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Fiction - Science Fiction - Adventure

 From Beneath the Ashes MS Adriana Rodrigues MR Max Wellsman 9781517263355
Five years after the disease meant for military warfare had leaked and turned millions upon billions of people into inklings of their former selves, they survived. Five years after the genocide explosion almost rid the earth of any signs of life left, those who craved the taste of human flesh and their victims were buried below a carpet of ash. They retreated underground. Five years later when...
cena: 38,27
From Beneath the Ashes
 Supermen: Tales of the Posthuman Future Gardner Dozois 9780312275693

Mind-expanding explorations of the future of the human form

Our bodies and minds are malleable, and only the imagination is the limit to the possible improvements. From genetics to artificial enhancements, humanity will alter the course of its own evolution. Included here are more than twenty stories from the most imaginative writers in the field, including:

Poul Anderson * James...

cena: 97,89
Supermen: Tales of the Posthuman Future
 The Place of Dead Roads William S. Burroughs 9780312278656

A good old-fashion shoot-out in the American West of the frontier days serves as the springboard for this hyperkinetic adventure in which gunslingers, led by Kim Carson, fight for galactic freedom. The Place of Dead Roads is the second novel in the trilogy with Cities of the Red Night and The Western Lands.

cena: 90,15
The Place of Dead Roads
 The Conquest Stephen Coonts 9780312323622

Bestselling author Stephen Coonts took fans by surprise with the phenomenal and heart-pounding tale of Saucer. Now Rip Cantrell and Charley Pine are back for seconds with with Saucer: The Conquest.

Rip Cantrell is brought back to give the saucer one last flight. Charley Pine has started flying for a rich French tycoon, and there is believed to be another downed saucer...

cena: 87,61
The Conquest
 Event David Lynn Golemon 9780312370282

The Event Group is the most secret organization in the United States, comprised of the nation's most brilliant individuals in the branches of science, philosophy, and the military. Led by the valiant Major Jack Collins, they are dedicated to uncovering the hidden truths behind the myths and legends propagated throughout world history--from underground agencies and conspiracy theories to...

cena: 40,56
 Shadow of the Giant: Limited Edition - Leather Bound Orson Scott Card 9780312857585

Bean's past was a battle just to survive. He first appeared on the streets of Rotterdam, a tiny child with a mind leagues beyond anyone else. He knew he could not survive through strength; he used his tactical genius to gain acceptance into a children's gang, and then to help make that gang a template for success for all the others. He civilized them, and lived to grow older. Then he was...

cena: 120,60
Shadow of the Giant: Limited Edition - Leather Bound
 On Blue's Waters: Volume One of 'The Book of the Short Sun' Gene Wolfe 9780312872571

On Blue's Waters is the start of a major new work by Gene Wolfe, the first of three volumes that comprise The Book of the Short Sun, which takes place in the years after Wolfe's four-volume Book of the Long Sun.

Horn, the narrator of the earlier work, now tells his own story. Though life is hard on the newly settled planet of Blue, Horn and his family have made a decent...

cena: 98,81
On Blue's Waters: Volume One of 'The Book of the Short Sun'
 In Green's Jungles Gene Wolfe 9780312873639

Gene Wolfe's In Green's Jungles is the second volume, after On Blue's Waters, of his ambitious SF trilogy, The Book of the Short Sun.

It is again narrated by Horn, who has embarked on a quest from his home on the planet Blue in search of the heroic leader Patera Silk. Now Horn's identity has become ambiguous, a complex question embedded in the story, whose...

cena: 98,70
In Green's Jungles
 Return to the Whorl Gene Wolfe 9780312873646

Gene Wolfe's Return to the Whorl is the third volume, after On Blue's Waters and In Green's Jungles, of his ambitious SF trilogy The Book of the Short Sun . . . It is again narrated by Horn, who has embarked on a quest in search of the heroic leader Patera Silk. Horn has traveled from his home on the planet Blue, reached the mysterious planet Green, and visited the...

cena: 101,94
Return to the Whorl
 Consider Phlebas Iain M. Banks 9780316005388
"Dazzlingly original." -- Daily Mail
"Gripping, touching and funny." -- TLS

The war raged across the galaxy. Billions had died, billions more were doomed. Moons, planets, the very stars themselves, faced destruction, cold-blooded, brutal, and worse, random. The Idirans fought for their Faith; the Culture for its moral right to exist. Principles were at stake. There could be no surrender....

cena: 67,28
Consider Phlebas
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