiona 9781784977238 Compton Magna Series
Love affairs, village rivalries, horses, jealousy and secrets - Fiona Walker returns to her classic territory with a whole new cast of Cotswold village characters.
cena: 106,68
The Country Set
 The Beauties: Essential Stories Chekhov, Anton 9781782273806
New translations of the greatest stories by the Russian master of the form.

Without doubt one of the greatest observers of human nature in all its messy complexity, Chekhov's short stories are exquisite masterpieces in miniature. His work ranged from the light-hearted comic tales of his early years to some of the most achingly profound stories ever composed, and this variety of tone...

cena: 66,53
The Beauties: Essential Stories
 Welcome to Saint Angel William Luvaas Anna Faktorovich 9781681143200 Anaphora Literary Press
cena: 91,68
Welcome to Saint Angel
 Welcome to Saint Angel William Luvaas Anna Faktorovich 9781681143217 Anaphora Literary Press
cena: 139,70
Welcome to Saint Angel
 Over the Moon Linda Joffe Hull 9781942856139 Literary Wanderlust
cena: 59,62
Over the Moon
 Two Moons: Stories Krystal a. Smith 9780997243901 Blf Press LLC
cena: 63,28
Two Moons: Stories
 Dead Stick Steve Dewolf 9781622881819 Stephen F. Austin University Press
cena: 100,21
Dead Stick
 Heart Fever Bob Van Laerhoven Anna Faktorovich 9781681143910 Anaphora Literary Press
cena: 70,33
Heart Fever
 Heart Fever Bob Van Laerhoven Anna Faktorovich 9781681143927 Anaphora Literary Press
cena: 120,65
Heart Fever
 Dead Boy Jason Morphew 9781944682903 Spuyten Duyvil
cena: 70,33
Dead Boy
 Friend & Foe Shirley McKay 9781846973222 BIRLINN
St Andrews, 1583. The young king James VI is confined at Falkland Palace, plotting his escape. Dissension rages between Kirk and Crown, the king and his 'lord enterprisers', and between the separate factions of the church. In St Andrews Castle, a bishop in decline plays out his darkest fantasies, while Hew and his friend Giles investigate the true source of his sickness, uncovering corruption at...
cena: 51,42
Friend & Foe
 Kim Kardashian's Marriage Sam Riviere 9780571321438 FABER & FABER
Sam Riviere's debut, 81 Austerities, began as a blog responding to the spending cuts, and went on in publication to win the 2012 Forward Prize for Best First Collection. A sequel of sorts, the 72 poems in Kim Kardashian's Marriage mark out equally sharpened lines of public and private engagement. Kim Kardashian's 2011 marriage lasted for 72 days, and was seen by some as illustrative...
cena: 61,46
Kim Kardashian's Marriage
 Passionwalk: Don't Let Your Blessing Slip Away S L Plummer   9781483408019 Lulu Publishing Services
Insatiable but inexperienced, Saundra is at a crossroads. Devastated by her last relationship, she's torn by the impulses of her own body. A voluptuous, bisexual, black Christian beauty, she has quit praying for her soul mate to find her. Like Saundra, Nehemiah's battered heart, betrayed by his ex-wife, has abandoned hope that the woman his great-aunt prophesied will find him. If he can trust God...
cena: 114,57
Passionwalk: Don't Let Your Blessing Slip Away
 Secrets in the Shadows Hannah Emery   9780007584901 HarperImpulse

A must-read for fans of Kate Morton

In 1920s Blackpool, eleven year old Rose wanders away from her parents and has a unique gift bestowed upon her. This gift will leave a haunting legacy, seeping down through the generations...

Decades later, Louisa has a vision of her mother walking into the sea. This isn't the first time it happens and it won't be the last, but what she sees...

cena: 52,00
Secrets in the Shadows
 The Silversmith's Wife Sophia Tobin 9781471128103 SIMON & SCHUSTER
The Sunday Times bestselling novel--"a dense, intricate historical thriller in the tradition of Hilary Mantel" (Sophie Hannah).

It's 1792, on a cold winter night in Berkeley Square. As the city sleeps, the night watchman keeps a cautious eye on the neighborhood streets. Then, he discovers the body of Pierre Renard, the eponymous silversmith, lying dead, his throat cut and his valuables...

cena: 46,40
The Silversmith's Wife
 Nachtschatten Der Tunturis: Sagen Aus Lappland (Finnland) Samuli Paulaharju   9783958010673 Severus
Sagen aus dem Land der geheimnisvollen Krafte: Diese Auswahl von alten finnischen Sagen nimmt uns mit auf eine mystische Reise in die unendlichen Weiten Lapplands in Finnland. Spannend und schauerlich sind die Legenden, zauberhaft und magisch ist ihre Wirkung noch heute. Ein eindrucksvoller Blick in die finnische Kultur, Finnlands Landschaft und seine Geschichte.
cena: 93,73
Nachtschatten Der Tunturis: Sagen Aus Lappland (Finnland)
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