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 Sports Training Principles: An Introduction to Sports Science Frank W Dick 9781472905277

This is the new, fully revised, sixth edition of this ultimate reference tool for all coaches responsible for training athletes to fulfill their performance potential. Written by world-renowned and highly sought after coach and President of the European Athletics Coaches Association, Frank W. Dick, with contributions from Professor JOhn Brewer (St Mary's University, Twickenham, UK), Dr Penny...

cena: 143,61
Sports Training Principles: An Introduction to Sports Science
 High Performance Middle-Distance Running David Sunderland Frank W. Dick 9781861267566
Aimed at both athletes involved in competitive middle-distance running and their coaches, this invaluable volume, based on the author s40 years of experience in athletics, is essential reading for all those who wish to improve their performance. Throughout the book the author adopts a practical coaching approach based on sound principles and on the belief that nothing be left to chance and that...
cena: 71,63
High Performance Middle-Distance Running
 The Invaders: The Complete Collection, Volume 1 Roy Thomas Frank Robbins Dick Ayers 9780785190578
Published in the 1970s, set in the 1940s, the Invaders was Marvel's best and brightest retro revival of the Golden Age heroes of World War II...and now, the series is collected across two massive volumes Captain America, the Human Torch and the Sub-Mariner, plus scrappy sidekicks Bucky and Toro first banded together when the United States entered WWII Now, relive the heroes' untold tales as...
cena: 158,72
The Invaders: The Complete Collection, Volume 1
 Sitcoms: The 101 Greatest TV Comedies of All Time Ken Bloom Frank Vlastnik Dick Va 9781579127527
The most beloved, most groundbreaking, and most entertaining TV comedies of all time are celebrated in words and pictures many of them rare by the award-winning authors of "Broadway Musicals."
In 101 lively chapters and lots of special features, the authors of Broadway Musicals explore our favorite form of popular entertainment the TV situation comedy. Of the many hundreds of shows that have...
cena: 120,46
Sitcoms: The 101 Greatest TV Comedies of All Time
 Richistan: A Journey Through the American Wealth Boom and the Lives of the New Rich Robert Frank Dick Hill 9781400134458
Full of captivating profiles and expert insights into the lives and lifestyles of the nouveau riche, Richistan tells the real story of a new gilded age. The recent explosion of wealth has created a new breed of multimillionaires. Ed Bazinet, for example, who turned miniature ceramic villages into a $250 million fortune. Or Tim Blixseth, who became a billionaire by trading remote stretches of...
cena: 234,95
Richistan: A Journey Through the American Wealth Boom and the Lives of the New Rich
 Dorothea Benton Frank Collection: Shem Creek, Pawleys Island - audiobook Dorothea Benton Frank Sandra Burr Dick Hill 9781491542583

"Shem Creek"
Meet Linda Breland, single parent of two teenage daughters. The oldest, Lindsey, who always held her younger sister in check, is leaving for college. And Gracie, her Tasmanian devil, is giving her nightmares. Linda's personal life? Well, between the married men, the cold New Jersey winters, her pinched wallet and her ex-husband who marries a beautiful, successful woman ten...

cena: 63,43
Dorothea Benton Frank Collection: Shem Creek, Pawleys Island - audiobook
 Great Classic Science Fiction - audiobook H. G. Wells Philip K. Dick Frank Herbert 9781602838741
This superlative collection of futuristic tales explores ground-breaking supernatural themes from the founding heroes of the science-fiction genre. The short story form is perfect for capturing the atmospheric tension of these legendary stories. This collection includes the following stories: "The Door in the Wall" by H. G. Wells--A man must choose between the rationality of science and the magic...
cena: 101,40
Great Classic Science Fiction - audiobook