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 The Picaresque Novel in Western Literature: From the Sixteenth Century to the Neopicaresque J. A. Garrid 9781108431873 Cambridge University Press
Explores picaresque fiction across ages and cultures, providing a revealing and fresh examination of this literary genre.
cena: 142,33
The Picaresque Novel in Western Literature: From the Sixteenth Century to the Neopicaresque
 Undying: A Love Story Faber, Michel 9781782118565
'Michel Faber addressed these love poems to his wife after her death. They are lucid, tender and wise, and they pulse with this fine writer's intelligence' - Ian McEwan
cena: 56,44
Undying: A Love Story
 Out of Love Cook, Elinor 9781848426856
A tale of friendship, love and rivalry over thirty years from award-winning playwright Elinor Cook.
cena: 56,44
Out of Love
 The Bees Duffy, Carol Ann 9781509852925
cena: 56,44
The Bees
 The Invention of English Criticism: 1650-1760 Michael Gavin 9781107498525 Cambridge University Press
An account of the origins and development of literary criticism in the turbulent seventeenth- and eighteenth-century print marketplace.
cena: 142,33
The Invention of English Criticism: 1650-1760
 Mighty Atoms Whittington, Amanda 9781848426733
In a struggling pub on one of Hull's toughest streets, ex-pro boxer Taylor Flint runs a women's boxercise class. For Lauren, Jazz, Aneta and Grace, the class is much more than a way to lose weight and have a laugh - they're fighting the grinding challenges of everyday life.
cena: 56,44
Mighty Atoms
 The Other Country Duffy, Carol Ann 9781509852932
cena: 56,44
The Other Country
 So Glad I'm Me Lumsden, Roddy 9781780373706
Tenth collection by one of Britain's leading poets.
cena: 56,24
So Glad I'm Me
 Mean Time Duffy, Carol Ann 9781509852949
In her prize-winning fourth collection, Carol Ann Duffy dramatizes scenes from childhood, adolescence and adulthood, finding moments of grace or consolation in memory, love and language amid the complexities of life. These are powerful poems of loss, betrayal and desire.
cena: 56,44
Mean Time
 The Bigamy Plot: Sensation and Convention in the Victorian Novel Maia McAleavey 9781107501348 Cambridge University Press
This study explores the prevalence of bigamy in Victorian fiction to challenge traditional understanding of the period's social and narrative conventions.
cena: 142,33
The Bigamy Plot: Sensation and Convention in the Victorian Novel
 Glory on Earth McLean, Linda 9781848426757
A gripping historical drama about the conflict between the Catholic Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots and protestant reformer John Knox.
cena: 56,44
Glory on Earth
 Three Sisters Chekhov, Anton 9780571334919
I don't know what it is I'm going to do but I'm going to do something. I'm going to be someone. I am I'm sick of just being me. I'm going to be someone else. Someone better. I'm going to make a difference. Three sisters, Orla, Marianne and Erin, dream of escaping their tedious suburban lives for a fresh start in America. It is Erin's eighteenth birthday and, as the sun shines and guests...
cena: 56,44
Three Sisters
 The Mentor Kehlmann, Daniel 9780571339648
Benjamin Rubin is a cantankerous old writer, whisky aficionado and pedant, still basking in the reflected glory of long-ago success. Martin Wegner is a rising young literary star, heralded as 'the voice of his generation'. When Martin is given the opportunity to develop his new play under the mentorship of his idol, the writers meet in a dilapidated art-nouveau villa somewhere in the German...
cena: 56,44
The Mentor
 The Merchant of Venice: Language and Writing Douglas M. Lanier Dympna Callaghan 9781472571496 Arden Shakespeare

Shakespeare's engagement with anti-Semitic tradition is a notoriously disturbing feature of The Merchant of Venice. Douglas Lanier carefully shows how Shakespeare shuttles between language that emphasises irreconcilable differences, and language that emphasizes common humanity, and how you can productively analyse this language for yourself.The language of business-of monetary value,...

cena: 156,87
The Merchant of Venice: Language and Writing
 Ten: Poets of the New Generation 0 9781780373829
Third anthology from the Complete Works project showcasing the work of ten exciting British poets from diverse backgrounds.
cena: 56,24
Ten: Poets of the New Generation
 Three French Dramatists: Racine, Marivaux, Musset Tilley, Arthur Augustus 9781316626047
Originally published in 1933, this book presents a concise study regarding the works of Racine, Marivaux and Musset.
cena: 119,72
Three French Dramatists: Racine, Marivaux, Musset
 Classic Love Poems 0 9781849539685 Love

I arise from dreams of thee
In the first sweet sleep of night,
When the winds are breathing low,
And the stars are shining bright.

I arise from dreams of thee,
And a spirit in my feet
Hath led me - who knows how? -
To thy chamber window, Sweet

Percy Bysshe Shelley

The best...

cena: 56,44
Classic Love Poems
 Ten Years on the Parish: The Autobiography and Letters of George Garrett 0 9781786940759 Liverpool English Texts and Studies
George Garrett (1896-1966) was a Merchant Seaman, writer, playwright and radical activist. His autobiographical work Ten Years On The Parish, written in the late 1930s, is published here together with a series of letters between Garrett and New Writing editor John Lehmann, which reveal a unique insight into the relationship between a working-class writer and his editor.
cena: 69,54
Ten Years on the Parish: The Autobiography and Letters of George Garrett
 Greek and Latin Compositions Shilleto, Richard Arthur 9781316626092
Originally published in 1901, this book presents a collection of Greek and Latin compositions by the British classicist Richard Shilleto.
cena: 143,61
Greek and Latin Compositions
 All the Angels 0 9780571337149
Handel's Messiah is the world's most popular choral work. But its story begins in the unlikely setting of a room above a pub in Chester, when the great composer, detained by bad weather on his way to a season of concerts in Dublin, invites some local choristers to rehearse excerpts. It is not a success. So begins Handel's struggle to stage the premiere of his masterpiece, confronted by...
cena: 56,44
All the Angels
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