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Literatura faktu

 Nicki the Lupus in Me Lois'e Hall 9781403329295 Authorhouse
cena: 61,41
Nicki the Lupus in Me
 Learning from Life: Becoming a Psychoanalyst Patrick Casement 9780415399319 0

All of life can be a resource for our learning. In his fourth and most personal book, Patrick Casement attempts to understand what he has learned from life, sharing a wide range of those experiences that have helped shape the analyst he has become.

Patrick Casement shares various incidents in his life to demonstrate how these helped lay a foundation for his subsequent understanding of...

cena: 155,81
Learning from Life: Becoming a Psychoanalyst
 Mit Uberschall Durch Den Kalten Krieg Wulf Beeck 9783937885704 Miles-Verlag
In seiner Biographie schildert der Autor seinen militarischen Werdegang bei der Deutschen Marine. Mit Mittelpunkt steht seine fliegerische Laufbahn als Starfighter-Pilot.
cena: 161,95
Mit Uberschall Durch Den Kalten Krieg
 An Excerpt of the Real Anastasia Romanov: Her Life in the United States After the 1917 Revolution as Told by Her Grand Daughter Diana Kanecki 9780615470429 Dka Strategic Planning Inc
Introduction This book is a loving biography of my grandmother, the late Czarina Anastasia, and her life in the United States after escaping the 1917 revolution. Parts of my grandmother's biography are in prose, and other parts are in the form of audio, and this book is in prose. The most important learning and reflection is of her life lessons to me. I would like to share some of the life...
cena: 110,27
An Excerpt of the Real Anastasia Romanov: Her Life in the United States After the 1917 Revolution as Told by Her Grand Daughter
 Diary of a Maddman J-Rome 9781478742814 Outskirts Press
Jerome Chester Takes You On A Journey Of His Life And Adventure. He Grew Up Poor In Macon GA To Accomplish Everything He Ever Desired Including Writing, Playing Sports And Making Movies. Little Did Every One Know That He Would Rise To Fit In An Possible Iconic Status. Jerome Chester returns to take you on a journey of his life and adventure. He grew up poor in Macon GA to accomplish everything he...
cena: 65,69
Diary of a Maddman
ilość książek w kategorii: 170865