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 The Agency: Zombies! Thomas Lee Howell 9781493529858 Createspace
cena: 38,12
The Agency: Zombies!
 Kid's Zombie Adventures Series: The Mystery of Sellers Lake Berry Wood Sarah Jo Lorenz-Coryell Mariano P 9780991653720 Woodberry International Publishing
The kids will love this fiction (Sci- Fi) Zombie Adventure series . The book starts off with a short adventure story, Mystery_of_Sellers_Lake After the story there is coloring book pages with lots of colorful Zombie images, for the kids to Create their own zombie horde with these fun coloring pages inspired from the story ages 7-12
cena: 86,29
Kid's Zombie Adventures Series: The Mystery of Sellers Lake
 Amani's River David Hartness 9781503529946 Xlibris Corporation
cena: 96,97
Amani's River
 La Signorina Illustratrice Stefania Morgante 9788898812325 Agata/Ottolibri
cena: 50,20
La Signorina Illustratrice
Growth, fierce competitions and vivid imagery express the individual domains and landscapes of a place called "Wildlife."
cena: 86,14
 Berenice E. Phillips Oppenheim 9781493789573 Createspace
cena: 54,29
 Ghost Gallery: B&w Omnibus Vol. 1: A Forgotten Horrors Funnybook Collection! Michael Aitch Price 9781523350834 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
First volume of the remastered GHOST GALLERY series (1942-1945) from Fiction House's JUMBO COMICS. 232 pages of pre-Comics Code horror yarns from a series that beat TALES FROM THE CRYPT to the punch by almost a decade. Part of Michael Aitch Price's COMICS FROM THE GONE WORLD series, and tied in with Price's FORGOTTEN HORRORS series of movie-history books.
cena: 70,33
Ghost Gallery: B&w Omnibus Vol. 1: A Forgotten Horrors Funnybook Collection!
The end of the story in 'The Force Unleashed' left the Star Wars galaxy poised at the brink of civil war. But, before that can happen, the Emperor and his apprentice, Darth Vader, have another plan already in play.
cena: 56,44
 Milo Manara's the Golden Ass Milo Manara 9781594650574 Humanoids, Inc.
The adventures of the young Lucius transformed into a donkey and subject to the vicissitudes of a life of wandering. An array of thieves, sorcerers and beautiful women cross his path, challenging him in more ways than one Inspired by The Golden Ass of Apuleius, a titillating tale that is a must-have for Manara fans. For mature audiences."
cena: 82,34
Milo Manara's the Golden Ass
 Bound: Six Weeks of Seduction L. a. Randar 9781507877319 Createspace
cena: 58,13
Bound: Six Weeks of Seduction
 Beautiful: A Girl's Trip Through the Looking Glass Marie D'Abreo 9780991528547 Far Out Press
From the creator of 'Sky Orb', here comes 'Beautiful'... It sucks to have big, frizzy hair and a decidedly average body... when you really want to have model good looks and a cool boyfriend. That's why Lily's on a mission to get beautified, or at least get a red-hot makeover. And the attention of her crush. Now if she could only stop that pesky unwanted visitor from messing with her plans More...
cena: 50,28
Beautiful: A Girl's Trip Through the Looking Glass
 Stray Cats Lillian Mousli 9781593622107 0
Penny is an embarrassment to her wealthy parents, and suffers the mental anguish of their disappointment. Paul, from -the wrong side of town, - deals with physical pain as he endures the brutal beatings administered by his father. Their time together provides their only moments of happiness. One fateful evening, Penny sneaks away, following the lure of a stray cat at her window. The freedom of...
cena: 41,36
Stray Cats
 Sparkles of Hope (Ne Shqip) Stela Canga 9781519170682 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Ky eshte nje koleksion tre historish te shkurtra per femije te shkruara dhe vizatuara ne kohe te ndryshme me te hershme.

Historia e pare (Ola) flet per nje vajze qe do te shkoje te shohi zanat e pranveres me gjyshin, por a do arrije ajo t'i shohi?

Historia e dyte (My friend Tree) flet per nje peme para shtepise se nje vajze dhe per lidhjen e tyre te vecante.

Historia e trete (Kur...

cena: 46,33
Sparkles of Hope (Ne Shqip)
 The Vanished Messenger E. Phillips Oppenheim 9781494483821 Createspace
About the Authour- Edward Phillips Oppenheim (22 October 1866 - 3 February 1946) was an English novelist, in his lifetime a major and successful writer of genre fiction including thrillers. For more eBooks visit www.kartindo.com
cena: 66,29
The Vanished Messenger
 Girl with Camera: A Ghost Story Joy Rip 9781453796092 Createspace
"GIRL WITH CAMERA: A Ghost Story" is the new graphic novel by author and artist Joy Rip. It is the haunting, disturbing story about the last one hundred pictures found on the camera of a missing girl - a girl with great ambitions of becoming a world recognized photographer and photojournalist. "Girl With Camera" is an experimental ghost story. This ghost story creates a more lasting haunting...
cena: 52,28
Girl with Camera: A Ghost Story
 By the Numbers Laurent Rullier Stanislas 9781594651649 Humanoids, Inc.
cena: 96,59
By the Numbers
 Nextuus: The Search for the Ocean Shard Volume Three Thomas Hotka 9780986110726 515comics, LLC

The Ocean Shard- with it, you could give energy to an entire city, or raze it to the ground, so the legends on the planet of Nextuus go.

Randall Lockheed and his crew of treasure hunters have been stalled as they prepare for their mission to find the shard. A fugitive and a rogue psychic have boarded their plane and taken one of the crew hostage.

If that wasn't...

cena: 87,95
Nextuus: The Search for the Ocean Shard Volume Three
 Beyond Decency: Volume 1 Aita Choya 9781493594368 Createspace
A collection of short sex stories inspired by real events. Written by a Zimbabwean woman. Be warned- these stories are Jaw-Dropping, Dick-Raising and Pussy-Wetting, with a zest of humour Featuring; Spit Roast, House Share and Father-in-law Secrets laid bare NO REGRETS. ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE US
cena: 60,33
Beyond Decency: Volume 1
ilość książek w kategorii: 25655