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Juvenile Fiction - Family - Siblings

 Raisin, the Littlest Cow Miriam Busch Larry Day 9780062427632

An irresistible sibling story about Raisin, the littlest cow on the farm, and what happens when she gets a little brother--from the author and illustrator of Lion, Lion. Perfect for fans of Hug Machine and You Are (Not) Small.

Raisin loves being the littlest cow in the herd. All the other cows dote on her, and life is grand.

But one day, Raisin's...

cena: 74,68
Raisin, the Littlest Cow
 Giovanni's Talking Cuisine Gigi Sellassie 9780692717028
Giovanni's Talking Cuisine tells the story of four kids who go on a car trip with their mother to see their Uncle Giovanni, or Uncle Gio for short. He has been a famous chef in Manhattan, and now lives in a large mansion in Millbrook, New York. After they explore the mansion, the two girls, Gabriela and Bianca, go looking for Uncle Geo's recipe books. After he explains there are no recipes, they...
cena: 50,00
Giovanni's Talking Cuisine
 Don't Wake the Baby! / Nhung Giac Mo Sac Mau Cua Caroline Chase Jensen 9781683041719
English and Vietnamese dual text (bilingual edition) "Now I can't do the things I like anymore." A little girl doesn't understand why she can't do the things she loves anymore just because her parents brought home a new baby. She can't jump on the bed, Mommy doesn't have time for her anymore, and she can't make loud sounds, but the baby sure can cry However, she soon realizes that having a new...
cena: 71,25
Don't Wake the Baby! / Nhung Giac Mo Sac Mau Cua Caroline
 Monkey Brother Adam Auerbach Adam Auerbach 9781627796002

A clever and surprising tale of sibling rivalry and unconditional love from an Ezra Jack Keats Honor Award winner.

Little brothers can be a handful. They're wild and messy. They follow you everywhere and they love to copy everything you do.

But what if your little brother was a monkey? Would he drag you into a special kind of monkey mischief? Find out in Monkey...

cena: 74,68
Monkey Brother
 Riah Roo Says I Must Too! Rio Lowry 9781535016063
Little Riah Roo is just trying to be like her brother but things don't go quite the way she planned...
cena: 54,15
Riah Roo Says I Must Too!
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